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  1. Yes I've done most of Cruiser's tips. I'll have to find a replacement module and see if that cures the problem. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Wipers work on high and low full time positions and mist. On intermittent only operates at slowest and fastest delay, nothing in middle. Bad delay module? Multi function switch ?Dirty connection? Thanks for any help in advance. Mark
  3. Would one use the 2dr or 4dr Cherokee belts in an MJ ?
  4. ^^ ffdynamics.com Sorry I'm not confuser competent so couldn't give you a direct link. I should learn a bit more , I guess.
  5. Thanks Don. I have another question you can probably answer . Do factory trans cooler lines fit or do I need to adapt with hose? I have the factory tow package cooler so do I even need to go through the radiator cooler? It does get below zero here in winter ; perhaps warming trans fluid wouldn't hurt? Any mounting problems or just plug and play? Thanks again . Mark
  6. I need to put in a new rad and decided on FFD aluminum two row. I can't tell from the web site pictures or description if there is provision for stock fan switch sensor in left tank. Plan on using stock mechanical and aux. electric fan . Information on this or any other tips or warnings will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mark
  7. Finally tried the REM that I got last December. How does all that info fit in such a small box? A few questions mainly for my edification. 1) ST Fuel trim default is 128. Should real time running number be higher or lower if everything is working properly ? 2) Is the voltage reading on REM for O2 sensor (12v-5v) from before the final connection to the sensor ? ( Back probe sensor side if in doubt ?) 3) Where did those of you with a REM route the cord through the firewall , dash, etc. Thanks for answers and any hints for using this toy to advantage. Mark
  8. You're getting a lot of good advice. Having every thing VERY clean is quite important. Pay attention to duty cycle; tripping the temp breaker too much is not good for the welder. I did it to my first unit and I couldn't use higher settings. Breaker would trip almost instantly.
  9. ^^ {johnj's link} PO of my '87 MJ did much the same except did not weld on L-bracket. Dakota bumper only wraps about an inch around fender; not concours but looks decent.Perhaps adapt stock ends? Also tow rating is lower than Westin bumper if that matters to you.
  10.      ^^ PO of my '87 did much the same thing as in johnj's link,except he didn't weld on the L-bracket. Bumper only wraps about an inch around fender; not concours but looks decent. Perhaps stock bumper ends could be adapted. Also lighter tow rating than Fey bumper.




  11. Is the vinyl you used the carpet runner style or is it a stiffer harder plastic?
  12. Eastwood has a rust encapsulating spray with a flexible tube that fits on the nozzle. It's designed for use in blind spaces. I use Fluid Film spray in frame channels, rocker boxes, lower door panels, etc. myself. It's a lanolin oil base, doesn't dry out, has a not totally unpleasant odor for a week or two. Google "auto rust prevention", you"ll find more info than you'll want to read on fixing your problem.
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