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    LOL big mistake
  2. Including the film Aracnophobia, filmed in Venezuela south region
  3. I count 60 Comanche pics on IMCDB https://www.imcdb.org/vehicles.php?make=&model=Comanc&page=1
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    I just check for unread messages today, if I still can help let me know
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    HI eagle Spanish is my mother language, How can I help you
  6. I made like Eagle explained and paint with electrostatic, the result is perfect 👌
  7. pan fried.... 2dr or 4dr xj let's solve this like gentleman's 😂😂😂
  8. Jalopnik: Jeep Bought His Awesome 1963 Gladiator And Then Crushed It For A TV Commercial. Here's His Story. https://jalopnik.com/jeep-bought-his-awesome-1963-gladiator-and-then-crushed-1845936078
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Omix-ADA-18886-95-Inner-Shifter-Wrangler/dp/B01BGJM830 Same part number for MJ s
  10. My MJ had crank windows, manual operated mirrors and locks I installed 97 Cherokee XJ front doors with electric windows, locks and mirrors,l.the doors have the internal harness but the connectors to the body are missing, so I had to connect both doors between them and to the dashboard or internal harness . I am also using the 97 Junction box and complete 97 dashboard or electrical system Included before and after pictures and a list of wire to wire connections made Everything is working nice
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