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  1. Yes, If you look closer the shape of the Dakota stop lights are tapered, I think this is the best way to fit them on the Mj chichis. I try to find the originals but couldn't. Also these are very cheap, something like 16 dollars. Apart of being different from the original design and general use on other cars there is no problem having them this way. Check my comments on the UK based MJ, I think is interesting for the group
  2. Somewhere I read on comancheclub.com that Dakota stop lights only fit reversed, I followed the advice.
  3. I though this long cab Comanches I see in Venezuela were conversion made by third parties, relatively common in Venezuela also for full size Chevrolet and Ford pick up's in the 80s. Attached a picture from Facebook market place, located in the city of Maracay, there is also another one I often see, in the metal, close to where I live. A second one is also selling on Facebook but looks like a very poor conversion
  4. Thanks, I was only registering under sugestion from Pete
  5. Apparently this emblem is from the 70s two door Comanche Chief
  6. Yes I sent them there to the Hotmail account, my mistake when I said Gmail
  7. HI Pete I sent to Comancheclub@gmail.com, pictures of the Venezuela owners manual, hope you received it
  8. 1993 Comanche Laredo, short bed Image included 4.0 HO / AX15 / Dana 44 front/ Dana 60 rear/ Build date: unknown Current Location: Miranda estate, Venezuela Status: paint and assembly completed, engine overhaul ongoing Notes: Color aquamarine doesn't show on pictures with my cel camera Cherokee doors, all electric systems included. 1998 Cherokee dash, 1998 Cherokee fuel tank, tubular rear bumber, rock rails 3 inch lifted, 17 inch rims from 2007 grand cherokee,, wj suspensiĆ³n arms, Alpine 9 inch deck with android auto
  9. Hello Pete can you post some pictures of the brochure, that's very interesting to me
  10. And the moldings adapted (nip fab) from the 1998 Cherokee donor
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