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  1. I'm interested. PM'ing you
  2. I’m definitely interested. I won’t be able to commit until other travel plans are firmed up but we have some time. I would like to meet some of the other guys face-to-face! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm with you on this. a Swap meet would be cool but not if it's the entire weekend. I put this weekend on my calendar. If my brother and nephews bail on coming to Indiana to hike the Knobstone trail In July I can definitely make it. if they do come, I might still pull it off.
  4. I'm just seeing this. I have been lurking on CC for quite some time and just recently began to post and respond again. Don was, as many others have said, a huge resource and someone who showed respect even for those of us who didn't even know enough to ask the right questions. The older I get, the more I realize how important and valuable people like Don are.
  5. If you’re not in a hurry just let him know you want some and get in line. Really good pricing and good communication. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sent a PM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The yellow cab (the main color and on the hood) is the same as my 87. What do you think the interior color is? I have recently been "educated" about the various tans, creams, etc. that might have come with this exterior yellow.
  8. Do the S10 style fit exactly or require some trimming of the interior?
  9. I am running wider axles and chose the rear 7" Wrangler TJ flares on all four corners. There is some cutting away of the sheet metal and I haven't quite figured out what to do to replace the inner liner for the fronts, but I really like the look. Once I get the rears finished I will post more pics.
  10. Good to know about what fits and what doesn’t thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @sinkrunThat's a good question. The truck is in another state but I'm hoping to get the engine build number to get more info. @Pete M That doesn't surprise me, but I thought that @MeanLemons is changing just the intake. I'll go back and take another look. As far as the Renix swap, I'm asking what components make it up and/or are required to make it work. To a novice it seems like some later model components might have come over with the later model motor, but based on what you say about the HO upgrade I guess not.
  12. Pete- First, I'm asking what "should" (and probably was since the truck is running well) retained in the '87 Renix MJ when the later model motor was swapped in. this is to help me understand what all is involved int eh Renix system. Second, I am wondering about why (what would be the benefit(s) of) I would swap in a later model intake (like the one MeanLemons describes in his build thread.) What are the advantages and downsides of putting non-Renix era hardware on a Renix motor? Third-I didn't say it very well, but you're right that I am thinking about what it might take to convert my Renix to a HO format. Fourth - got the tranny handled. Thanks for hopefully helping me to clarify.
  13. I have a 1987 MJ that came with a 4.0 I6 and a Peugeot 5 speed. I decided (without knowing what it would entail) to swap in an AW-4, and my buddy had a 4.0 that he was told by a friend of his was from a 2002 TJ. I don't have the time or the space to do this swap, so I took it to a fairly reputable 4X4 shop and had them handle the swap. Now it's worth mentioning that a different shop had started the process of swapping in this later model motor into a different MJ but had never been able to keep it running. If I was going to spend the money to swap in this motor, I wanted to make sure that it was running and ready to go. When I dropped it off, the owner of the shop noted that the techs who had started the swap process had retrofitted the Renix system. My other Jeeps are much later models so I have no experience with Renix. My research seems to say that the components that were moved over were all of the fuel injection bits a pieces, especially the injectors and the fuel rail. Swapping the AW-4 in means that it came with its own TCU. What I don't know is what else had to have been fitted to the newer model engine in order for this to work. This is kind of an intellectual exercise at this point, but I want to understand what I have in the engine bay at this point. I say it's an exercise because it's running good and shifting just like I would expect it to. And I get that many of the guys on this forum are not fans of Renix, but at this point I just want to know what I've got so I can look into any modifications that might be beneficial. Thanks in advance. This project - including a Dana 44 high pinion and a Dana 60 - is going past the three year mark, so I hope that some of my posts in the near future are about things like driving the vehicle.
  14. I'm interested in a set of these if you're making a list.
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