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  1. Plug and play fog lamps. Glass lenses. New wires color coded to a 1990 XJ stock harness. New weather pack connectors. Both work fine, reflectors are ok. My cork lens gaskets could be trimmed down a bit. Should plug into 88-96 at least. SOLD
  2. Looking for a good antenna cable that goes behind the dash and plugs into the radio on one end and the cable coming off the antenna on the other. Maybe specific to power antenna's? This is for my 87.
  3. They are pretty ugly and really don't look at all like a Jeep. I'll stick with mine.
  4. Pair of Garnet door speaker grilles-$20 SOLD Pair of tan speaker grilles (one shown) -$15 Garnet grab handle covers. Still have the little tabs to hold them on -$10 SOLD Garnet sunvisor plate -$8 Door handle with power window switch -$25 Garnet drivers kick panel -$20 Interior window fuzzy wipes -$15
  5. So it turns out that there are Jeep decals under there. The Chrysler ones just fit perfectly. Pulled the chrome off one getting it off sadly. The Chrysler 10 spoke 15x7 wheels are different btw.
  6. I found this listing on ebay for the center cap decal. Says for 79-83 Mopar with 10 or 20 slot wheels. That predates the XJ, so I wonder if Jeep wasnt buying mopar wheels? https://www.ebay.com/itm/401511376989
  7. It's weird. Straight up Jeep wheels and caps with Chrysler stickers.
  8. picked up a set of very clean XJ 10 spoke wheels and they have these emblems on the cap. No sign of them being added over the Jeep cap. Caps is the same otherwise. The sticker residue is from a spot mirror someone put on all the wheels
  9. Kaiserman


    Hope you have a speedy recovery. Did you have to tell them it was. Sport Truck bed to qualify as a sports injury?
  10. Hard part would be screwing a bunch of snaps into your grille!
  11. There are two there. One still in the box. It has a fine mesh screen that doesn't really show up.
  12. Yeah not sure why they call it that. Your supposed to screw snaps into your grille and then this snaps onto it. More of a bug screen.
  13. The last one is upside down. Listed as an anti chaff screen for all XJ and MJ.
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