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  1. Nice. I like that rear bumper. Did the brackets bolt on or did you have to modify them?
  2. It has a remote starter so I would hope it's an automatic. Nice looking truck.
  3. They are 86-90. I emailed them about rhe availability of them and they listed them on ebay and sent me the link in response. Not cheap but I didn't see them anywhere else.
  4. Perfect. What year is it from? My 87 looks to never have had a tab and has a parkerized finish. My 90 aw4 has a black painted one with a tab. Thinking it was an early thing?
  5. FYI with Nicopp I suggest using brass fittings. I've run into having to undue brakes lines I'd done a year prior with steel fittings. The steel rusts, swells and sticks to the nicopp. Heating the steel fitting almost always ends up with the nicopp cracking. I've done ALOT of nocopp brake lines at work and this have happened several times now.
  6. Found out mine was cracked at the o ring today. Needs a clean upper dipstick tube. Mine is an 87 if it makes a difference. I did notice mine didnt have a mounting tab on it.
  7. Snow runner and Spin Tires are both extremly fun games if you play with friends. Snow Runner has a bunch of old iron in it.
  8. Old thread, but I hope you saved those wheels.
  9. I'm going to air the tires up and pull it forwarsto get a better look under it the next time I'm there.
  10. Frame looked solid all the way back. The X member looked good. I may at least make it a plow rig.
  11. Rockers, floors, can corners and some parts od the bed sides are pretty bad.
  12. Everything I wanted. 1987. 4.0l/AW4 76k miles. Red on a black bucket seat interior. LWB Metric Ton. OEM wagon wheels. Just one problem.... It's been sitting a LONG time and mother nature has not been kind.
  13. Can you do XJ sets as well? Id love a set for my 87.
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