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    Some big changes lately

    That's awesome ... Congrats!
  2. Thank you! Did some searching on New Hampshire DMV website. 0IIII0 was taken. As was the other variations. I'm sure a flat fender owner would like it, but it's mine for now.
  3. As they say in New England ... Got a new Bumpah ... compliments of Frank the Dog. Pardon my poor photography skills ... it's straight, I blinked.

    I've never seen a new one

    I've seen new ones before ... of course, that was 30 years ago. There are a few threads in here showing some good results for different methods of restoration.

    Painted OEM Rear Bumper, Manchester, NH $300

    Sale pending.
  6. I have a new, never mounted, DrawTite hitch designed for our Comanches. 2" frame mounted receiver hitch, complete with hardware and mounting instructions. If you're reading this, it's available. Please PM with interest. For sale for exactly what I paid, $300. I would prefer not to ship. If it comes to that, it's on your dime (at cost) and at my convenience. This is not an easy ship item and will be expensive. I won't keep you waiting, but I only have one day off each week and UPS/FedEx and even the post office are closed before I get out of work. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration
  7. Selling my stock rear bumper. Not perfect, but perfectly good. NO rust. Slight twist on driver's side (as pictured). Some other dings, but it's 30 years old and better than the one you have, or you wouldn't be looking. I would prefer not to ship. If you're reading this, it's available. Please PM with interest. Thank you for looking and your thoughtful consideration.
  8. Nice truck, but ... Jim Babish Auto Sales has the Jeeps, but they also ask ALL the money. When I was shopping for my current XJ they had several nice Cherokees. I have more time than money. If you're patient and ready to buy, you can still find a clean MJ or XJ and do your own thing for WAY less than the asking price of that truck.
  9. Most definitely a worthy candidate for MJOTM ... Nice truck!
  10. NHMJXJ

    transfer case linkage

    Went to engage 4WD for the first time since getting my truck back … this happened. Not my truck. Found the pic online, but exactly what it looks like. The pointed shaft popped out. What's the fix, so it doesn't continue to happen?
  11. NHMJXJ

    project: half-a-Jeep

    Love the placement of the Comanche badge on the bed box. I know you were looking for inspiration … good choice!
  12. NHMJXJ

    The (almost) daily Comanche picture thread

    That is a one nice looking rig.
  13. Carwash and tailgate lettering ... Someone suggested JeepsSticker.com