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  1. It's all Rough Country stuff. 1.5" lift with the rear leafs as well. https://www.roughcountry.com/jeep-suspension-lift-kit-680-20.html https://www.roughcountry.com/jeep-adjustable-control-arms-1192.html Toyo Open Country 245/75/16 tires. I have BFG 265/70 on 15" wheels for summer.
  2. My objective was simply to run bigger tires, although I did explain I hadn't any plans to off-road and volunteered I wanted to keep a highway tread design.. My ignorance of lifts is my nemesis. I went with the package they offered and didn't know what to choose. I expected to sacrifice comfort, but thought that was the only trade-off. Cadillac-quiet? I would be happy with "stock" quiet! I'm completely satisfied with the ride quality and handling. I just can't live with the clunk. "Heim joints" are exactly what the tech said. I guess they're the culprit. Can you recommend any? Given my initial objective, do I need _adjustable_ control arms?
  3. I was soooo hoping that it would get so bad that someone could just point at it and say, "There's your trouble".
  4. That's exactly the description of the flex joints at the end/s of the control arms. They showed me a pic online. The old style is fixed and has a bushing. When I mentioned NOS, I meant after market old stock that has the fixed end, rather than the newer design with a ball-in-cup flex joint. This clunk is driving me crazy.
  5. Was it adjustable or fixed? They also suggested I find some old (maybe NOS) fixed control arms.
  6. Fast forward three months ... The "clunking" is more pronounced, which was actually part of the plan. I hoped that the problem would be easier to identify. Last Friday my own shop took another look and they pointed to ball joints, which I refused to believe given they only have 10K miles on them. Add that I do not wheel this thing, the Jeep drives straight as an arrow, no play/wander in the wheel and the tires have absolutely even wear. I brought the XJ back to the shop that did the lift. Their tech heard what I was talking about immediately. We hadn't gone 100 yards. Unfortunately they couldn't put it up on a lift, so I scheduled an appointment for today. Still no definitive reason, but what they told me was they think it's the flex joints on the controls arms. Does this sound right/likely? The owner of the shop said they would replace the parts free and half the labor, but qualified it with; "you'll probably have the same problem in a year". He said all of the adjustable controls arms made for XJ's now use the same/similar flex joints. He also added that most people install this stuff in XJs to beat the crap out of them wheeling and wouldn't be bothered by the clunk. I guess my mall crawler is an anomaly. BTW, I didn't mention anything about my shop telling me it was ball joints, but he spoke to it saying he fails vehicles on ball joints all the time, but mine would pass. I know this is wordy, but I hope to get some feedback given this new info. Please, thanks, Tim
  7. The wood siding is out of alignment. Makes it look like it's sagging where they stretched it. The rockers are nice and straight. The truck in the Dumb and Dumber is straight as an arrow.
  8. I'm guessing this is the same owner of the Limo ... However, this one is not "wrong". Nice clean J10. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/cto/d/north-reading-1982-jeep-10-j10-stepside/6842177294.html
  9. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/cto/d/melrose-1987-jeep-limo-grand-wagoneer/6842313835.html
  10. PM sent with the eBay link and explanation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1987-Jeep-Comanche/352614829966?
  11. NHMJXJ


    That makes two of us. I don't subscribe to twitter and I have an alias for facebook (so I can keep in touch with family and the old friends I choose). Just pointing out that you can collect information about anyone on the internet. There were questions about his intent, conscience and credibility. Anyone can check it.
  12. NHMJXJ


    On topic, I have a lot to say about censorship. First, may I say --- ------ - ------ - -- when --- - -- - ----- certainly didn't --- - - ---- -- - --- . Beyond that they must --- - ------ - - ---- - -------- before today. But I digress. The reality is, we are censored everywhere. I would agree that there's a lot of self-censoring that goes on here too. I know I do. Keeps it civil. Off topic ... Pretty easy to vet the guy. Google "Kyle Stock Bloomberg" and it's all there. Plenty of writing samples too. It's his/a job, so don't immediately judge. He joined Twitter in 2009 and has a ton of automotive content on his feed. You can also figure out where he is related to "the center".
  13. NHMJXJ

    Chrome Rear Bumper

    Been in search of one for years. I bought an NOS painted rear bumper not too long ago. Investigated chroming. It's on my truck now in beautiful black paint.
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