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    Shipping costs

    You just have to put it out there. 'Free shipping' and build the cost into the sale price, or "I will ship on your dime, I use "fill in the blank"". Sooo many variables. USPS can vary simply because the counter person measures differently. For smaller items they have "if it fits, it ships" flat rate priority boxes but you need to compare, because parcel post for the same size/weight box is often still delivered in 3 days and can be half the price. I use a blank box and buy a roll of Priority tape. I used to invert the (free) priority boxes until they started printing on the inside of the box too. My experience is UPS is the most expensive, but offer the best delivery times to a greater range. FedEx is my "go to" because they're close, open until 8pm and significantly less expensive than USPS/UPS for the same package. I've used Greyhound for bulky, odd sized/shaped items (bumpers, door cards, hitches). Super reasonable, but there's no telling exactly when it will arrive at its destination and there's little to no tracking. Once upon a time when eBay was a real auction site (I signed up in 2001), I shipped hundreds of item per year. Times have changed.
  2. I would second that, I shipped a bumper via Greyhound and it was reasonable. That hitch is also designed for the the OEM bumper, so there's no ugly metal hanging out.
  3. Not a problem in my little state. While we do border Canada, it's unlikely you wouldn't know where you were. Even without GPS.
  4. The answer is always, "Yes, you should buy a Comanche". The next question is, should you buy that one? 90% "rust free" is an oxymoron. "Rust holes" are called rot and trust me, it's worse than it looks. I would wait and pick something up in CO, unless you feel compelled to help a brother out. I'm always looking and it seems to me there are a fair number of MJ and XJ projects to pick from in the northwest. Take your time and one will come along. You might spend more, but you'll get more with fewer headaches. Just my two bits.
  5. Super clean XJ … Good choice on the BFG/Ravine tire and wheel combo too. Ran them on my last XJ and loved them.
  6. I was only kidding when I wrote "subtitles" ... that's just too funny! Yes Pete, that's the one!
  7. Wow ... I remember her from OverHaulin', but didn't know her bio. Thought she was "another pretty face". Tough way to go out, but went following her passion.
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