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  1. Not Mine https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/d/jeep-comanche-mj-40/6763115564.html
  2. https://walabot.com/diy?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=FB_Oct_US_New2_3%&utm_term=FB_Nov_US_New_3%_ATCYoutube30days&utm_content=Banner_SpecialSale&fbclid=IwAR3--zhF3UqemLDImwxE8lnP4XWmEjXGFHzVKkZf14ueucXbY52KptApYqw
  3. Strokermjcomanche

    Black lower dash, e-brake bracket

    I think Hornbrod has been looking for a non cracked black lower dash piece .
  4. Strokermjcomanche

    who knows copyright law?

    Post everywhere you can think the seller is going to advertise saying he stole your artwork and have people boycott him. You're a long time pillar in the MJ world and I'm sure he wouldn't sell many (if any ) and he'd be wasting his time and money .
  5. Strokermjcomanche

    opinion on first MJ purchase

    Cragars aftermarket
  6. Strokermjcomanche

    Inner shift boot recommendations

    This one I got from eBay works well , I'd have to find it again to give you a link if you'd like it .
  7. Strokermjcomanche

    Hornbrod....what a day

    It depends on which Ohio State team shows up , the one that played today (with a few less penalties) or the one that's played the rest of the year . This is all pending upon what Ohio state team shows up against Northwestern next week lol .
  8. Strokermjcomanche

    Painting the MJ

    If you spray it depends how many coats and what you're spraying with also the color matters too . You'll start at around a gallon and go from there , doing the whole truck ? Jams and all ?
  9. I'm going to need tires soon. Fill me in! Pm me your tire size and what cooper tire you're interested in .
  10. Just checked their site and it was$900 before the available rebates 20% off . I can get those Wild Country XTX for $260 all four , I can get a quote for you on any actual Cooper tire you want (not today of course) .
  11. To bad you don't live closer , I can get Cooper tires cheaper than most anyone. Just got got my coworker a set of Lt265/70/17 ST maxx for $540 10 ply .
  12. Strokermjcomanche

    Test drive a flop

    Can barely hear it on the video , but I'd guess something clutch/flywheel related . Maybe a backing plate / dust shield rubbing too
  13. Strokermjcomanche

    California Fires

    I have friends that are 7 miles from the Fires , last I heard from them was yesterday. Prayers go go out to all affected by this tragedy.
  14. Strokermjcomanche


    Oil change sticker