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  1. I got a pair a couple months ago , I don't plan on putting them on .
  2. I'll be there all weekend as I've volunteered the last 6 years .
  3. Look good , I don't see any compound on them either. Just keep them looking that way with some automotive wax on the chrome parts .
  4. Daveys is near me . I went to unlimited Jeeps in Colorado three years ago because my brother lives there ,they said they had a couple Comanches. So I drove the hour and a half to get there and show up and he says that I can go in the backyard to look and they didn't have any Comanches. So I walked back in and asked where the Comanches were to one of mechanics working there and they said that they didn't have any Comanches and he asked what I was looking for. I told him I need tail lights and a fuel sending unit, and he said Cherokees were the same and I said no they weren't. We argued for several minutes and eventually I said I'll put $100 that they are different and he wouldn't put his hand out to shake on it and it was right then and there that I decided to never go back .
  5. I have attempted to use several of their shocks in the rear but the mounting is always the issue for me because you cannot remove some of the bushings that they have because they have steel sleeves . I'm not saying that's the case but just make sure that they have the right ends on them .
  6. They are all the same up till 01, so if you have a junkyard close you can take one out from there. If not it'll be easier for somebody to ship one to you .
  7. Yes , if yours are pitted badly ( can't see if they are ) it won't take the pits out .
  8. 52079693ad Is the part number you're looking for . As you've seen , most aftermarket companies make the radiator to fit standard and auto .
  9. Hand rub with medium compound and clean them with glass cleaner .
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