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  1. I used a pump and bracket from a YJ and the rest was from my 89 MJ that I swapped a 4.0 in .
  2. Thought it was a private Message lol , just keeping it on the back channel . Moderators can delete my posts posts that are empty if they like .
  3. Is it brand new or used ? I feel like it would be no problem to find a used one much closer than that . I think I even have a SWB "Comanche" under the tail bedliner too in Ohio . If it's brand new I understand completely...
  4. Someone please pull the grille / ground effects/badge . I will pay to have them shipped to me in ohio . Someone please get them !!!
  5. Challenge accepted
  6. I just went down and sprayed them with the hose , no leaks lol .
  7. They're brand new , I would sure hope they don't leak for awhile
  8. I thought finding new ones was impossible, it wasn't . These won't let the water in for awhile.
  9. I forget who initially made the pins , but you can clearly see he stole the artwork to make his sweatshirt . https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2324894614392215&id=100006150961510&set=gm.2612499922103253&source=48
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