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  1. Going to try to leave at three, maybe I'll see you on the way Pete , there is no shortage of tickets right? Wouldn't want to drive four hours and not be able to get in
  2. If you look through the shifter hole in the floor pans you will see two white stickers. The numbers will tell you what Transmission it is. Judging by the height of the shifter it came out of Wrangler. If it's a five speed, it looks to be a nv3550 / if it's a six speed it's a NSG 370. Again those numbers will tell you exactly what it is
  3. Here goes nothing lol. I've had plenty of jeeps with the closed cooling system. I have never had an issue, this issue is caused by buying cheap expansion tanks / and or filling the tank too far . I understand if you're dead set on the open system, but if you aren't I would buy the macs expansion tank or a quality OEM Mopar one. I've also ran the spectra and or Murphy radiators that come from AutoZone etc., most of mine have at least six years on with zero issues and a lifetime warranty , and others have been sold. Also have a CSF aluminum radiator in my black truck, installed in 2013 with zero issues as well. The seller I purchased it from Gave a lifetime warranty as well, i'd have to go back through my records to see who it was if that something you're interested in.
  4. Is it something special that you can't put another radiator in it?and where did you break down at?
  5. The interior is all back in, the rear seats were pretty cut up and I replaced those with some better shape originals.I was going to replace the front seats with some Katskin leather covers that I have, but the shade is off a bit. So I found some rough country seat covers to put on for now. Also fixed blower motor resistor and clean the whole interior while it was all part. located a parts XJ that was the same color and swapped the faded out flares for ones that had better paint. Also swap the hood and header panel for the same reason. Surprisingly enough, the air works as well. Took it for a test drive and I left Front wheel was hanging up. So I put new calipers and hoses on and all is good now . I was thinking about painting the roof being it's faded and all, but for the time being I don't wanna do it. I may in the future if it doesn't sell, which is what I'm trying to do now.
  6. I'm interested in going, depending on it if I have to work or not and how the weather is. If I do go I will bring an MJ , either my black one or my white one.
  7. Thank you everyone for the replies, makes me feel better about purchasing. Thanks again
  8. If it helps , the item is in Kanagawa prefecture.
  9. I'm looking to buy something, and wanting to know if anybody has used a proxy buying service. I'm a little bit nervous due to the price of the item I want to purchase, which is why I'm asking if anybody has used one. Here's a link to buyee https://buyee.jp/beforeLogin/cart
  10. I might go. Not sure if I'll be working, and probably won't be sure until the week of. It's roughly a 4 hour ride for me, and if the weather is good and I'm not working I'll probably go. just wondering if it's worth compiling a list of who all is going just to see how many people are going to be there from the cc
  11. I'd be interested in a spare tire winch if you have any spares to sell
  12. 99 XJ block new std crank king bearings new pushrods new std dome pistons edelbrock 50169 loaded head double roller timing set custom cut boost cam Harland sharp roller rockers ARP head bolts ARP manifold bolts with newcomer wing washers newcomer racing copper gasket MLS Felpro head gasket permadry oil pan gasket NR fuel rail aem 340lph fuel pump installed in Delphi fg1076 sender (might buy the boostwerks sender though ) . Sprintex XJ S/c kit I purchased from Alexia also purchasing the newcomer racing thermostat housing . also working on fuel management and injectors
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