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  1. Basically it's painting the inside of the door jams / fenders / hood etc so you can bolt everything on the truck to get the exterior portion to all be the same color .
  2. I had to get keys made for my 2000 Cherokee I got and the Comanche. While I was there I asked about those keys, turns out they had a near a full box of them. No ignition keys, except for the Pentastar , but plenty of door keys .
  3. My local locksmith at one time had a whole bunch of those types of keys, they were not aftermarket keys. If you're on the hunt, and have an old locksmith that's local to you I would try them as well. If there are any in Ohio around me I can check for you if that's what you need of me.
  4. Last one I bought was from California, it was from a private seller and not a dealership though .
  5. All of the above . You seen the video I posted earlier in this thread right?
  6. I buy them up here . The light blue XJ was purchased for $800 and sold for over 5k . This one was 2k and once I'm done adding up the total amount I have in it I'll post a price to make it worth my while to sell . I can only sell so many vehicles in a certain time period unfortunately, check your state for their restrictions before you start flipping them .
  7. The paint is faded , but it cleaned up a lot better than what it was . The rear hatch chrome piece is the best condition one I've ever seen.
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