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  1. Agreed , however that color interior was 86 only . it's possible he changed the interior , also possible he changed the engine etc . I would investigate pretty well, that way you know what you're getting.
  2. I'm guessing it was built in 86, and it had a 2.5 in it .
  3. Body shims will work just as well, and most parts stores carry them in stock. However if you're looking for the factory ones, probably dealership only unless someone has some used
  4. First of all, does anybody know who stocks these ? rough country won't be shipping them till the 27th of this month. Also , has anyone used these? They look like a good product, need to put them in my 2001 Cherokee. Only thing I noticed is that because of the heated seats that I will need to either cut them for the wire the pass through . Thanks in advance
  5. Also removed the aftermarket slider that was in the truck when I got it. Replaced it with a solid back window that I had. The slider was definitely leaking water into the cab.
  6. Some more mock up for the floor pans and brace. If all goes well I will be able to start welding everything up tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for all the replies fellas. As most of you know it sucks, especially being I left out he just got out on the 7th of march . He stole a hearse, ran out of gas and then proceeded to break into the garage of the house he stalled in front of to steal gas can to fill up to Hearse . The cops asked him if it was his and he said it was, they were in the plates and found out that was not true. Pretty sure that's what he just got out of jail for, he will never learn, Especially when there are no real consequences. He's only looking for his next score so he can get high on meth.
  8. My brothers vehicle had hail damage, he lives in the Denver area. We looked for someone willing to fix the damage and shops were backed up at least six months to a year. We couldn't find anybody that wanted to do bodywork if it wasn't insurance work. I ended up getting lucky and found a donor vehicle that was the same color and swapping the damaged parts over . good luck with your search as it will probably be a hole in the wall type of shop if you find one . I don't know how Dallas is , but that may be your best bet
  9. I think you'd have to install a limo window to make that be possible.
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