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  1. For how much those are I'd build some out of 2x4s (depending on weight ) and OSB . Anchor them to the wall with metal strap and tapcons so your little one doesn't pull them down on himself .
  2. eBay has the dash covers for around $40 ,truck covers start around 50 bucks and go up from there.
  3. There's always somebody selling some, if you're a member of Facebook join all the Comanche club pages as some people are selling them on there. There was a guy a couple days ago selling them for $140 for the pair I don't know if that included shipping or not
  4. I can grab some the next time I'm at the yard .At the moment I don't remember if the 97 newer plugs are the same , if they are it'll make it easier to find some .
  5. Are you talking about the ones by the latch and door handle ? If so I just grab them from doors at the junkyard. A couple small flathead screw and patience will get them out .just changed them on my 89
  6. I'd put the reinforcement plate in and leave the rest . Once the plate is in with the hinges welded to it i don't see it going anywhere.
  7. Chili pepper red will definitely stand out , but if you're a subtle guy I'd go with the silver . I guess you're taking the truck apart ? If not , staying with around the same color as the truck is would be my vote . Looks strange when you open the door/hood etc and see the old color showing (just my opinion)
  8. I'd have to look , but if you wanted to stay with the older style I may have some new ones . If only one hinge is bad you would only have to change one . May be be a good time to install one of those reinforcing plates too if your hinges were pulling away from the body .
  9. Yep , just look at a 97 + XJ for reference.
  10. I have , so has Minuit iirc . With little modifications it can be done .
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