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  1. The perches are different widths and the Cherokee axle Is soa
  2. https://www.sfxperformance.com/catalog/style/Exterior~Styling/Louvers/Jeep/page_1.htm
  3. There is a company in Texas that's still sells louvers , Comanche specific too . I'll try and find a link .
  4. The brand I used was a BBB 7816-7 ,I got lucky and it came with the correct pulley . However, being that the CS alternators fit a variety of vehicles it may also have a different pulley . https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/e11412.m43.l1123/7?euid=10ca8e1d831d4083a67900d5bd6f7d46&bu=43952446036&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fvod%3Fitemid%3D163059377822%26transid%3D1724873197006&sojTags=bu=bu
  5. So for some updates on this project .... The dash was cracked /dried up pretty bad , sourced another black dash and finally installed it along with the interior. I ended up installing my NOS black bench cover that I had too . I had had to put a different cluster in because I needed one that used the plastic clip for the cable . It's the nicest condition cluster I've seen, no corrosion on the printed board at all . While the truck isnt perfect its at a point for someone else to take it over and make it their own. The major items the truck needed have
  6. The MJ floor pans they make are the best fitting ones in the aftermarket realm.
  7. Well It's officially 4x4!! I finally found a couple driveshafts after somebody sold me the wrong ones claiming that they were for 2000.... which they weren't. I took the front axle from the Cherokee I got the driveshafts from and installed that too , along with some new shock all the way around.It's great that they use the same brakes on 2wd vs 4wd so they didn't need replaced .I took it on its maiden voyage and everything went as planned. It's nice to get one project done, or at least a big part of one. I'm not sure what's next for this, but I have other bigger projects to worry about first
  8. Ok , I have PayPal if you do . My information is on this thread .
  9. There's a whole bunch of WJs in my local yard, got to see what shape and if they're white though .
  10. $30 shipped in the United States They only come in black, you can paint them to match.
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