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  1. I've heard there are 3 of those currently in the NOS flavor
  2. WJ has the same bolts for their control arms I believe ,some of the vans do ,there's a lot of vehicles that have the same bolts if you have a junkyard nearby . My yard normally gives them to me for free.
  3. Strokermjcomanche

    J 003073

    Sometimes the front crossmember has the Vin number stamped on it as well for another place to look. It'll be in between the bumper in the front of the crossmember generally towards the driver side,sometimes it hides behind that lower valance peace.
  4. Strokermjcomanche

    J 003073

    Have you looked for a build sheet that's normally hidden somewhere in the interior?
  5. 8mm hold the Ecu to the bracket and 10mm hold the bracket to the firewall
  6. Ran out of mig wire but one side is welded up and painted with first coat of rust sealer .
  7. I just looked for someone else , it appears that I'm looking for a passenger side as well . With all the new ones popping up lately I wish there were some passenger instead of all drivers side
  8. Just closed all bars and restaurants in Ohio, you could still have carry out.
  9. I'm in ohio , starting Monday no school for 3weeks , no big gatherings either , so many events being cancelled . The local hospital is going as far as to pay for family of nurses /doctors/staff in contact with virus victims to stay home so not to spread in case of being infected.
  10. Got the patches roughed in .Need to weld them in ,Por15 ,seam seal and paint to match . Then it's time for the interior.
  11. Life has gotten in the way and it's time to get this done because I need the room . Acquired some floor panels for patches along with new front pans .
  12. Flip the bracket upside down or just use an aftermarket bracket .
  13. Not sure what you have exactly, but here you go . https://classictube.com/product/jeep-comanche-brake-line-kit-with-dana-35-axle-with-7-box-1986198719881989/
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