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  1. There are stamped numbers in the x part of the frame and part numbers on the leaf spring bracket , I have yet to see a VIN number back there .
  2. Great topic anyone know of any rebates for BF Goodrich tires ?
  3. I'm pretty sure that valve cover uses the same grommets as a 97+ valve cover, I end up using the old style grommet and silicone in it into the other grommet and it worked fine.
  4. 01k2289 and the other one I have says 01k2273 i don't see any other markings
  5. I have some mopar ones down in the basement, can't remember exactly what trans they're for
  6. I've been looking for myself for a couple years now , found an NOS one that the bidding went up to $500 I think. If you haven't seen this yet I think this is what I'm getting in the spring once my truck is out of storage. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steering-Wheel-Sport-Leather-Black-for-Jeep-Cherokee-XJ-Wrangler-YJ-18031-11/401406594513
  7. Looking for perfect/near perfect 5 star wheels near 44509 zip code in Ohio . So far I've got 2 nice unused spare wheels and am looking for at least 2 'more . I can get refurbished ones for $130 shipped, so I'd like to stay under $100 shipped if possible or else I'll get the refurbished wheels . Picture of wheels I need
  8. Garnet is 86 , cordovan is the 87up
  9. Those have been cut , definitely not saying they're junk by any means.
  10. Sounds like the dealership I was able to pick , they took a lot of parts out of the boxes to burn the cardboard and then the parts were ruined.
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