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  1. Transmission and tcase are in , 4wd shifter /linkage installed as well . Still need to install front axle and locate driveshafts . All the yards around me bend the driveshafts when picking them up with the loader ... aggravating!!
  2. I'm going to say no, unless somebody has a part number otherwise. Only know of two part numbers, the 55014472 and the earlier 86-87 emblem . I know some guys were remaking emblems, and that may be a nice example of it.I know some guys were remaking emblems, and that may be a nice example of one.
  3. This is my fifth or sixth time changing leaf springs on an XJ . No videos for me , just getting it done
  4. Valve cover gasket installed last night . New springs , shocks , sway bar bushings installed today . Easiest leaf spring replacement I've done on an XJ yet , bolts came out with no persuasion. I did have to put new bolts in the upper shock mounts though .
  5. O'Reillys had them in stock, just had to store transfer them. They were the dorman ones 929-301 . Summit racing is about 40 minutes away from me, they had a Mopar replacement spring for $147
  6. It was perfect timing , I was looking elsewhere for parts to convert to 4wd until this happened.
  7. I'm gonna wait till I'm done with it and make a decision.
  8. The local pullapart had a wheelbarrow special so I got a transmission/ tcase/shifter /linkage for $80 . I have a front axle but still need to locate both driveshafts.
  9. Ordered some rear springs, planning on installing them tomorrow. Also noticed the valve cover leaking , probably because the steel sleeves are missing . While I was looking around I happened to notice an American flag decal and a heat tab on one of the freezeplugs , it's a Jasper engine!! It's definitely clean inside and explains why everything is in good shape.
  10. I wouldn't want that rollpin to come out,I know that CrossPin can do some serious damage.I know it wasn't the greatest set up but I'd rather have a bolt that I can unbolt if need be.
  11. So the bolt head broke on my Dana 44 for the cross pin . i'm changing axle seals I need to get it out, seeing what everyone else has done. I know it's a common problem but never encountered it personally. Some people say they hit the pen really hard and it will shear the bolt ,other people say buy a kit that has a special drillbit and bolts to remove it. Seeing whatever one else is done before hand. Thanks for your help
  12. I'm guessing it has to do with the update, or maybe it's something that I did or didn't do. I have access to pretty much everything else except for that.
  13. Anyone that has a 97-99 Cherokee can get you the same plug at the junkyard if one is local , here's a picture showing they are identical
  14. I've sold a couple sets of 2dr manual door panels /regulators in the past couple years , my friends work at yards and give me heads up before they are put in the system . I agree with the low class people, can't tell you how many times I go to get parts that were perfectly good and somebody ruined. It would've taken a couple minutes to do it correctly, and if it was the part that they needed that got ruined they would feel the same way (maybe) .
  15. I know some people seek them out so they can still roll the windows down when they take the doors off and on . I ran into several Cherokees with them around here, and normally on the base models as mentioned above. I don't know if I call the rare , but definitely not the main stream Cherokee for sure
  16. Thanks. It is ,only been up north for a couple years and the salt hasn't taken its toll yet .
  17. There's only a couple things I wanna do to it at the moment. It basically needs springs all the way around, the rears are sagging pretty good.Probably put some new shocks on it, The previous owner must've put brakes all the way around on it recently because they look like brand new .Being that it's 2wd i'd also like to convert it to 4wd , and that's basically it.The paint isn't great in a couple areas, maybe touch it up a bit or just leave it alone.
  18. Just grabbed this for $800 , wasn't really looking but couldn't pass it up . 158k miles auto ,2wd ,4.0 .
  19. When you make it north I'm interested in the white shortbed .
  20. OK, just left the post office. Sent the bezels to the two people that paid. Everyone else that was in for a pair please pay so I can get them coming your way.
  21. I have some on file at the local decal place . I had them made for my 88 but I know the decal changed every year though .
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