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  1. It’s on the drivers side of the transmission behind the 4wd shifter linkage pivot bracket that mounts to the transmission and tcase . I’ve had a couple jeeps over the years that didn’t shift correct. Normally the fix for mine was replaced on the throttle positioning sensor or the detent cable
  2. Thanks to everyone that replied. Some issues came up and I’m not doing anything with this right now, as a matter fact not doing anything right now. Again thanks
  3. I understand that this should/ might also be in wanted. I’m looking for a 0630 or 7120 head , Just as long as it has the Threaded sensor hole at the rear of the head . It doesn’t need to be anything real special, just something I don’t have to worry about for years to come. I had mine rebuilt several years ago along with the block being machined and it only cost me $500, now any reputable head is $500 + . Just seeing if somebody had another idea out there that might be cheaper and good . The local machinist is about three or four weeks out, and I’m not gonna have that much time to get this done . Not to mention I don’t have a used cylinder head to be rebuilt in the first place. The engine didn’t come with the head. Thanks in advance everyone.
  4. Yes , One washer on each side of the fender. Then you put the nut CERT insert through the washers and it’ll squeeze everything together.
  5. You just pinch that tighter so it would grabYou just pinch that tighter so it would grab
  6. How about this ? I have to confirm what size you need exactly.
  7. No, I pulled mine off and took it in. They touched it up in the places the letters were missing. Maybe somebody else can do it with a picture.
  8. If someone would send me one for 2.5 i'm more than certain the same place could make more. The problem is every year is different on the labels and also different engines too . It's cheaper when you have a big run of them done instead of one for every year. And in that case, we need quite a bit of demand for them to make it worthwhile . I don't even remember what I spent for the ones I currently have, but for a little piece of paper is pretty expensive that I recall.
  9. This is one I had made for my 88. I can have more printed if I can make it down to the decal shop that I had done it.
  10. At one point in time national made repair kits that solved that issue . Basically it was a thin piece of metal that you slid over the shaft it would make the diameter greater so the seal would be tighter around the shaft. not sure if they make it for that specific application, but I'm sure local parts store will tell you if they do or not. I happen to not work at One anymore to tell you if they do or not I'd also like to add if you're bearing is shot, the shaft will not be turning true which will allow fluid to come out. Maybe looking to have the tail shaft bearing replaced
  11. There isn't a good lock out there in my opinion. Only keeps honest people from getting in.
  12. Not sure where you're located, but I would check car part, they have quite a few transmissions with roughly 60,000 miles on them. May be worth it if it's close to you, or shipping. I believe anything up to a 97 should work for you. The 97 will need a plug change, hopefully that'll help you expand your search. 87 through 90 will be at 21 spline( so you would have to change the input gear or Tcase also ) so you want to stick with 91 to 97 I had the AW4 transmission rebuilt in my black truck, cost me $900. There was an option for a shift kit, which was about $200 more . Going on eight years, with zero issues .
  13. One more piece to the puzzle . Also waiting on boostwerks billet fuel sender to be available.
  14. Suck it through with a bolt or ball joint tool .
  15. Those are used ones . The ones on the floor are the ones that are new.
  16. It's going in my red truck .
  17. Maybe try some tin foil? it would resist the heat and if you spread it evenly enough will be a good reflector
  18. https://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/aw4 here's a good article to read so you know everything you need to.
  19. ^^ only found on stick shift vehicles. and if you mistakenly turned the key back when you're trying to steer you have to press down on the lever the lock to column
  20. My 91 is by the airbox, I'm assuming the 92 would be also
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