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  1. Amazing job start to finish on your truck! That is one hell of a transformation. It looks great. I really like the body color with accents you went with. What is the decal on the hood of? Could you put up a close up photo?
  2. That is an extremely sharp looking truck! I love that color combo too. But those floor pans will need to be replaced for sure. I'll say it hits $13,800.
  3. With the summer officially over, I guess it's time to get back into the garage and start tackling the ever growing list of projects. The engine has been removed and will be at the shop being rebuilt next week! With that going on I'll be tearing out the entire interior, AGAIN, to replace all the old weather stripping throughout, install heat shield and sound deadening material throughout, replace the headliner and sun visors with my brand new SMS products and swap the old door cards with my NOS pair. The DirtBound Rock Sliders were dropped off today for powder coating. Then, moving to the exterior for some more rust removal from the body surface before repainting. Let me know what you think of the color choice!
  4. I'm looking for assistance locating a new Exhaust Header and a performance intake manifold that will be compatible with an 87 Chief, 4 cylinder 2.5 litre. Thanks in advance!
  5. I just received my Rock Sliders from Dirtbound today. It took 3 months for delivery, but I can say they're solid and really well constructed
  6. Has there been any update on these that anyone knows of?
  7. I might be interested in getting in on a group buy!
  8. GrandComanche


    ISO a good condition or rebuilt, 5 speed manual, 4wd, 2.5 / 4 cylinder engine. I'm in upstate New York, 12123
  9. Are those headlights or fog lights in that box? Are they for sale?
  10. Anyone know where I would be able to find the vent window seals? I can't find MJ or XJ specific seals anywhere. I have the moveable vent windows and every time it rains I'm finding puddles on my floor. Since I've already replaced the floor pans once, I'd like to avoid doing it again.
  11. Team Cherokee has NOS blanks for $10. I bought a pair about a month ago. https://teamcherokee.com/key-blank-set-cherokee-comanche-1984-1990/
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