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  1. I have 8 turbines, they have all been used for many miles. Each of them is in a different class of “niceness”. (4 are painted black) I can bring one tomorrow for you. How nice of one are you needing?
  2. Back in the day, www.luvtruck.com was my Comancheclub... the site hasn’t changed much over all these years! My photos are still all there: http://www.luvtruck.com/Gallery/BrentMarshs78ReedCityMichi/index.html To think that I got 3 speeding tickets in THAT truck that would NOT do 70 mph on the freeway is mind boggling to me today :)
  3. THIS brings back memories. I had a 1978 Chevy Luv as my first vehicle many years ago. Mine was also a “Mikado”, which was the upscale package. Ahhh the cheap Japanese steel rusted so easily on that truck. Dad and I put a lot of time into making it look good. Good old days...
  4. I’m curious. Why move the gas tank further back and put it between the bumper and the rear axle?
  5. Only the ones that you see on half off days and know that us guys here in the Midwest would love to get. - Bolt strips for the fender flares - Rear bumpers / bumper end caps - Tailgates - Ebrake cables - Fuel sending units etc. ...Rust free short beds
  6. Glad to hear all is going well! If you see good deals on easy to pull rust free parts out west, get them and bring them along with you. Us Midwest folks will make it worth your while!
  7. Hello All, I’m starting a thread here for a truck I recently acquired for my Brother to use. I bought it here on the club from “mkusmc”. The truck is currently at my my house in Wisconsin under my care for a short duration until I’m able to get it to my brother for his use in Michigan. I hope to address some issues it has before he gets it, but we’ll see if he gets it before I have the chance to pick away at the things it needs. 2.5L - 5 spd - 4wd - 30/35 - Somewhat well optioned (with non-working factory A/C). 258K miles. Originally purchased in Tulsa OK, looks like it spent most of its life in that area judging by receipts in the glove box. It runs, but it needs attention in plenty of areas before it’s road worthy. It drove itself on/off the trailer, which is a better way to start than some vehicles I’ve winched on and then drug off. Here are some pictures of the condition that it came to our family in, enjoy!
  8. Spectra Premium replacement tanks are in both of my MJs. Good tanks! One I bought on RockAuto, the other came from eBay as it had a dent in it, but it was still new. Both tanks got a liberal soaking with brake clean to remove storage grease on the outside, scuff with an abrasive pad and primed and painted before they went into the trucks. Treating me well still on both accounts. Yeah, I would not be using that tank if I were you...
  9. 500 MJ

    For you KJ guys

    Correction, west of Madison.
  10. 500 MJ

    Dear AMC...

    I’ve taken those screws out and not re- installed them to totally negate the issue. Have not noticed a difference with them out.
  11. Ok CC, obviously a dual ended socket for something, but WHAT, and there has to be a reason why it’s so long...?
  12. Are you looking for used, new, any and all? I do have a used set that I might be able to be persuaded to part with.
  13. Looks great! Let’s see how long the Nufinish holds up now..
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