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  1. That tail light is currently on eBay. Price is way too high. Both bedside mounting holes on the tail light have been drilled through...
  2. Cool. I'll take the last set. PM me the info!
  3. I’m going to need two sets sooner or later. I can make them myself as well if needed. If ghetdjc320 doesn’t go for the last pair I’ll gladly take them.
  4. 500 MJ

    Various parts

    Bad news on my end. The yard that I hoped to hit tomorrow is still closed thanks to COVID. So no access to those MJs for that kick panel. I am changing my plans to go to a different yard tomorrow, this one I know has a 2 door '92 XJ. It might have the dash clock and the kick panel. Do you have a reference pic for the clock (and electrical plug that is needed) that you want so I can make sure it will be the correct one? Also, Let me know if another XJ kick panel is of interest to you, if it has the line on it for where to cut maybe you'd want to go that route? Sorry that my local MJ resource is not available right now... I'll PM you with pics and prices of the splash guards I have.
  5. My folks connected a trip to Disney World with the launch of STS-77. This was the one trip to Disney World we took during my childhood and I am so grateful that they incorporated the Shuttle launch with that trip. It was a REALLY early wake up to get to the Cape from Orlando, but SO worth it! I remember talking with people at the launch that were from Europe and they had previously traveled to (hopefully) see two prior launches which ended up being cancelled due to weather. That is when it sunk in how lucky we were to get to see this one on a beautiful day, having driven to Florida from Michigan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STS-77
  6. 500 MJ

    Various parts

    Ok got it. You said MJ specific and now that makes sense. Forgot about the parking brake on that side, which makes it unique. It should be there, if not I am 99% certain the maroon one will be there.
  7. 500 MJ

    Various parts

    Here is the one that I am thinking to grab the kick panel out of. This would be gray. There is another one there that should be maroon if this one is gone or damaged. This gray one would be perfect to paint as it has had some sun exposure and is faded a bit. Just to be certain, you are needing the piece that goes from the door sill to the B-Piller? Other side, but what is circled here in this photo?
  8. 500 MJ

    Various parts

    I have some used front mud flaps if they are of any interest to you? I can toss some pictures up tonight. I also think I have a set of new XJ rears. These are all the plastic type with no AMC logo on them... Also, I could get a drivers kick panel for you if no one else offers one up. I am hoping to make a quick yard trip on Friday this week... if you could choose a color, what would it be?
  9. Here and in good shape. Thanks Pete!
  10. I really like them too. They are great for this!
  11. 500 MJ

    Happy memorial day

    We had a great day canoeing with the family today. Kids loved it and we stayed upright the whole time. Beautiful day here. Partly cloudy with nice breeze and 80 degrees. Happy Memorial Day everyone, don’t forget why we are given this holiday. Hope you are flying your flags today if the weather allows it.
  12. 500 MJ

    Side marker bezel

    I’ve got two chrome RH ones. Let me know if you are interested. .
  13. 1. Tail lights! 2. Sun visor clips (in center of cab above rear view mirror) 3. Fuel Sending unit and pump 4. B-Pillar Lights 5. Tail light harness 6. Tail gate handle (if not already spoken for) 7. Mini center console And Any other MJ specific parts that are still there and easy to ship! I don’t NEED and of this, but I’m sure interested in having these parts (provided they are in good shape) on the shelf for myself or others who will need them in the years to come. I’d happily buy any/all of them if they are available. Have fun!
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