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  1. Light duty. No way I’d ever drop that much $$$ on something like that. Seems like a childish attempt at moving snow around to me!
  2. 500 MJ

    B Pillar Lights

    Are you after stock ones or aftermarket?
  3. What kind of parts are you looking for?
  4. I see a clutch master cylinder under the hood... I wonder why it is listed as only a 4 spd?
  5. 500 MJ

    Knock on the door?

    Knock. It’s the proper way to start any conversation on a stranger’s property. “Hi, I noticed that you have a Comanche. There aren’t many of them around. I have one too. - Do you mind if I look at yours for a minute to see how it’s similar and different than mine so I can learn more about them? I promise I won’t touch anything, just look.” My opinion - Anyone who says “no” to the above should sell the MJ they own because they own it for the wrong reasons. There is no harm in looking and not touching. Knocking is how I came to be an MJ owner with my ‘88 back in 2005.
  6. Do you want/need more renix cores? I know of quite a few in yards...
  7. Those look like MJ lights, just pushed out from the bed... Don’t know about you guys, but the flames on the for sale ad really does it for me!
  8. Sweet rig, yes more progress pictures please! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Longbed or shortbed?
  10. 500 MJ

    I'm back!

    Welcome back! I was here before you, went on hiatus (married, house, kids, etc) before you got here and now I’m back as well. Managed to keep both my trucks in the limbo thankfully :) Check this out, some things have changed in the MJ world while you were away:
  11. 500 MJ


    Posted this in the wrong year, Pete can you more easily move to the 1987 folder? My bad.
  12. 500 MJ


    Good to know, ‘86 was a guess based on what I could see. Door information was no longer readable and I could not get that hood open to look further into it...
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