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  1. 500 MJ

    Sending units

    Mine just showed up, thanks so much Will!
  2. 500 MJ

    Sending units

    I need a renix one, preferably the nicest one you have as it’ll go right into my ‘90. I’m only filling my tank half full right now because it weeps fuel at the hole the electrical connection runs through. The one that’s in there right now had been hacked up by the previous owner and it’ll be nice to get it back to the way it should be with the stock unit. Thanks for posting these up!
  3. 500 MJ

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas All!
  4. Repost of the next oldest thread... I’ll finally weigh in: Nope... This thing is clean but it has been messed around with in too many areas to justify that price. The “topper”, interior door panels and the S-10 rear bumper really are turn-offs for my appetite!
  5. 500 MJ

    One of our own is down

    Thanks for the info Eagle. All the best to you Don, get well soon!
  6. 500 MJ

    1997 F-250 HD

    Well, the big truck stalled out in traffic on me on account of summer gas still in the tank and a frozen fuel filter. I pushed it to the side of the road and got a short tow from a stranger to a gas station. Rather than attempt to fix it at the station I called on my wife and the MJ to get the heap home. Stuck to the backroads with as small of hills as we could find, made it home no sweat. I will say that the MJ did not enjoy tugging this heavy thing around though :)
  7. How big of a shop Ben? Make sure you have the drain plugs pulled out of the floor of the buggy, otherwise I feel you’ll have a bathtub full of water in the buggy in the spring!
  8. 500 MJ

    The Prodigal Son Returns

    That ‘92 came with a visor. I see you’ve already removed it. Should be able to pull some sweet cash out of that if you don’t want it... Yes, life changes do take away from wrenching time, two young kids here as well...
  9. 500 MJ

    Wanted rear tailpipe hanger

    Yes, I do have one, sending you a PM.
  10. 500 MJ

    Wanted rear tailpipe hanger

    I think I have one. Let me verify tonight.
  11. 500 MJ

    opinion on first MJ purchase

    Price seems high. To me, a $9K MJ should be a highly modified off-road rig with some high end parts or a low mileage truck that is completely stock, show truck quality. This truck is neither, for starters the wheels and rear bumper are aftermarket parts. Radio and speakers are not stock, neither is the center console ON the bench seat. It looks nice for sure but that’s a $3K-$5K truck to me.
  12. 500 MJ

    Anything worth pulling off a Renix XJ?

    Is a bare bones XJ or what package/options does it have?
  13. 500 MJ

    The Prodigal Son Returns

    I like the sticker on the top of your toolbox. Whats the plans for the “new” truck?
  14. 500 MJ

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    FYI - I have rolled back the renix style odometers. It’s been a few years, but I feel you need to take them apart to an extent to do it, though it wasn’t hard. I did it for when when I swapped from the base cluster to the full cluster with all of the gauges. I did not roll back to zero, rather I rolled it to the correct mileage for the truck that was on the cluster I was replacing. So the truck still has the correct mileage on it even though I swapped the clusters.
  15. 500 MJ

    I know what I'll be doing tomorrow

    ... and that’s well worth $50!