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  1. 500 MJ


    Junkyard Truck parted out by Horseshoe Auto Wrecking in SW Bremerton, WA. I purchased some parts online from this truck and the VIN came on the sales receipt for the parts. No pictures of the truck.
  2. Funds Sent. Thank You!
  3. Do you have any better pictures? Thanks!
  4. Yeah they work really well. The stuff that bothers us does not bother them at all. Mosquitos and nasty brush, they have no issue with it. Originally we thought about getting one of the goats, then it became pretty clear that having one would be more effort than it was worth for just keeping the property cleared. We’ve got no interest in the breeding/milk side of it. We’ve got young kids, that’s enough for now. Lots of sun to the west and there is a hillside and trees to the east, that is why I sloped the roof to come down above the door. Little sun comes from the east. I wanted to be able to see the door from the house too.
  5. 500 MJ

    Free Parts Nc

    I will snag that. I’ve got a gray interior in my ‘90. Sending you a PM!
  6. Yes this is correct. Also, I do have the orange Side Marker Lenses For Sale in this thread too.
  7. That is a good idea. I like your thought there! I do have a nice pressure washer and the 100’ hose will reach that far! Yes, the view here is nice. We are on a small hill and the view to the west over the shed from the house for sunsets is quite nice. When we moved in back in 2013 all of the area that shed is built at and anything that wasn’t part of the yard was unmaintained woods. It took me quite a few year but the woods are now very manageable and the mosquitos are far less nasty than they used to be. Next year I’ll finally be able to mow my entire property with an old push mower at least. Getting the unwanted and fallen trees cleared was a task. Then in 2018 and 2019 we rented these guys for two summers in a row and they essentially took care of the rest of the brush! Each photo here here is a day apart. The last day they had it all chewed down to stalks.
  8. 500 MJ


    Junkyard Truck parted out by Balow’s Highway 7 Auto Salvage in Lester Prairie MN. (I purchased a tail light from the truck) I will get more pics from an online source when I am at a computer next.
  9. Is it a short bed or long bed?
  10. That leaky master cylinder is a big thing to take care of. The hydraulic fluid will ruin your fuse block. Nice looking truck, welcome to the club!
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