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  1. I work for a railroad. Derailments suck.
  2. What he said... I’ve got a good selection of OEM ones. Let me know what you are looking for and I’ll see if I have them. They came in black, dark gray and chrome as well as painted to match the body color...
  3. Time to get caught up. “Big Rusty” is getting used more these days, almost splitting time evenly with the ‘90 MJ. I took the truck in to the shop in the spring and had the belt tensioner, fuel filter and coil connector all replaced. The belt tensioner took care of the squeaky serp belt. The coil connector was the item that was causing me the grief stalling out whenever it wanted to. Fuel filter required the special quick disconnect tool to do. There is no way I would have diagnosed the issue with that coil connector. Took the shop 45 minutes to solve the problem. Glad I had them do it! I have not yet dropped the pan on the trans but I have the new filter and lots of fluid for when I do. I’ve been pulling fluid out with a transfer pump 7 quarts at a time through the dipstick tube and it still isn’t close to pink. The clean fluid is helping for sure, shifts smoother for longer periods before going into limp mode each time I reset trans computer. Getting better but nowhere near finished with this fiasco yet. Drivers front brake caliper is hanging up and the blower motor resistor has tossed in the towel. Looks like the front gas tank has a minor leak going now too. More items to fix when the chance comes, just dealing with them for now, they add character to the old beast. Truck is hauling lots of heavy wood for me, doing what I bought it for. Fun to drive, wish it was a manual trans though :)
  4. Looks great Pat, nice job!
  5. Sending PM regarding 4.0 Liter and Metric Ton badges, all visor clips and rear bumper liscence plate lights harness.
  6. Honda Passport. Stay away. My my wife bought one many years ago without talking to me about it first (college years, we were still only dating). I had had to fix it, often. And I don’t ever recall an “aha! I’m glad they put that there so that I could work on this car easily” moment. Under powered and GM parts on and Isuzu platform with Honda badging. Never again. Since we’ve disposed of the Passport, we have happily owned and sold a ‘98 Civic EX, and currently own an ‘04 Accord EX and a ‘17 CR-V EX-L. All of the actual Honda’s have treated us very well!
  7. The rear window “gasket” you are looking for isn’t a gasket at all. The picture shows a solid piece of glass (#3) or a 3 pane sliding window (#4). All rear windows are glued in and there is a rubber piece on the exterior (which appears to be a gasket, but really it’s only function is as a trim piece to fill the gap).
  8. Understood, I’ll pass. Thanks!
  9. What’s your price on the cargo light, do you have the switch for it as well?
  10. I'd be in for the cargo light switch panel (and the light) if you want to sell it!
  11. Was this something you made or did you originally purchase it elsewhere?
  12. 500 MJ

    how low is too low?

    PBR coolant overflow bottle... yeah, says a lot.
  13. We have to keep this rig affiliated with the CC, at least the current owner is proving the link right in the ad!
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