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  1. The chain is likely what is making the noise. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an issue with bearings in a 231… They are super easy to rebuild!
  2. FYI That style latch mechanism was on an ‘86 that was in our family.
  3. In case you missed it (see the top of the page in the for sale section) - forum rules specifically state that sellers have to post prices for items. The intent is to not have the situation that is unfolding here with no prices posted and everybody wondering what the seller’s price is…
  4. What is your price on the tail lights?
  5. I was at this XJ today and I finally opened up the hood. This thing was plumbed into the brake system. “Caution - High Pressure Vessel” Anyone ever seen this, know what it is?
  6. Doesn’t look like a ‘91 to me. Lots of renix era items there that I’m seeing…
  7. 500 MJ

    College Vehicle

    What are you looking to do at college with your vehicle? The answer here really will help you make the decision going forward. Cheap Honda is a solid choice for getting to/from daily. Good gas mileage, cheap parts for repairs, etc. Cruise control is also a big advantage for the long drive. MJ or Eagle are vehicles to do things with/enjoy while you are at college. If that’s what you are after then it’s an easy choice. Also remember that college brings a whole new group of unknowns that you’ve likely not seen yet. This includes where and how you store your vehicle. Make sure you have a vehicle that you can park any place for days on end and not worry about how secure it is. That said - I enjoyed my college experience with my MJ. I walked to campus each day and I had a garage to secure it in through the week. I drove it every weekend and had all of the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan as my playground. As a college kid with little budget, I paid at the pump to drive it 8 hours one way each time I went home. It was also not the most comfortable choice for a long drive. I was very confident with it as I had done plenty of work on it prior to college and while I lived with my folks during the summers. I did have some things that I needed to do at college and I made friends that I still have today from wrenching. Lots of good memories.
  8. 500 MJ


    Continuing to work this truck into pieces…
  9. 500 MJ


    I helped my Dad work on the truck a bit yesterday for a brief few hours while I was home. Here are the promised photos. With the frame non-existent in places, it is pretty easy to see why the truck if being parted out. Pretty much all of the 4 cyl specific parts are up for grabs, if anyone needs anything just speak up!
  10. 500 MJ


    What country are they coming from?
  11. Freshly hit the yard today. 1986 MJ with CC Decal on the back window! https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Chicago-581/recents/1986-jeep-comanche/
  12. Was there a black seat cover on it that lost its darker color onto the lighter tan underneath? I could see that dyeing the tan a darker tone…
  13. 500 MJ


    My Dad ( @Swampthing ) just picked this truck up for parts. It has a snowplow that comes with it. It is a 4wd 4 cyl truck with no transmission. It’s rusty. More pictures to come soon once I see the truck in person.
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