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  1. Just saw the news over on the facebook page. RIP Don, condolences to the family.
  2. maybe this was answered, but I'm at work and didnt read all 6 pages. I also have an ALH engine thats in a worn out 01 jetta I picked up for CHEEEAAAAAAAP. did you custom build the trans adapter adn motor mounts or did you purchase them from coty built out of canada, they have kits for the 1.9 PD engine, but I know mounting wise, the 2 engines are identical. what did you do for engine management?
  3. 2 door version (if they decide to make one last minute) hell yes, I'd sell part of my vw collection to get one. that fugly JKU shortbed thing. all I'm gonna say is if I saw a a bunch on fire at a jeep dealer, I'd just keep on driving and not call the FD.....
  4. exactly. unfortunetly I don't have room for just engine/trans comboes right now. I have a driveway chock full of vw's.
  5. huck731

    I'm back

    haha, I almost messaged you yesterday. I still have that saved on my facebook. there is an older couple with an old RHD postal xj I've been meaning to talk to about buying.
  6. Glad to see the truck was recovered. I always wanted to do a tdi conversion on one adn actually talked to HPA motorsports when they launched the wrangler and where developing the XJ kits. this was even before they split that devision off to become coty built.
  7. I always wanted to put a 5 speed into my 91, but never got around to it. I also figure I have a better chance at finding a 4 speed 4 banger than a 5 speed.
  8. finally caving and I want back into the comanche game. but I specifically want a 2.5l 4 speed 2wd. so long as it runs and drives, don't really care to much how it looks. just want another MJ.
  9. huck731

    I'm back

    I can't take it anymore!!!! I need another comanche. I never was happy that I sold my 91 sportruck. if I could find my old one I'd buy it back, btu I'm sure its in a junkyard by now. but non the less, I'm back.
  10. that is exactly why I just listed my ranger for trade on here.
  11. HI guys, It's been a while. I miss my 'manche, I want another one. So I'm just fishing around in curiosity if anyone would be interested in trading, or even a partial trade for a 98 ford ranger. truck is an I4, 5-speed, 2wd, 256,xxx. drives like new. she's a little rusty, but not to bad. honestly a perfectly fine truck, I just miss my jeep and don't really feel the ranger.
  12. I went through army basic back in 08. they couldn't lay a hand one you, but let me tell you. I did 435 pushups the very first night when we got to the "real" drill instructors (not the ones you see at inprocessing) ....all because I walked out of the latrine with my p.t. shirt untucked.
  13. ahhh the good ol' excuses. I have heard from se many people "I wanted to join the marines, but they said I couldn't be cause I broke my leg x number of years ago" chicken $#!&s should have just joined the army.
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