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  1. johnj92131

    fuel tank

    I have been looking at a second gas tank for the Comanche for years. Best options I have found: 19 gallon tank from 90's F-150 pickup to replace spare tire Gets you to 35 gallons. At 14mpg, that gets you to 490 miles Carry one 5 gallon Jerry can for security. Gets you to 580 miles. Don't like that? 22 gallon Dakota tank and move Stock 16/18 gallon tank to passenger side Relocate exhaust system as required. Chapest solution? Carry 6 Jerry cans I have 2 Jerry cans for more than 20 years. Never used them to fill an empty tank Your miliage may vary
  2. See GrayWolf's latest information in this post:
  3. johnj92131

    Bought a Grand Cherokee

    BINGO! Best reason in the world to buy the car!!!
  4. johnj92131

    2 door Cherokee Seats

    Not in a compact truck! Not made for us fat floks either!
  5. johnj92131

    Made to Georgia

    Glad to see you made it back east with little trouble. Enjoy the grandaughter. They are a whole lot of fun.
  6. To attach the seat fore and aft adjustments to the MJ seat brackets. Without those, the seat is stuck in one position. Next time you are at a salvage yard - pull a seat from a Grand Cherokee to see how the slider mechanism works. Or search here for one of Bo's very old posts about adapting Grand Cherokee seats to the MJ. I have a spare set of Grand Cherokee seat rails at home, so can send pictures. Likely Wednesday.
  7. Brandon, Don't know about the Dakota seats - BUT the Grand Cherokee Seat and 95+ Cherokee seats that bolt directly to the floor require a piece of flat stock or square tubing sitting on top of the Comanche seat bracket to "bridge" the distance between the new seat rails. Trying to say the 86-94 MJ/XJ seats bolt directly to the narrow Comanche seat brackets. The bolts/rivets on the later seats are set very wide a part and require the flat stock/tube to attach to the MJ seat brackets. "ASSUME" Dakota seats have same construction. Have pictures at home. Will send you them when I get home. In mean time go back to GrayWolfs first post and see his pictures. JJ
  8. johnj92131

    Slave cylinder

    Be sure you read my last post in the above thread for lessons learned. Particularly about problems getting a bleeder screw/valve for external slave! John Jackson
  9. johnj92131

    Slave cylinder

    Here is my very recent thread on the conversion:
  10. You say newish water pump, but don't say anything about the thermostat? I had a few over heating issues a couple years back and the thermostat was part of the problem - but not a.ll the problem. I did not burp the heater core, so had air in the system for a long time. Also wound up replacing the radiator as part of my solution along with new hoses and a radiator cap. After that was done, the truck was reasonably cool. Only time the temp climbed was a very long grade (like sea level to 4100 feet) or with a 3000 lbs load in stop and go freeway traffic.
  11. johnj92131

    All Breeds Jeep Show - York PA 2018

    Sounds like all had a good time! And no hard luck stories. That is good. I flew into Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon with some friends from San Diego. Went to Mt. Washington on Grand View road. Very nice views of the city. Spent most of today just exploring some of the sights in Downtown Pittsburgh.
  12. johnj92131

    Old Drippy - Revived

    Just found this thread. Nice build. One Question: What is the latest information on registering a diesel conversion in California? Did you check with BAR or DMV? Last I heard, 3+ years ago was Sacramento was not approving any diesel conversion. Love to hear updated information.
  13. Went thru this master cylinder problem just a couple of months ago. My shop replaced the master cylinder and power brake booster. All has been well since.
  14. johnj92131

    Gauge cluster with tachometer

    Below is a picture of the two different 86/87 tachs I have: https://www.flickr.com/photos/18856762@N05/11532287494/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/18856762@N05/with/11532287494/
  15. johnj92131

    Well, not going back to that shop

    Business frequently succeed, in spite of themselves very often. Learned that quite a few years ago. Just because the shop does some things well - doesn't mean they do all things well. Issue for us, is to figure out who does what well and go there.