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  1. Wallace, Let me point you to several long threads on diesel conversions here on the Comanche Club My suggestion is to read both of them and learn a whole lot about the several different diesel conversions. https://comancheclub.com/topic/40407-cummins-b33-powered-mj-build/ https://comancheclub.com/topic/52550-86-diesel-mj-to-vw-tdi-conversion/ https://comancheclub.com/topic/57572-om616-swap/ https://comancheclub.com/topic/9562-project-crd-mj-is-born/ You will notice that none of them are 4BT engines, because the 4BT weighs close to 1000 lbs. All right on the nose of the truck. I have about $10K in my Comanche VW TDI conversion because I paid someone else to do the work. BTW, I think you will find the VW TDI conversion has the most after market support. Brandon has much less in his cummins B3.3 conversion because he did his own work.
  2. Eagle, you are very close to the truth. But with 4 project/toy cars, I do need one that I can depend on every day. So I dumped my old VW Passat TDI that VW had discontinued all most all parts support for a 2018 Chevrolet Volt in August, 2018 for a $254/month lease. Then Guess what? GM ended the Volt 6 months later. Have to say that the $254/mo lease is considerably less than my maintenance cost for the Passat TDI And, while maybe not fun, it is sure nice to pay less than a dime per mile on a new car when I drive on the battery.. My Comanche TDI still needs to get the A/C working to be a decent daily driver. Even then it will cost more per mile than the Volt, just for fuel. On long trips, the Volt gets 40-45 mpg, just about the same as the old Passat (yes, my speed is lower).
  3. Years ago I got an offset ground 258 crankshaft on eBay for this guy. Honda rod journals and a set of forged Chevy rods with Honda size rod journals. Stroke was about 4.10 inches. So depending on the overbore, displacement could be in the 4.85 to 5.0 range. Extrapolate his very flat torque curve, and you could see a great engine. But no way to pass California smog tests. A strick legal requirement. My grandson now has the crank and rods. So perhaps this equipment may be put to use. Still, a California smog legal Chevy aluminum V8 conversion sounds potential better. That said, just buying a late model pick up would seem to be a more reasonable choice.
  4. Stock efi system is not trash! It is purpose built to provide a smooth running long term engine that meets legal requirements for it's required life span. All aluminum Chevrolet engine, built years after the Jeep 4.0 offer many advantages.
  5. Estes Park is wonderful. Been there at least 4 times. So is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. See the Steven King book/movie: The Shining. Rocky Mountain National Park is almost as good as Yosemite National Park. Link to Yosemite National Park below. https://www.nps.gov/yose/index.htm
  6. Brandon, First the little guy is adorable, but you knew that. Next you said you want to fly. I suggest you look at the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has some nice all inclusive vacation places for what I am told are reasonable prices. Never done it myself, but lots of people tell me it is great for a week, if that is all the time you have. Second, consider leaving the little guy with grandma and grandpa. They will love it! You two will have a nice time by yourselves. Won't happen much after he is 3 or 4. As,Jeep Driver said, he will not remember a thing about the vacation, so leave him with Grandma. Third, and it may be a budget breaker: Take about 3 or 4 week in Italy, Greece and Turkey! History there is simply astonishing. I got yelled at in the Vatican because I had not removed my cap by a docent. BTW, the Vatican should contract with Disney to improve their admission process. Loved the Italian high speed electric trains.! Smooth thrust near 175 mph. One of the things that sold me on an electric car. Well that is my suggestion if you two want to fly. Lots of good suggestions in the thread if you want to drive also. but most will require several weeks of vacation time. Most important Brandon, do it now! JJ
  7. Have to ask. What else has been done to the fuel system before you had this issue? Has the tank been pulled out? Has the fuel pump been replaced?
  8. Zaandam is 61000 tons of displacement. About the same as the Midway museum in San Diego bay. New Ford class carriers are just over 100000 tons displacement. But the largest cruise ships now top out at 225000 tons displacement. Don't know if any oil super tanker are larger.
  9. ogjeep is in Vegas and was looking for Street Comanche stuff. Hope he got this one!
  10. Spent a week on the Zaandam about 5 years ago. Cruise to Alaska!
  11. Brandon (krustyballer16) sent me this ad before 8 a.m. this morning telling me to go buy the truck! I have enough projects on my plate right now that are not making the progress I would like to see. So it is not for me, But it will be very nice for someone. Price seems reasonable. Not liike the guy in Chula Vista trying to sell his Street Comanche for a killing. I really respect people who care about what happens to their cars in the future, just like this owner seems to care.
  12. It was nice to drive through this area in 2016 as part of a 9700 mile road trip from San Diego to Vancouver island, then to Michigan, Nova Scotia, south to CharlotteSC East to the Corvette museum in Bowling Green. From there it was San Antonio, back to San Diego and the Pacific ocean. As Dorthey said in the Wizard of Oz, "there is no place like home". For me, that's San Diego and having a meal any time at La Jolla cove or on the big bay next to the USS Midway. A long walk past Scripps Pier on the beach is great for the soul any time. The mountains are only a short drive away, 6500+ feet tall at some points you can look down on the desert to the East. As you can see, I am very pleased to have lived in Southern California for all but 4 of my 71 years. "There is no place like home"
  13. You might want to use PayPal to pay for your purchase. The Turbocharger for my Comanche TDI was purchased on EBay.uk Delivery was very prompt. No issues at all.
  14. Congratulations also on new house and the pup!
  15. Think Don's truck had 4.10 to replace his stock gears when he changed to a Dana 44. Think he posted a 2 mpg improvement. Remember his engine was a 4.6 stroker. Go with the 4.10 My old 91 with the 3.07 factory Dana 44 and Auto - I always ran 225 or 235/75 x 15 tires. Sometimes in the mountain passes, I would have to downshift to 3rd to hold interstate speeds.
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