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  1. We got the truck back in mid October. Full story here: https://comancheclub.com/topic/56598-sad-end-to-comanche-tdi-project/ Had the damaged ignition switch replaced on Thursday. Cost for parts and labor was $135. Only problem is that the new ignition key does not match the doors. Need to be careful not to lock the doors till I have the doors matched to the new ignition key. So today I parked the truck in the rear of the yard till I get the locks changed.
  2. johnj92131

    Debt Collection Advice

    Dzimm, My suggestion is to go to your local small claims court and read their rules and requirements. Find out how much filing fees are. Find out how much it costs to have the first owner served with papers. Then decide if it is worth the effort to try and collect. Personally, I would just write it off as a learning experience. But that is me. In California, you first have to write a "demand letter", wait 30 days (?) then file in small claims. The Marshall's office will serve the papers for a fee. Then tell your story to the judge. If the debitor does not show up in court, you win by default. But that still leaves you with the problem of collecting. Collecting can be done, but it takes more time and energy to identify his assets, etc.
  3. johnj92131

    My Project MJ

    Don, I thought the OP was asking about removing the steel drip rails under the chrome drip rail trim piece??
  4. johnj92131

    California Fires

    Eagle, Not much anyone can do to stop a fire driven by 60 mile per hour Santa Ana winds, except to get the heck out of there way. No amount of trimming the under brush will halt that kind of a firestorm. These fires create their own weather that sucks in fresh air and push the flames harder. No doubt you have seen the pictures of the "firenado". Quite frankly, the California legislature has demanded the utility companies do MORE to clear their right of ways. Not less. Enough of the politics "blame game" from me. During the 2004 Cedar Fire in San Diego - the fire jumped over Interstate 15 at a point where the freeway was 24 lanes wide. That was 100 yards wide of concrete and bare ground. Absolutely incredible to see. Then the winds change direction very quickly and the fire was not able to jump over the Interstate 805 freeway only 5 miles away from the 15 freeway. It burned back to the mountains.
  5. johnj92131

    California Fires

    Good to hear.
  6. johnj92131

    WTB - Bucket Seat Mounts

    Yes, think it is 3 bolts ??
  7. johnj92131

    WTB - Bucket Seat Mounts

    ZJ seats ARE way more comfortable!!! Get the fold forward mechanism from 95+ 2 door XJ seats, install on ZJ seats. Make great Comanche seats.
  8. johnj92131

    Cherokee vs Comanche Blower Motor

    Nader's book was "Unsafe at Any Speed". He had a Chapter on the 60-63 Corvair swing axel rear suspension and some wrong claims about how it worked. I own 2 Corvair's. A 69 convertible with 25k miles and a 67 coupe
  9. johnj92131

    Still lurking around.

    If you are interested in doing a VW TDI engine swap into your Comanche, take look at my build thread: https://comancheclub.com/topic/52550-86-diesel-mj-to-vw-tdi-conversion/
  10. johnj92131

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    Yes, you are right. Thief could have had handgun. Son spent 10 years, Army Special Ops. Two combat tours. Sometimes training just kicks in.
  11. johnj92131

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    Got the TDI Comanche back on Friday night. Wildernest is gone, Tailgate was painted black, plates were changed, registration documents are gone. But it is home now. Thieves are dumb. And this one was really stupid DUMB. He drove the stolen truck back to the same apartment complex he stole the truck from to visit a girl. My son walked out of his apartment to smoke in the back alley. He sees the Comanche double parked in the alley, calls the San Diego Police to tell them he found the stolen truck. The tell him stolen cars are a low priority, so it could take up to 6 hours for a police response. He checks the VIN with the cops, yes it is the stolen truck and cops will eventually get there. So son gets a couple of his neighbors to wait with him and see who comes back for the truck. Eventually a fellow come out from one of the apartment and approaches the truck. Son confronts the fellow, telling him the truck is stolen and he is not leaving with the truck. Fellow threatens to kick sons @$$ and take truck. My son stood his ground with a kitchen knife in his hand. Son told fellow he had a choice to make. 1. Stick around and wait for cops. 2. Try to kick sons @$$. 3. Walk away right now. The fellow decided to leave on foot without the truck. Cops never showed up, Son reported car recovered on Saturday morning. I got new plates, etc Monday morning. Ignition switch will have to be repaired. But right now the truck is safe in front of my house. Have to say I am totally surprised to see the truck again, much less with not too much damage/loss. And most of all just how stupid this thief was.
  12. johnj92131

    Anyone ever Fly and Drive?

    I would have to ask, "How many Florida Jeeps have spent much/most of their early life in the winters of the northeast?" Especially if it is 4 x 4 that is not necessary? And are sellers in Florida more honest than sellers "out west"? My answer is you go west because there are many more "survivers" to chose from. Also air fare from N.Y.C. or BWI to L.A. or San Francisco is much less than from West Virginia to Florida. Last summer I flew from San Diego to Pittsburgh for about the same money a fellow flew from Virginia to Pittsburgh for the same event.
  13. johnj92131

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    Checked with San Diego Police Dept this afternoon, still no sign of the TDI Comanche. Missing 8 days now.
  14. johnj92131

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    About 20/25 minutes. Depends on traffic. His place is very urban, mine is very suburban. He is just off a main heavy traffic street, very easy access. No garage. We are well off a main street, at the end of a development with only one way in/out. Also a "better" neighborhood - not that it means much. Anita parked her car in the driveway and says somebody went thru her center console just a few days ago. Funny, they missed about $60 in cash in the car. At least he finally bought his own truck! A 2008 Ford Ranger, with 83K miles. Will be interesting to see how long that truck lasts.
  15. johnj92131

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    Here is the build thread, See picture on 5th page about 3/4 down: