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  1. johnj92131

    Diesel Cherokee Wagoneer Holy Grail?

    Nice find. But that Renault 2.1 turbo diesel engine is really a piece of junk! Very poor reliability record. No parts support in North America at all. No service support network in North America. Even the National Renault Club (yes, there really is one) will be no help. Post the VIN number: That is the key to getting the Jeep registered in California. My 1986 Comanche is a true factory diesel and the VIN number was key to get it registered here in California. I have a VW TDI engine in that truck now. The Renault diesel had a couple of cracked cylinder liners and a cracked cylinder head! Several years ago there was an 85/86 Diesel Cherokee listed on Craigslist all over the Pacific Northwest with an asking price of about 6K. It was listed for months off and on. As far as I know, it never sold. Perhaps this is the same Cherokee?? Automan on here has a running 86 diesel Comanche. He is a heavy duty mechanic by trade, so can keep it running. Think the truck was offered for sale at $2500 before he bought it. Don't know the final price. Frankly, I don't think you have found a valuable gold nugget. Just a nice old Jeep. And NO! I am not in the market. Been there, done that.
  2. OP is in Montesano, Washington - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montesano,_Washington Montesano is a city in Grays Harbor County, Washington, United States. The population was 3,976 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Grays Harbor ...
  3. The first James Bond movie: Dr. No I was 14/15 at the time. Had no clue about 007 went to see the other movie. But never forgot Dr. No 2001 A Space Odyssey. How about the first time I saw Gone with the Wind in 1967(?)
  4. johnj92131

    Street Comanche clone

    I like that quote! Lots of truth there too.
  5. johnj92131

    Tranny swap

    Link in your signature did not show up till I signed in. Anyone else notice this issue? Using my cell phone's wifi hotspot with my laptop for internet access.
  6. johnj92131

    One Week Anniversary Today

    x 2. Manche757, thanks for bring this thread to the top. Think I will try to share this thread with my son. He did not smoke till his Iraq tour of duty in 2004. He was 28 at that point. Still has that filthy habit. Damn, it has been 15 years soon. How time passes!
  7. johnj92131

    flowers for Don's funeral

    Pete, Exact accurate art work is not important right now. Had a Corvair Club buddy of close to 50 years pass last year. Part of the service display was a rendering of Dick in a Corvair drawing. That association was what was important, not the accuracy of the Corvair drawing. Lets all remember that this is a celebration of Don's life. Just my humble and respectful observation.
  8. johnj92131

    flowers for Don's funeral

    PayPal sent. Thanks for doing this Pete
  9. johnj92131

    Info for Don's funeral this Saturday

    Knucklehead, Think Don would be quite pleased to see you taking care of business. So don't worry about it. Us old guys enjoy seeing younger people grow and mature. Be they our kids or other kids.
  10. johnj92131

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    HATE going the the DMV here in California. Costs at least 4 hours out of the day. For registration, plates and most stuff The AAA is very well worth the money.
  11. johnj92131

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    See this link: https://fswerks.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205742378-What-engine-do-I-have-Ford-Focus-engine-types- My late wife got a new 1998 Ford Escort ZX2, think it had the same engine and 5 speed. Reliable car as long as she had it. Gave it to sister-in-law in 2004. Her idiot husband kept driving it after overheating and destroyed the engine in 2012.
  12. johnj92131

    One of our own is down

    Sad news, Don will be much missed here on the forum. I enjoyed learning from his experiences and buying and selling things with Don. My condolences to the family.
  13. johnj92131

    Buying a house...

    Knucklehead, Not to worry, you are learning important lessons about housing. Most important, you are looking at the LOCATION of your rental and its neighborhood. Much more important than just how much $$ it cost. Lots of people offering junk for lots of money out there. Cars and housing both. A smart landlord is not just looking for top dollar rent only. It is the long term costs that are/should be important to the landlord. I for one am willing to offer good value rent pricing in exchange for a good tenant who takes care of the property. Over time, I have found that gives the best return for me. Find a well cared for house at a fair price, not a cheap price, pay the rent on time. And when you have an issue with the house a good landlord will fix it promptly. But don't be a pain on small crap. Take care of it yourself. Believe it of not, Anita had one tenant - a female college professor - who expected us to change her light bulbs. NO, we are not doing that. Same lady asked us to feed her cat while she was on Vacation. Did that once, for her. But never again. After 2 years, Anita did not renew the lease. Any wonder why? The lady tenant was a pain in the back side. Paid her rent on time, but a pain in the U No What. BTW, she also got fired from the University, because she was a PAIN.
  14. johnj92131

    Buying a house...

    Yes, don't expect the landlord to provide a refrigerator/washer/dryer in San Diego. Do expect a range, oven and a dishwasher. All fairly standard. Also expect to pay $2200 a month (minimum) for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo and more for the same size house. Hey - San Diego is not Alabama or most of the rest of the country. That said, both Anita and I have been willing to provide a refrigerator, if the tenant asks. But if it breaks in 5 years, well, buy your own new one.
  15. johnj92131

    Buying a house...

    Knucklehead, The bank is not your buddy! They want to cover their investment. No more and no less. But they will be flexible, because the know the market is flexible (unlike ). My last purchase was sold for $680K, just before the Great Resession. The bank offered it at $479K for the first 30 days. Then they dropped the asking price to $429K. We purchased it at $425K Remember, I live in San Diego. It is a hugely different market from any place in Alabama.