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  1. I used Grand Cherokee seats in my old 91 Comanche. So much more comfortable than any XJ/MJ buckets. Also used the tilt forward mechanism from 95+ XJ 2 door seats in the Grand Cherokee seats for full tilt function. There is a how to in the DIY section.
  2. Understand. There has to be a reason why the screws need to be retightened.
  3. Eagle, Just some comments re aluminum wiring. My understanding is that the issue with aluminum wiring is related to oxidation rather than clamping force. The fix is conductive grease to prevent corrosion from starting and reltightening the screws holding the wire in place
  4. Pete, My thought: Try replacing the battery on the mother board with a new one. Easy and cheap.
  5. Use the search function for "BRAKES" and you will find better answers. Also, check on the DYI forum. There is an index in the first thread:
  6. I sent Kyle an email last Friday asking the question. Got this answer on Monday: Hey John, Thanks for the response. My piece will focus on Jeep's new Gladiator pickup. Much of its success rides on the fact that it is vastly different from trucks made by Ford, Chevy and company. I'm basically wondering what that "differentness" is and what does the brand mean to collectors and die-hard fans, such as yourself. Do you know of any members that are really excited about the Gladiator and plan to buy one? Let me know what you think. Best, Kyle Is anyone here looking to buy a Gladiator? I am not.
  7. johnj92131


    Sent Kyle an email with my phone number last night. I will report back when he responds.
  8. johnj92131


    Guys, we need to cut down on these posts. We are showing the world a side of us we really should not want to show. Old saying,: "you can not judge a book by it's cover". Why are we showing so much hostility to a fellow who just wants to ask us a few question about our passion for old Jeeps? If you don't want to talk to the guy - No Problem, just don't talk to him. But to trash the guy for asking politely??? I just don't get it.
  9. johnj92131


    I have no problem with talking to a writer. Had done it a couple of times in my life.
  10. My thoughts - milk the XJ out, as is, for what ever time you can. Put your money in a newer Daily Driver and just scrap the XJ. Way too much time to part it out for a small, slow return of money.
  11. Know what you mean. I am a week short of my 71st birthday. Pete, thanks for the reminder! Now have 100 km on this tank of diesel. So far, no issues starting the truck at all since it was back from the shop.
  12. Picked up the truck from the shop today. They had it for the week and it started every single time. Next time it happens, I will throw a jumper across the starter relay and see what happens. So it is keep the jumper wire in the truck and drive it till it happens again.
  13. Hey guys. I know Pete didn't set an amount because he wants everyone who wants on to have one. I respectfully suggest $10 or $20 if you can. If not, no problem. Just ask Pete for one!! JJ
  14. Definitely less expensive to stay with stock! The 4.0 is a great engine.
  15. Great picture of Mt. Shasta. Always a great view of the mountain when going north on I-5 to northern Calif. Shasta is 14,186 feet high and an active volcano last erupted in 1786
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