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  1. Pete, Pick your parents up at San Diego, not L.A. San Diego is refreshingly different from Los Angeles, much more tourist friendly and frankly more interesting. Remember, I grew up in Southern California. Next your map is too small to see exactly why your are going up I-5 in central California. But I-5 out of L.A. is not tourist friendly trip. Perhaps you are planning to visit Yosemite National park? I would suggest you take U.S. 101 or the Pacific Coast Hwy out of L.A. to California State Highway 1. Right up the edge of the California coast. Spectacular drive. I can offer more specific suggestions if you are interested.
  2. johnj92131

    XJ Gladiator?

    Looks like a stock XJ wheelbase, no? Not sure if I like it but, very interesting. Have to say I like the Dakota 131 inch wheel base better than the 119 inch long bed Comanche wheelbase.
  3. Personally, I have thought about it for years. My truck is a long bed with a SnugTop shell. Several years ago I pulled the SnugTop off and tied it up in the Garage. Found that better for my Home Depot or Lowe's runs. Your mileage may vary. Look up some pictures of Don's truck to see a classy shell top rack.
  4. Talk to the wife and listen to her! Be smart! Much better that she is deeply involved in the project when you're spending household $$. Even when I thought it was my own $$, she didn't always agree with me. A good paint job is a bunch of money. Best to have wife buy in!!! My last paint job was $3k + and I picked the same color she got on her new car. No muss, no fuss. We had a household account and our own personal accounts to do whatever we want to do. But I still think it's smarter to let her pick the color.
  5. Costco sells a nice sturdy rack that has 5 shelves, 24 inches deep, 4 ft wide and 6 ft tall. Cost is about $60 I have 9 or 10 of them in my garage. Also have a bakers rack similar to the above picture, but it rolls on wheels.
  6. Would love to get that instrument cluster and all the diesel badges on that XJ. My Comanche Diesel has the Canadian instrument cluster in Kilometers and missing most of the diesel badges. Send me a p.m. if you can help me out. Thanks, John
  7. How about a tour of Graceland. Elvis Presley's old home. Never been there, but the first thing I thought of about Memphis. I am guessing you are driving to Memphis? Plan your route thru Bowling Green, KY and visit the Corvette National Museum. It is really a neat place to see!
  8. Brandon, I know from our off line conversations you are doing an amazing number of things right now. You are renovating an old house with lots of help from your dad. You work nights 11 hours a day! You have a 1 year old child who is just going to start to be a really fascinating person to watch grow in the next year or two. Don't think your better half works, but don't know. Do know she treats you well and puts up with your Jeep stuff like a good woman. Just looked up median income for Terra Haute, Indiana. In 2018 it was $43843. So you are really making a good living in your area. Try something else and you will start at the bottom of the ladder. Do you know the Beetles old song "Money can't buy me Love"? Well that may well be true, but lack of money can give us all kinds of problems. So my suggestion is to keep your Main job at the best shop in town. Cut down or suspend your custom Jeep welding projects. I know a lot here will not like me saying that. BUT too darn bad to all of them. it is the easiest way to make family time. That 1 year old is going to be fantastic to watch learn and grow in the next 2 years. Don't miss it. I loved watching the wheels turn in Anita's only grandchild at that age. I could see her putting thoughts together and puzzeling out solutions. What a real Joy. Finish the new house, get moved in and start enjoying the family thing. Buy your family that Toyota 4 Runner so you don't have to keep working on cars just to keep them running. Give some thought to going back to College. Look hard and an Engineering Program. Bottom line for engineers is that they solve problems. Clearly you like solving Jeep problems! So look hard at an Engineering degree. Besides your company employs many Engineers. They may be willing to support you with tuition assistance. That sure helps pay for school. I started college to avoid the Viet Nam draft. Had no other clue why I was there and did not do well. Then Dropped out. My employer at the time encouraged me to go back to school at near 40 years old. So I completed a Business Administration degree program in 1992 at age of 44. My GPA was 4.0 and I was a heck of a lot better student than when I was 18 or 19. Never really used the degree, but it was a huge ego boost and let me tell both my kids that if I could work 60+ hours a week and still get straight A's, they could sure put more effort into school work. My Son Graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara. Daughter started a family and got her Hubby to go back to school. Today he is a very successful Software Engineer making 150k+ (but that is California money, not Indiana money} Sorry to speak publicly like a Dutch Uncle. But you did post asking for comments, right? JJ
  9. Wonderful deal.. congratulations
  10. Another example of a guy who got into a long term project and can nolonger finish the job. Too bad. But it is over priced in my opinion. He should just pay Northwest Diesel to finish the job. Probably another 5k or more. The MB engine is as reliable as the sunrise. But the VW TDI engine is a better, more modern, and lighter choice.
  11. Had a long phone call with the owner of this Jeep. I am seriously impressed by the work he has put into the truck. Said he could get the whole interior redone in Arizona for under $400. That is a really great price. Engine has only 13 or so miles on it. A/C lines need to be hooked up and the all newly powder coated air cleaner parts need to be put back on.. Reason for selling it I can totally understand. I am 71 and sepent 4 days in hospital till Christmas Day, Then took a fall on 12/28 at a restaurant walking out of the bathroom.. Knocked out for a while, paramedics transported me to hospital. Kept me for 8 hours just to watch becasuse i was just put on blood thinners. Fortunately, all is well wit me for now. Seller had a motorcycle crash and a good recovery only to get hit in a crosswalk a bit later. His recovery has been a slow process, but I think he is dowing well now. He is similar to my age. And it seems we both should unwind our projets as we get older. I urge any of you who may have an interest in this truck to take a very hard look at it. His price is VERY reasonable for all the work that has gone into this truck. So please don't try to screw him over on the price. I will buy the truck at full price, just to spite you! My Grandson is a factory trained Jeep mechanic, so I am sorely tempted to have him finish up the truck, but his mom, my daughter may have me committed to a mental institution for a while If I buy another car project. (Hope i am joking, but who knows). Also, I think the truck has Koni shocks on the front. If you don't know what Koni shocks are you need to do serious Google research. They're true World Class performance shocks. Gives me a lot of confidence in his work quality. Up I have had one set on my old VW Passat TDI and a new set on my 67 Corvair. They are Top of the line shocks and you can get your old ones rebuilt. He has even fabricated several special tools to rebuild the Renault Diesel. Hate to sound like a Shill, but I really am impressed. Regards, John Jackson
  12. Hope this truck has had a Non Op filed since 2013. If not, then the DMV fees will close to double the asking price for this truck. Also have to wonder about why it was parked in 2013? Did it even ""run when parked"?
  13. Azdiesel, Please see my P.M and my responses to your CraigslisT AD. Thanks for your reply. JJ
  14. 2 years only in the MJ, 86&87. 3 years in the XJ, 85, 86,& 87. 85 hp and about 135 lb/ft torque ( from my memory) 12 lbs max boost. indirect fuel injection. EPA mpg for the 2wd XJ was 28/31. Should be about the same for the MJ. Frankly,it will take a long, long time to save any $$ with the Diesel. I could get 24+ mpg with the old 4.0 Auto 1991 on the highway. My TDI Comanche can be turned for more low end torque that the 4.0. is The clutch is the weak spot. 170+ hp and 325 lb/ft torque at the wheels. Dialed it beak to 285 lb/ft and 162 hp. 25 psi boost by 1500 rpm. Split the factory intercooler. Plan to replace it with a new welded aluminum intercooler. Anyone interested in a factory Diesel Comanche should look very hard at this truck
  15. Getting stuff from Europe is not too hard. Freight is a bit of$$, but parts are there. Some U.S . Vendors price them like Platinum.
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