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  1. No issue for me either. Rather was reminded I could have purchased a mid 60's Ferarri for about twice the price of that Chevelle at the time. Talk about, could've should've? What is your guess on min value for early/mid 60's Ferrari? But truth is I didn't and would have sold it for a few $$ profit
  2. Looks good, but not an exotic car, IMHO. Maybe that's because we looked at buying it new, back in the day.
  3. Link to DIY forum pictures and how to: Link to Ebay source: https://www.ebay.com/str/euramtecpartsautorvcoachtruck This should take care of you.
  4. Think the S10 is very close. Just a bit short in height department. Otherwise should be fine. The Wildenest she'll for my long bed Comanche diesel came from an S10
  5. About 8+ years ago, my 91 Comanche was labeled a salvage title after an accident. I was required to go to a State brake and light station for inspection and proper headlight adjustment. One of the best things that happened to the truck. Eventually installed TruckLite LED lamps after Don's review. The proper aiming was great on several transcontinental road trips. Do the relay light harness upgrade and get lights properly aimed with an Optical Aiming Machine. You will love the results. Currently working to upgrade headlights on a 1967 Corvair project. New halogen E-Code head lamps, new 10 gauge wire to battery, new relay harness and fresh State certificate for aiming headlights. For the TDI Comanche diesel, I have a set of E-CODE Hella's I purchased from Don 2 years ago. And, yes they will be aimed correctly also.
  6. As Jeremy posted above. The answer is NO. Taking everything from an XJ is one solution. Think Jeremy used <96 doors, not 97+ doors. So to do the 97+ doors may be a little different. Don posted a number of time a schematic diagram to simply make the required harness, which is what Don did. Keep in mind the <96 power mirror harness has a 2 wire plug and the 97+ power mirror harness has 3 wires (could have it backwards?). Not a big deal, there is a posted solution in the DIY section.
  7. I want power windows, door locks and power mirrors. And it doesn't hurt that I still need to rekey my existing doors to match the ignition switch. Forgot about that. Also, 97+ power windows are much cheaper to fix right than the 96> power windows. Lots of small upgrades in the 97+ doors
  8. Just my opinion and it is worth all you paid for it! I like the idea of the 97+ doors for the one piece window. But can not see any actual value in the newer front clip. Also, I have a complete XJ Waggy front with the 4 headlamps stashed in the garage. If I ever get around to painting the Diesel Comanche, I may use the Waggy front. But those old 4 lamp headlights do not perform very well at all. In the end, it's your truck and your money. So whatever turns you on!
  9. Filled the fuel tank for the first time since January 30, 2019 today. Took 20.976 gallons. Odometer say I traveled 982 km since January 30 fill up. Applying my GPS verified correction 111.7 means a real 879.1 km or 546.27 miles That is 26.04 mpg for this tank of mostly around town short driving. Cost of diesel was 3.999 per gallon, $83.88 at the pump. Comes out to $.1535 per mile for fuel cost.
  10. "Think" any 1996 and earlier Cherokee XJ will give you the cable controls you want. The XJ may also be the easiest source for a plenum box that works and fits the space. Understand there are some slight differences between XJ and MJ units. But a good XJ unit is better than no MJ unit, right?
  11. Pete, You are SO RIGHT about the payback. Just did a quick calculation. Assume 20 mpg in a 4.0 and 32 mpg in the TDI. (These numbers make the calculation easier). Right now, both RUG and D2 are about $4/gal. RUG costs me about 20 cents per mile. Diesel costs me about 12.5 cents per mile. Saving me Seven and a half cents per mile. So after 100,000 miles I will save $7500 in fuel costs. Still way short of what this project has cost at this point. More important, at 4K or 5K miles per year, the payback is 20 to 25 YEARS or more. My original plan was to use the diesel and the Wildernest Camper for a road trip to Alaska. But the car thief got rid of the Wildernest. Still have a SnugTop, which can work. But no where near as nice as the Wildernest. Oh well, that is life.
  12. Don't know yet is the short answer. Just have not driven it enough to track it. Trying to fix that situation now by driving it more now that I have the random no start problem solved with a new battery a couple of months back. One thing I did do to be able to get an accurate fuel economy number was to a 100 km GPS measured drive and compare it to what my trip odometer reading was. The trip odometer read 111.7 km for the actual 100 km my phone based GPS. That gives me a correction factor for the next time I fill up with diesel. Frankly, I was surprised that the odometer was that far off. When I checked the speedometer accuracy on the same drive with the GPS - the speedometer was dead nuts on. With the speedo reading 100 kph, my GPS said 99 to 101 kpm. Same thing at 110 kpm - accurate to less than the with of the speedometer needle. I will be checking it again before I run this tank of fuel out. I intend to run the 23 gallon tank to as close to empty as I reasonably can. Hopefully, that will be an 18 to 20 gallon fill and a very good reading of fuel economy.
  13. Very nice work and well documented. Thanks for sharing. A couple of questions. First, I "assume" the rental house is empty and that you are rehabbing the place prior to renting it out? Second, again "assume" all those Dewalt tools were a rental expense on the tax return! Sure looks like you need them for the rental! Hey, let Uncle Sam help you when every you can, right?
  14. Quick update on the TDI Comanche Diesel: 280 km so far on this tank of fuel. Only 180 km driving in the last 6+ weeks. BUT, zero starting problems in just very short trips close to home. So the new battery fixed my starting issue. Today, I am taking the truck on its longest trip to date. 200 mile round trip to Orange County. My plan is to use the phone GPS to check the calibration of the truck odometer. Once that is done, we will be able to calculate accurate MPG for this tank of fuel. There is one issue with the truck that needs attention before too long. The stock Jeep factory intercooler is starting to split open at the seam. No doubt because of the 26 psi boost on the TDI engine compared to the 10-12 psi boost on the factory Renault turbodiesel. I need to pull off the intercooler and send it to Matt Whitbread. He will make an all aluminum exact replacement intercooler for me and the problem will be solved. All for now.
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