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  1. Definitely my 1986 factory Turbo Diesel Comanche! Towed the 86 Turbo Diesel from Vancouver Island to northern Michigan to have a VW TDI transplanted into the 86 Comanche. TDI turbo boost split the original Jeep intercooler's crimped plastic sides. New all aluminum intercooler is being fabricated now.
  2. Can't beat the price I got on the 3 year lease. Zero down and $254/month. Was paying way more for monthly repairs on the 91 MJ.
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    X 2. Love the Bosch
  4. Pete, How much did you pay for the last bunch of poster? Would help to know
  5. Been getting work done on my 67 Chevrolet Corvair. Gutted the interior, found rust in drivers side front floor. Purchased a patch panel and the car is in the shop getting the patch installed. Most of the rest of the inside is just surface rust, cleaned and coated with 3 coats of Por-15. Also had all seats recovered with replacement stock upholstery. Sound insulation goes in next then new carpet, headlier, etc. Comanche Content: Matt Whitbread, his girlfriend and Matt's 2 8 year old nieces stop by last Thursday on the way to visit family in San Diego. Had a great time watching the girls play in the yard. Once I finish the 67 Corvair, it will be back to the Comanche TDI Matt took the plastic inter cooler from the TDI Comanche home with him and will make an all aluminum replacement. The stock plastic inter-cooler was not up to retaining the 25 psi boost of the VW TDI engine. Plastic end split open. Hope to see this in a month or so. Then I had a water intrusion problem with a rental I own. Still dealing with that. Carpet is trashed, had 1.5 inches of water in the living room. $2900 in just clean up costs so far. More to come when we repair the damage. Still dealing with the COVID-19 lock down, Stay safe all of you. But a good time to get some things done. JJ
  6. He made it for me. Got it powder coated along with the bumper Brandon made for me. Still sitting in my garage wrapped in plastic from the powder coater. Plan was to use it on my 91 Long Bed Metric Ton for a trip to Alaska. Life has a way of changing your plans. The 91 LB became a huge money pit, so it was given away to a charity. My 86 TDI Comanche was stolen and recovered minus the WilderNest camping shell, but the plastic sides of the stock intercooler could not live with the boost pressure of the TDI turbo. An identical version of the factory intercooler is now being made of all aluminum. Should have no issues with 25+ psi boost. That will get me to at least 320 lbs/ft of torque at 1900 rpm. Full boost comes at 1500 rpm.
  7. Jeremy, Good to hear you are doing better. All the best to you. JJ
  8. Brandon and the better half. Sounds like you both had a nice birthday! Congrats. How is the little one doing?
  9. 240 in the garage is nice. Cost me a grand to upgrade the electric service of my spa and the garage.. But well worth it. Dumped the electric stove and the electric double oven at the same time. So that saved me another $3K. When a long term tenant moved out of Alita's rental, we discovered someone had been stealing electricity to support a 12 x 16 shed grow room More importantly, they left bare, exposed live wires. Local utility pulled their power wires and she had to spend $4K to fix the issues. I put a new floor in the shed/grow room..
  10. Very interesting place! Loved the 2 Studebaker Avanti's. My first car was a 1953 Studebaker. Don Hornbrod owned a 63 Avanti at one point. It is a long way from San Diego, but I will keep it in mind for my next transcontinental road trip.
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    Please do close the thred
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    Not sure you and I are on the same wavelength JJ
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    Pete, This has been a very gentile and polite discussion. I commend all participants for their own civil contribution to the discussion. If I understand correctly, we generally agree that "nuts" or "psychos" are a huge issue. So my next question is what can we do about them? What's wrong with universal background checks? No, it is not a 100% safety net. But it should catch a few, right? JJ
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    All, Thanks for your thoughtful replies! JJ
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