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  1. Junkdealz, Freight is the killer on seats and large trim items. Your drivers seat bottom is torn. So both seats have to be recovered. For me, I can not see you making any money on the seats. The truck you are showing is an 86 to early 87. Not much of a market, sorry to say.
  2. johnj92131

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    Measured one years ago. Looked like it would fit on my long bed with the trailer hitch.
  3. johnj92131

    Higher crawl ratio? 150:1?

    How about just using a 4:1 ratio in your 2nd 231 and keeping the 3.55 final drive? My math says it gets you a 147:1 ratio.
  4. johnj92131

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    Ford F-150 rear 19 gallon tank will fit in place of spare tire. Mid 90's trucks. Use a Y in the Camanche stock filler to fill both tanks. Use the rear tank only for your heater
  5. johnj92131

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    Why do you want dual tanks on a Comanche with a TDI engine conversion? 10 years ago, I thought it would just be a cool idea. Here is a link to an old discussion: https://comancheclub.com/topic/12482-second-gas-tank-in-an-mj/ The TDI engine gives you a good 30 mpg and the 23.5 gallon tank gives you a very comfortable 600 mile range before you need to think about refilling with diesel. My bladder will require a pit stop long before 600 miles. With my 96 Passat TDI, I have actually done 1200+ miles on a single tank with personal pit stops along the way. The TDI conversion works very well on the Comanche! Here is a link: https://comancheclub.com/topic/52550-86-diesel-mj-to-vw-tdi-conversion/
  6. johnj92131

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    I have looked at adding a 2nd gas tank to the Comanche for 10 years. Finally decided it was not worth the work. One member here has installed a stock 18 gallon tank on the passenger side to supplement the stock 23.5 gallon fuel tank. So it can be done.
  7. johnj92131

    Manual Window Regulator for a '91

    Answer is yes. Cherokee 4 door is identical. Google will lead you to multiple purchase sources.
  8. johnj92131

    Sun Visor

    Here you go. See this post: https://comancheclub.com/topic/55818-visor-wo-clearance-lights-80-harrisburg-pa/
  9. johnj92131

    Rookie to rust

    Cut it out! Weld in fresh metal. Use seam sealer. Your guy in TJ should be able to take care of it for a very reasonable price. I still want to see your paint job in person. May ask your guy to paint my 86 TDI Diesel.
  10. johnj92131

    '93 AX15 ZJ

    Really like the wheels and 235/75 x 15 tire combination. Have exactly the same combination on both of my Comanches. Nice to see this truck in the hands of someone who appreciates it!
  11. johnj92131

    MJ interior swaps.

    My 91 has the tilt column and column shift. Had the slop problem fixed 10 years ago and have not used the tilt wheel feature since. Just about a useless feature in my not so humble opinion.
  12. johnj92131

    Temp. Registration and a neighbor.

    Yes, that is part of the reason I belong to the Auto Club of Southern California - their DMV services are SO much quicker and smoother. Unfortunately, because the Comanche had a British Columbia title, the Auto Club is not permitted to handle out of U.S. titles. I had to go to the DMV. Same issue if your want a "Real ID" Drivers License, you have to go the the DMV. I will not bother with a "Real ID" license. Instead have my U.S. Passport card to board domestic air craft and a U.S. Passport for International travel.
  13. johnj92131

    Temp. Registration and a neighbor.

    At the end of the day, I havey new plates, current registration and tags. Tooke 2 visits and 6 hours of waiting. Half the waiting was my fault for not bringing the complete paperwork. Picture of new California plate will follow when I get home.
  14. johnj92131

    Temp. Registration and a neighbor.

    Sure hope you're correct Bo and Don. It just sucked to think a neghbor on my short street needed to do that. So I have been waiting at DMV for an hour and 15 minutes so far. I am #22 and they are serving #7 now.
  15. johnj92131

    Temp. Registration and a neighbor.

    Inside rear window.