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  1. Give it time.... before you know it, you'll have 3 MJs, a couple XJ donors, you'll be able to just go pull one from "stock".... Actually, I think If you look around, you should be able to find a decent used one for under a hundred bucks. Or your first whole donor for one or two hundred more....
  2. 64 Cheyenne

    Proto tools

    Good mechanic doesn't really care what name is on the tool, just that he gets desired results from it. Wouldn't be the first time that the "cheepo" got the job done when the high$$$ stuff couldn't....All day long, in my job, all I do is fix stuff, from steel to plastic to rebar, cars or electrical whatever it might be just another situation needing a different tool, sometimes the "high dollar tool" is just a BFH....git er done!
  3. Our Cheyenne belief is to not cry for our pets when they leave us, we believe they left us to take the place of another family member, who would have died otherwise. (Honestly, when Mojo passed, I cried like a baby) So sorry for your loss
  4. As the title says, on a 91 4.0. Entrusted someone to replace the balancer, clearly schooled them how to do it with a longer "starter" bolt... Well the job didnt get done, when I went to finish it myself, I found they stripped the bolt in the end of the CS..... any suggestions?
  5. IF a new warrantied part was available, they would only warranty if you could PROVE that you replaced the master cyl and line along with the slave. On another note, whats the age and condition of the master cyl? Do you know about the horror stories of leakage onto the fuse box from a failed slave cyl?
  6. In my shop, 3ton stands only go under cars, 6 ton stands are for Jeeps and pick up trucks.
  7. Shot in the dark, but how about TPS? Did you get it wet or otherwise mess with it lately?
  8. I would say safe, as long as you have a different brand of jack stands with higher capacity...
  9. I wouldn't do this ever, good way to bend a shift rail, finish the tranny off for good, unless you good for a rebuild or replacement. From what I've read, it doesn't seem you've figured the problem out yet, so I would take it easy on the tranny, you don't want to compound the problem by causing damage to an otherwise possibly good tranny. Me, I pretty much always shift into first, (with correct clutch disengagement), (or any other forward gear) before I go to reverse, because the forward gears have synchros and reverse does not, in doing so, it stops the trannys rotation and reverse drops rig
  10. LOTS of drinking was always going on up there when I was stationed at Cartoon...got my fair share of stories, and some of them were mine. Sad
  11. When I was a kid, we had a Willys Knight...
  12. If you still have this ^^^ I recommend you delete it. Eliminate a possible problem area, which the factory did anyway with the in later XJ years
  13. I'd like to note one thing. If you don't want to remove the head, you don't have to. They make a hose adapter that you can screw into the spark plug hole that pressurizes the cylinder with an air compressor. It prevents the valves from dropping down into your cylinder. I would also suggest manually turning the crank to where the cylinder you're working on is at TDC. That should be double insurance. Or, you could likely do it that way without the use of air pressure. That air hose adapter is seen here: https://smile.amazon.com/Lisle-19700-Valve-Holder/dp/B000COC7ZU Old guy showed
  14. It's not the freeze plug at the back of the head? And if it is there is a rubber plug that mechanically tightens until you can drive the proper metal one in. My next question, "hissing?"... sounds like you might have another issue going on to cause an overheating/over pressure condition. More info please... Open or closed system?
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