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  1. I love my LJ for what it's worth. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  2. I've been working a lot lately so this project has been slow going and will not be done for a while but at least I'm working on it. A few weeks back I started with drilling out all the spot welds. I picked up a set of Blair spot weld cutters and they worked really well. In a lot of instances, too well. I ended up punching all the way through in a few spots but it's to be expected, at least until I got the hang of it since this cutter was much more aggressive than others I've had. Tonight I was able to finish the last few spot welds, remove the door (necessary in order to gain more access to the outer rocker) and remove the outer rocker. Tomorrow if I have time I will fit the new rocker. Once I am able to get the rocker fitted, I will fill in those holes near the B pillar that I punched out unnecessarily since I had originally intended on removing much more of the rocker but found it to be too much of a PITA and the benefit wouldn't have been worth it since the metal wasn't rusted. Also, I'm going to clean up the inner rocker a bit and coat it with something. Not sure what. Probably won't go too overboard since it really isn't that bad to begin with. The floor will be a whole different animal. Looks like it's gonna be a giant pain in the a$$ but before I weld the new outer rocker in place I will get the floor fitted just in case it needs to be removed for any reason. After this side is done, I'll throw some primer on it and go to the other side. There isn't really much body work to be done besides this so as soon as both rockers and floors are done, I'll finish pulling the drivetrain and swapping in the new one (2.5 to 4.0).
  3. I like my Power Probe. You can energize circuits and stuff like that. On a different note, did you remove the tank and clean it out. Based on that pic you first shared of your old pump, you might have lots of crap in that tank. My tank, sending unit and pump were all toast when I bought mine so it all got replaced. If that is in good shape, I would start with the basics like testing the relay (YouTube or Google) and working my way back. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  4. Nice. Glad you were able to reacquire it. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  5. You might be overthinking it a little. Get a manual hand throttle and stick it on the shifter and ramp the RPMs up a little during heavy winching or just do it manually with your foot if you're able to stay in the cab ( not always the case). Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  6. That is awesome. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  7. They are pretty useful actually. I've had them on other vehicles and used them to move a vehicle off of a congested road one time. I'd leave them. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  8. I drove this truck daily up until recently when I decided to do a 4.0 swap. Mileage is accurate. I was able to verify it since I know the guy who owned since 1994. Anyways, I'd prefer to sell it all complete, rather than part it out. $300 for all of it. Engine will not have accesories. Fluids are already drained also. No pics but will get them soon since I haven't pulled it out just yet. It is just sitting in the truck ready to be lifted out. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  9. What inner rockers did you use? Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  10. How's the rust on it? Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  11. No, I'm referring to the panel that is wedged imbetween the floor and outer rocker on the can. Thanks, though.
  12. Are you guys modifying XJ inner rockers for MJs? I haven't been able to find an inner specifically for the MJ. Thanks
  13. I've got one...pretty common. 4cyl equipped Jeeps had em. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  14. I think that will be what I end up doing. Going with aftermarket floor pans and then cutting out little odds and ends from the XJ. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
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