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  1. i respect the work they put into it but it just doesn't seem right.
  2. it would have to be at minimum a 87, i don't think the 4.0 was offered in 86
  3. snugtop shell for lwb. I bought this from a member here and had it delivered to my cousin who lives in Vegas but due to covid i cannot make it down to Vegas in a reasonable amount of time. These 2 pictures are all i have and ive been told its in good shape other than faded paint. I paid 300 for it and would like to make it back. It is currently In Las Vegas (89144) PM me and we can work something out.
  4. yeah i was really concerned it was a computer issue but i saw a decent deal on a reman injector so i decided to give it a shot and it worked perfectly.
  5. So I ended up putting a new fuel injector in and it finally started. I also messed around with ignition stuff and got it to run really smoothly
  6. what are these? ive never seen them before. Is it like a promotional thing?
  7. the fuel filter is brand new, i changed it right after it stopped running. I havent checked the inside of the tank because i filled the tank all the way up about 10 miles before it died.
  8. So my 86 2.5 hasn't been running for a little while and i can't seem to figure out why. It cranks over no problem and will fire with starting fluid but won't stay running. the fuel pump is sending fuel, i disconnected the line at the filter and when i turned it to run fuel started to come out but not much. Any ideas? could it be a weak fuel pump? i have a new fuel pump but my tank is full and ive been having a hard time trying to drain it. Any ideas? sorry if there is a thread with my same issue ive looked but i may have missed one.
  9. This might be a bit of a stretch but maybe she had something reflective shine up and leave a mark durring a hot bright day.
  10. i just did the same on my 2.5, one thing i would do is make studs to align the head onto the block. if your using new bolts just cut the heads off the old ones or what i did is bought some bolts from ace that had the same threads and cut the heads off, otherwise its a huge pain to get the head aligned without messing up the gasket. also having a friend to help put the head back on is a huge help, its heavy even for a 4 cylinder
  11. MontanaManche

    HUGE setback

    I'm my experience its just a gloomy place, whenever i go there it feels boring. maybe its nothing but ive never like going there.
  12. MontanaManche

    HUGE setback

    Its really nice here in montana, just stay away from butte and great falls and you'd be ok
  13. if it feels like the column itself is loose and bouncy you could check out this video from nickintimefilms. he goes really in depth on how to fix it ive seen some of the stuff he does he is really smart with old renix xj's and mj's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ-koHkpECI
  14. So a little while ago my fuel pump decided to go out on me, not really a huge issue but i filled up my tank all the way probably 20 miles before hand. Anyone know the best way to drain the gas tank safely? I tried siphoning it but i think there is some sort of anti siphon valve. Can i drain from the line with the fuel filter?
  15. if i remember i saw someone say Dakotas have longer rear break lines, i think they said 97 but I'm not sure. you could always get a few lines that look right from the junkyard and test them, if one works buy a new one and throw it on there.
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