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  1. So a little while ago my fuel pump decided to go out on me, not really a huge issue but i filled up my tank all the way probably 20 miles before hand. Anyone know the best way to drain the gas tank safely? I tried siphoning it but i think there is some sort of anti siphon valve. Can i drain from the line with the fuel filter?
  2. if i remember i saw someone say Dakotas have longer rear break lines, i think they said 97 but I'm not sure. you could always get a few lines that look right from the junkyard and test them, if one works buy a new one and throw it on there.
  3. Excited to see more progress on the build. If your going for a charcoal grey paint I personally really like the RAM granite crystal metallic, I have a cousin with a Cummins with the color and its really nice.
  4. https://helena.craigslist.org/for/d/columbus-jeep-comanche-4x4/7112936643.html definitely far gone as far as the body goes, might be good to seal the interior, taillights, and drivetrain though . if its still available after i sell my dodge i might buy it and part it out.
  5. you could try rockauto, idk if they have good shipping for canada though
  6. This is awesome. ive always thought about buying a brand new truck and just keep running until it died but new trucks are more complicated for my liking. Excited to see how this restoration turns out!
  7. i don't know how it will sound but you can get cherry bomb glasspacks for pretty cheap at auto parts stores. Youtube is your best friend in this situation, thousands of videos of jeep with various exausts.
  8. making some custom brackets is probably your best bet. could make some templates out of cardboard and cut some steel or something similar. If your don't want to mess with fabrication you could talk to a fab shop and they could make some brackets, expensive though.
  9. i don't even know what i think about this, with how much he spend on bondo he could've got another truck.
  10. You could try a combination of ratchet straps and pry bars.
  11. Looking good! Good luck with the project, what are your plans with it?
  12. i just did, he seems to have a hard time getting rid of it so if this quarantine is over soon he will hold on to it for me. thanks for the find!
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