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  1. I use an 18v Milwaukee one. Definitely a more expensive option, I think my dad and I bought it for around 400. But with that price comes quality and power, I've never had a bolt I couldn't break loose and neither my dad or I never had a Milwaukee tool fail yet other than one drill that had a bad clutch which Milwaukee rebuilt for free. If your already invested in a certain cordless battery system I would stick to that though.
  2. C.R Lawrence sells a new sliding rear window. I can't say on how good it is I haven't got one yet.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to plan out the future for my truck and I'm having a hard time choosing between engine swap options. Currently I have the 2.5 and it works ok if I don't need to go too fast but it's definitely not gonna be powerful for the future of this truck. I eventually plan on putting bigger tires and I want to be able to tow a 2000-5000lbs camper trailer around the country. On one hand the LS is super common and offers plenty of power especially for the price you can get them used. On the other hand the r2.8 is a brand new engine with really good fuel economy and plenty of torque. I have seen a 2.8 put into one comanche but information on it is super scarce other than a short article I found. I really really like the idea of the 2.8 but I'm worried it won't have the power to pull a trailer and I can't find much information on how well it tows. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  4. Put in a new steering box and spacer only to find out my truck was wondering because the track bar was hand tight lol Also got some cab vent housings with new rubber from eBay. Probably gonna have to replace the frames with some other ones at some point these ones look like they were in/near a fire so the little posts that hold the rubber are warped and don't hold onto all the rubber super well. I also tried the topper out a few weekends ago when i went camping with it, no pictures but you can kinda see my cot from the picture with the steering box. Definitely worth the 5 hour trip for the topper, waaaaaaaaaaaay better than a tent.
  5. yeah the intake bolts were kinda loose but not much, the hoses seemed fine.
  6. I kinda feel like an idiot for not checking this but it was that ground at the firewall, I put it off since I thought I already cleaned it up but I tried again and now its running super well. Thanks everyone for the help! I should probably start on your tips @cruiser54 haha
  7. seems to hold suction pretty good, also has a new ntk MAP. How should I go about checking those? brake cleaner while running?
  8. I'm also now getting a "Loop Fault Rich" code through my REM. according to his website that means the system is too rich to correct. Maybe fuel injector issue?
  9. I looked into the vaccum system and its super clogged with carbon. I'm gonna try and clean the vaccum lines out and see if that helps.
  10. Picked up a topper yesterday all the way in Spokane. I can't find the sellers profile but he is on here with a blue lwb on 1 tons and an LS, really nice guy.
  11. seems to run ok, it shakes quite a bit and it backfires around 2500 when cold. starts super well.
  12. So the other day I got a renix engine monitor from @NickInTimeFilms and its telling me my fuel mixture is super janky. when cold its very lean and warm its very rich. I forgot what the reading was when cold but it read 900-1000(mV?) from his website it seems like it should be closer to 500. I have a suspicion my rings are wasted so I'm not sure if that could cause the problem or i have something else going on. My tps and idle stepper motor seem to be adjusted right and I have a brand new o2 sensor. Not sure where to go from here.
  13. Got some more done over the past few weeks. Had to get a new tank because the baffle on the old one broke off and was flopping around in there and i didnt want to break my new sending unit I just put in there. Also had to repair my sending unit plug because the old one's retaining clip broke off. Also got a renix engine monitor, super nice to know what's going on. unfortunately its telling me my fuel mixture is super jacked up so ill need to figure that out. Also went for a cruise today and my shock fell off... luckily I was about 4 blocks from my bosses shop and he let me steal a bolt and I tightened both rear shocks, the top bolt was hand tight and was also about to pop off.
  14. Doesn't seem to fit the general theme of everything else that's been posted here but this is one of my more recent favorites.
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