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  1. Meant to add my truck to the registry long ago! 2.5, 5speed, sitting on dana 30/35. Bought last September here in Montana; currently residing in Missoula. Garaged atm until I get around to bringing engine back to life.
  2. so there is a god. Anyone have a good hypothesis on where they’d actually be sold online? carparts?
  3. I think I will. I found a spot to park it for the winter so she will live. In regards to your project, I’ve seem a few comanches pop up on cL and fb marketplace that would surely suit your needs. I’d peek around if you haven’t already. This is a good idea, I’ll be looking into it.
  4. My response was more to the guys that have been helping me out to trouble shoot my rig, etc. As of right now, I’m not keen on selling…prob going to try and wait out winter and continue with a planned motor swap, now that I have a place to store the truck. But I will keep you updated if things change if you’d like?
  5. Final update. Have determined at least two burnt valves so pretty much dead in the water rn. I live in apts at the moment so I can’t necessarily store it forever. Undecided what my nxt step will be. Would like to hold onto it until I can figure what to do with it but not sure how feasible that may be. Thank you all for the assistance to this post and the contributions to this vast source of information. It has helped me immensely.
  6. update: Took a few days to finally get to the bottom of this. No compression on cylinders 2 and 4. Only 50 on the other two. Not good news but closer to figuring this out. Tomorrow me and my buddy are going to open it up a bit more, chk the timing chain etc. Saying my prayers tonight.
  7. @eaglescout526 thx man, these pix are a big help. There is def some discrepancies in comparison to my truck. I’ll thoroughly go through the lines again and cross reference these pix tomorrow but right off the bat; the pvc valve doesn’t go directly to my airbox, there is a canister thing on the pvc air in, the two ports on the head of the tbi cover are open, the airbox has no hoses beside whats pictured inside/out, the hose I’m holding in the last picture was just sitting loose in my airbox when I first popped it open…
  8. Thoughts so far: -The day before the engine suddenly went mad, I did an oil change regular ol’ 10w30 and added some 4cylinder Restore additive (which I’ve used on i6’s before w good results). A little research uncovered that sometimes, albeit rare, it can mess w the sensors. It’s a shot in the dark for sure but I have extra oil so I’ll prob do a change tomorrow. -I’ve been leaning toward mechanical failure over vacuum leak bc of the abrupt change in performance but even though I went through pulling hoses, spraying around joint fittings and cluttered areas, etc., I do not have access to the correct tools to properly address this possibility. I assume there are leaks, due to the evidence of the previous owners work, I just don’t know if something small I missed would potentially be enough to cause such drastic effects. -It’s loud like an exhaust leak so I fear a leak in the exhaust manifold bc it seems like hell to replace. I tightened down the bolts on top but the rest seem inaccessible w/o tearing the whole intake, throttle body apart. -No blue smoke. No grey smoke. Coolant is good. -Can smell it’s running rich. -Only starts if I continuously pump the gas and keep it at high idle once started. It shakes violently and erratically. And stalls if it’s not getting gas. Though once warmed up it will idle low for a min before eventually stalling. -The screw to the isa was missing but I found one of the correct thread. The screw does not seem to affect the current performance of the engine in it’s current state. If anyone has any recommendation on what nxt step makes the most sense I’m all ears. Rn I am leaning toward a fuel/air situation causing misfire, etc. with the symptoms I’ve described. Could be a sensor issue. Could be vacuum. Kind of at a loss rn. Might get to borrow a fuel pressure gage soon so I could officially rule that out…hope to get it running soon bc it’s cold and rainy where I am and it’s not my favorite bike ride to work lol.
  9. I checked out the positives and everything looks fine (unless there is something I missed). I’ve gone through the vacuum lines and nothing seems to be causing such a dramatic effect. I have not checked the canister, possibly I can get to it tomorrow. With that said, the diagram on my truck doesn’t exactly seem to match what I’m looking at. Idk if po did a bunch of deletes or just forgot to reattach hoses. It would be immense help if I had a few pictures of a clean detailed picture of the 2.5 engine bay to cross reference.
  10. pipe is broken off right after the muffler and its hollowed out. I also thought maybe the cat is toast though I knock on it and don’t hear anything rattling around. Still a possibility…I might pull it out and take a look but it’s so rusted i’m afraid it’ll fall apart. (wasn’t planning on addressing it until i do an engine swap nxt spring)
  11. hey guys, thanks for the tips. Just got home from work and will try some things in the morning. I don’t have a way to legit test vacuum rn but maybe I could get my hands on something or squirt some carb cleaner around. I’ll try to do a more thorough check tomorrow of the vacuum lines tomorrow but truth be told, there are things just hanging disconnected since I bought it and even w the diagram it’s not easy to make sense of. I’ll also try to go through more of the electrical and see what turns up. the smoke coming up from under the manifold still concerns me but I’ll try to hunt down any vacuum leaks over the nxt couple days and report back
  12. There’s smoke coming out from below the manifold so a leaky gasket or cracked manifold has entered into the realm of possibilities. Is there a way to verify this before I tear everything apart? -coolant and oil seem fine will do
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