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  1. Good idea. I'll do it. Do I need any special tooling to replace, or just a wrench? I note a considerable range of prices for the sensor on rockauto. I wonder if there is a quality issue that makes the bosch worth twice as much?
  2. I can only answer a few of those questions. Drive train is stock. I have no info on the ratio. tires are 18" plugs, ignition wires, oil and filter, fuel and air filters are new. No tune up beyond that. IS there more I should do as far a a tune up goes?
  3. Not particularly. But it is an elderly vehicle with an unknown history (although I suspect it was used as a plow truck) and high mileage. I assume it has the original engine, but I can't prove it either way I just note the general lack of power and what I consider to be a low top speed, and I thought it would be appropriate to check it. I was doing my '92 volvo (190 lbs cold) and since I have never done the jeep.... (I note the hopelessly optimistic speedometer. This thing would not do 120 off a cliff with a tailwind....)
  4. cold and warm testing with compression guage. . 120 across the board, no change.
  5. Can anyone tell me what would be considered good compression on a 2.5 L engine?
  6. Thanks for that! I thought it a bit much, but that is why I asked.
  7. I picked up one of those plug into the cigarette type voltmeters for my 86 Comanche. I was surprised to see that the voltage seems to be averaging over 14.5 volts, with an observed high of 15.1 volts. Is this unusual? Is it a sign of an impending problem that I should address? I know the battery is good, and fully charged.....
  8. I'm not actually sure I WANT the door chime to work, mind you. But at least now I have a working ignition lock. Now I guess I am going to have to consider whether to upgrade the horn, which seems to bleat rather than honk. Not sure I want my badass truck to sound like a lamb..... :)
  9. Success! I got it in place, put the rest together, and everything works! (miracle of miracles!) T He hardest part was to get the turn signal mechanism into proper place, so that the switch worked in both directions. Thanks for the help!
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