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  1. That is damn depressing, since it looks to be rust free and pretty much all there, aside from the missing seat of course.
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    The thing that interested me the most was the hauling and towing capacities. 1500lbs in the bed, and up to 4000lbs towing if configured properly. Compare that to the Comanche ratings, and the lack of a proper bed, and I cannot say I am not a little disappointed. However, I am glad someone is trying to make small trucks again. Trucks feel too big these days.
  3. I will take a pair a well. Probably some other things I need to order from you as well, lol. Do you by chance know if they make concave mirrors for these? I would feel a lot better if I removed the glass, broken or otherwise, and had a better concave version ready to go in.
  4. Getting some real heavy Mad Max vibes off of these.
  5. 1987 Jeep Comanche (Trim unknown) I will have more pictures tomorrow, here is the listing I purchasedit from for now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341484192538182/permalink/4467838216569405/ And a photo of the VIN plate: 2.5L / AX-5 / N231? (Will know more tomorrow) / Dana 30 / Dana 35 / Short Bed. Build date: Sticker is worn down and has no information. Here is one photo I have. Current Location: Woodstock, IL Status: Person I bought it from found it in an abandoned storage unit they won in an auction in Des Mo
  6. I feel like I am asking this question a lot, but is there any reason to believe one of those 87-90 2.5 2WD speedometer cables will not fit my 86 2.5 2WD?
  7. Man, I had hope until I saw this was for 87-90. What is different about the 86 manifolds?
  8. How is progress coming along on this? I have an A/C one I would love to have refurbished and sent back, as I would like to keep the original. No rush, since I do not actually have working A/C right now, and wintet is done for now.
  9. Have you made any progress on this? I was removing my door panel today to replace my weather stripping, and my driver side is warped, ripped, does not hold all the trip clips.
  10. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my build, and wanted some feedback on my current drivetrain plans. I will start from the front and go back. Engine: I would like the build my 2.5L. The plan would be a stroker kit, cam, lifters, springs, porting, etc. All of it can be had for a reasonable price, and would yield 4.0 power and torque from the 2.5. Another Comanche owner has done this exact build here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1402616813111625/permalink/5363638673676066/ Front Axle: HP Dana 30. Nothing special, but I would like a Detroit TrueTrac limited slip in it. OR.
  11. That answers that question! It is backwards and upside down, but this confirms I have a 16 gallon tank, original to my truck at that. Following for possible modifications for that vent tube...
  12. Where is that plate ID you mentioned located on the tank? I was actually just looking at my 86 to see if it was a 16 or 23.5, since my sending unit is wonky. Good to know the 86 filler is also a different shape too. Excellent research on both the tank and send units!
  13. There are more in the engine bay to eliminate, so more wiring practice for me in the future. Papago and I did a lot of driving today. We went to Milwaukee to pick up a 2.5 from an 87 that was sitting in an 86 chassis. The owner was a cool dude; he threw in a bunch of new gaskets, a badge for the tailgate, and showed me how to remove the tailgate in about five seconds. Having a truck sure is handy for hauling things, like a spare engine and parts for said truck! Unfortunately, my power steering pump capped out just before I got there. Lucki
  14. Good to know. I have been looking into the WJ brake master upgrade, so this makes it that much easier to justify. Another quick update. I was disgusted with not getting anything to work today, so I decided 2 A.M. was a great time to replacemy oil pressure sensor and get my gauge working. It was not so simple of course. Removing and installing the sensor was easy actually; it was not stuck at all, probably due to oil leaking from the valve cover. Reconnect everything though, gauge is still dead. I followed the ground wire through the harness and find it disco
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