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  1. Have you made any progress on this? I was removing my door panel today to replace my weather stripping, and my driver side is warped, ripped, does not hold all the trip clips.
  2. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my build, and wanted some feedback on my current drivetrain plans. I will start from the front and go back. Engine: I would like the build my 2.5L. The plan would be a stroker kit, cam, lifters, springs, porting, etc. All of it can be had for a reasonable price, and would yield 4.0 power and torque from the 2.5. Another Comanche owner has done this exact build here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1402616813111625/permalink/5363638673676066/ Front Axle: HP Dana 30. Nothing special, but I would like a Detroit TrueTrac limited slip in it. OR.
  3. That answers that question! It is backwards and upside down, but this confirms I have a 16 gallon tank, original to my truck at that. Following for possible modifications for that vent tube...
  4. Where is that plate ID you mentioned located on the tank? I was actually just looking at my 86 to see if it was a 16 or 23.5, since my sending unit is wonky. Good to know the 86 filler is also a different shape too. Excellent research on both the tank and send units!
  5. There are more in the engine bay to eliminate, so more wiring practice for me in the future. Papago and I did a lot of driving today. We went to Milwaukee to pick up a 2.5 from an 87 that was sitting in an 86 chassis. The owner was a cool dude; he threw in a bunch of new gaskets, a badge for the tailgate, and showed me how to remove the tailgate in about five seconds. Having a truck sure is handy for hauling things, like a spare engine and parts for said truck! Unfortunately, my power steering pump capped out just before I got there. Lucki
  6. Good to know. I have been looking into the WJ brake master upgrade, so this makes it that much easier to justify. Another quick update. I was disgusted with not getting anything to work today, so I decided 2 A.M. was a great time to replacemy oil pressure sensor and get my gauge working. It was not so simple of course. Removing and installing the sensor was easy actually; it was not stuck at all, probably due to oil leaking from the valve cover. Reconnect everything though, gauge is still dead. I followed the ground wire through the harness and find it disco
  7. Spent the last few weeks researching some of the problems with my truck, how to fix them, and parts I may need. Made a big RockAuto order, and a Team Cherokee one for good measure, and waited for it all to arrive. I have not gotten around to getting photos of it all, but one of my problems has been high idle when warm (between 1500 and 2000 RPM), and trouble idling on cold start unless I give it a little gas for about ten seconds. Mileage has naturally suffered a little as well, with less than 20 MPG unless it is straight highway miles. I know there is a vacuum leak, af
  8. While I was waiting for parts to put the steering column back together, curiosity led me to looking at a few other things that needed fixing. The trip meter in my cluster was not working, and the reset bar felt like it was jammed as well. So I found a handy article for disassembly and took it apart. What I learned is that the springs in the gears have a bend in them that prevents them from turning both ways freely. They can wear out over time, and need to be bent back into place I spent a long time messing with them, but unfortunate
  9. Seems like I need it to snow to get me to post updates, lol. We have had some good weather here since my last one, which allowed me to get the steering column put back together and actually drive Papago on a daily basis. I only have a couple photos, since I was focused on getting everything back together and working properly. I had to spend a while getting the rod that activates the high beam switch to actually work from the stalk. After that, it was a relatively smooth reassembly; I had to fix the way the wires sit for the washer switch, as they were interfering with the turn sign
  10. I have a lot of different topics to post about since last time, but I will put them in later posts to keep them smaller. For now, we shall stay on track with the headlights. Over the weekend I managed to finish disassembling my steering column and remove the wiper and turn signal switches. I was convinced the column shroud was on backwards due to a piece that looks out of place. You can see it jutting out around the five o'clock position from the lock cylinder hole. Now I am not sure, and have no idea why it is there. Either way, someone had broken the shro
  11. If I was not already traveling down there at the end of July, I would be down. I go down there every year to meet up with other car friends and drive Dragon/Cherohala and other roads for a week. Not to mention checking out other parts of the mountains, hanging out, all kinds of good fun. Now I have to tackle Dragon in the Comanche some day.
  12. Following, I have a similar problem. My new high beam switch gets here tomorrow. I had high beams that would not turn off, but when I finally figured out where the switch was, neither lows or highs were working. Probably something to do with me tearing into the column. Hopefully we can find a solution for both our trucks.
  13. Ohhhh, that is a good point. The jaws might have trouble with those. You know what? I already have the crimper, and I need to put new terminals in my fuse box anyway. I will buy some terminals and find out if they play nice together.
  14. Those terminals have the same crimping ends as the pins I used in my Deutsche DT connector. I used the crimper linked below, which has multiple gauge sizes, and two different size "seal" crimp holes to crimp the larger wings that hole the terminal to the insulation. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081381N72
  15. Thank you! I did look the name up before deciding on it, and I saw it was also the name of a local tribe, but there is a lot more attached to it I did not know about. Not gonna lie, that was part of the appeal for me as well. There was another 86 2.5 manual for sale about 100 miles north of this one. It was 4x4 too, but was also an ugly brown color, and had the basic cluster. In hindsight, it was probably the better truck, but I have no regrets. Made some more progress tonight. I rented a steering wheel puller from Autozone after work, then got to it.
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