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  1. That's right if you're running a 98 ignition you must use a 98 flywheel
  2. Smaller pulley = OVER driven. Larger pulley = UNDER driven. FWIW Also........just get a WJ pump, you'll be fine.
  3. See my build thread and you've got all kinds of room in that panel below the clock to insal USB ports you also see in my thread the fast charger w connected to one port the radios connected to the other
  4. Smithsonian for sure. I know far toooooooo many people who have never been to DC, every American should go at least once. White House tour is a must.........assuming there are still tours. Other points of interest also such as Mount Vernon. Arlington National Cemetery, changing of the guard.
  5. Check the wires where they pass through the door jamb...........30 years of opening and closing the door will cause the wire to break.
  6. Two year olds don't care where they go nor will they remember where they went. There are only three places I want to go to or go back too and I've been there plenty. St Augustine Key West Washington DC And, well, I do like Ocracoke Island. And of course Jerusalem.......someday. I have been to Holland, E Germany, Denmark, and Sweden..........eh........it didn't make me much of world traveler. Oh, and I forgot, Mexico, what a S-hole. And I probably will get to Canada before I die, just because. I like it right here in the SE.
  7. If the connector is not melted or destroyed, you'll get new clips an rebuild it just as you would a fuse block. Take the end of the wire back to good wire.
  8. The white smoke/steam is coolant being burnt off. If you have oil in your coolant you have coolant in your oil. It's over.
  9. FWIW- I have no idea what the values are of the fused links. I've asked here in the past and no one else seemed to know. Links are available, at least at independent stores here and I've asked what the values are, no one here knows either. So, ask again, maybe someone will come up with something. I decided to go another route. Guess you'll need to decide also........maybe you can buy used ones from someone here? Or create your own fused panel?
  10. It's possible, none of us are there so..........just guessing............ If the headlight switch has melted down, it could be back-feeding a 12v circuit, the ignition circuit somehow. It's aggravation, I know, but you are just going to have to start stripping it down and chasing and inspecting.
  11. C101 gets eliminated not cleaned or replaced. Have you got a test light? If not, get one. Make a fused jumper. Jump from the pos bat post to each of the red wires. Test to see which circuit comes to life.........one circuit at a time. If any one of the red wires fries the fuse........you will know which circuit of the four has the problem. You will need to replace your headlight switch.......cheap, like $14 anywhere. Inspect the connector, if the switch is fried it's likely the connector is too. Ignition switch, inspect, clean, adjust.........or replace. Inspect wires at ignition switch. Throw the Haynes in the trash where it belongs. There is an excellent wiring diagram here, someone will post, download it. Chances are your problem lies in your fuse block and headlight switch and ignition switch. Also, light harness at rad support driver's side is generally problematic.
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