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  1. Jeep Driver

    Cause of knock?

    From what little you are showing us, I suspect the damage was systemic, failure was throughout.
  2. Jeep Driver

    Cause of knock?

    The bottom of those tappets indicate that the lobes on the cam are completely worn. You did the right thing, it was time for a rebuild or replacement.
  3. Tighten the four bolts on the TB mount at the frame.
  4. Jeep Driver

    Cause of knock?

    I'd like to see what that cam looks like. Fried from what I can see here-
  5. Jeep Driver

    Debt Collection Advice

    Depending on your state.....county..... If you are not a licensed contractor, no mechanic's lean and in some states you would not even have the right to small claims. Just putting that out there. FWIW- You waited too long. I get paid when I'm done and don't ever F with my money. But, we all eat a few, guess it's your turn.
  6. Jeep Driver

    Cause of knock?

    Sounds like a collapsed lifter to me.
  7. Mopar version is no doubt $80-90K........all the goodies, as you say. Stripped version, base will be $60K Chrysler is not, has never been, known for their transmissions........7600lbs is pure BS long term. And, regardless, it's a JL. Bed size is the same as my Frontier, it's worthless as a 'truck', nothing to brag about. JT is for guys with money and small........well, you know.
  8. Jeep Driver

    New career, new beginning!

    Cool, happy for you.
  9. 34+ years in the trades and never had one. Measure off the side of a receptacle, 16" OC, generally. Every wall gives framing away if you know what to look for.
  10. Jeep Driver

    Performance upgrades

    I was not defending the concept of a grouping of parts as a 'kit', if you have paid any attention to my posts (attitude) you would know that I think 'kits' are for dummies. DUI sells the cap and rotor separately. I bought the Elchin from NAPA and paid more than the DUI. Try to find a truly custom made high quality 10mm wire set that is numbered and insulated and in a color of your choice for the 2.5 or 4.0........you cannot, so, $100 is a good deal. (and further- you can no longer find a set with a 90 degree boot on the #1 plug to clear the AC compressor, DUI does) A set of Taylor wires will cost you just as much if not more and will not be insulated. I responded to the 'pixie dust' comment and the point was that as separate parts they are no more expensive than any other parts, grouped or not. And you can make what you want of this-
  11. Jeep Driver

    Performance upgrades

    DUI cap and rotor in brass is $27 which is about $3 cheaper than other brands......IN BRASS. Wires are the best on the market, bar none, will run just under $100. Kit is sold for $175 and includes coil........coil will run you $50 no matter where or what. I have wires for the 2.5, they are worth the money. You want quality, you pay a few bucks more......or you can buy cheap $#!&, up to you. But, a little perspective.
  12. Jeep Driver

    Test drive a flop

    If it's engine temp related, it's engine related. Not drive line. If it bucks and idle varies and goes low as you state, it's engine related. I don't care who or what or how proud they are of it.........I build my own engines, I want to know. Everyone is going to piss in the breeze until you figure this out.
  13. Jeep Driver

    Test drive a flop

    Is it really running that hot?
  14. Jeep Driver


    No, not really. Masters, slaves, TOBs, pressure plates, clutch discs, shifters, nylon bushings, they all wear out. One must be present to discern. One must have general mechanical ability and knowledge and aptitude. Whether it takes me an hour or a few minutes, with some effort I can always work through a problem or at least determine what my problem is. Getting information from some of you is worse than pulling teeth, too much effort, has become a bore. And further, in my experience, and in the experience of others, moving to the Hurst/Core solved my shifting problems. Hurst/Core will cost you $250, Jeep people are cheap and I get tired of repeating myself to deaf ears. If you have an AX15 or an AX5/4 and you have a shifting problem and you know for a fact it is not in the case/gears- Replace- Clutch disc, TOB, pressure plate- LUK Master/slave unit- Mopar Shifter- Hurst/Core Fluids/seals And you'll be good for another 100K++++ Now get off your @$$ and get to work.
  15. Jeep Driver

    Post A New Picture You Took Thread!

    Find the irony.