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  1. My son gets used hand-me-down computers, he takes them apart, swaps parts, gets them running again, as a hobby. I had him read through this and he says without his hands on it.......he doesn't know. For me, when one dies as it did a few weeks ago, I just get another new one. My Dell cost me $330 and for what I do with it, it's fine. Forums, parts search, managing images, learning to edit vids, streaming radio and news and vids......etc. We have a couple of laptops in the house, I'm never the destructive type but I could put bullet holes in those F'ing things. Never understood the attraction. I have no idea why you guys are reluctant to use Windows 10, much more intuitive. Don't know why your're doing what your're doing............ain't worth the hassle.
  2. Are you trying to boot with two hard drives each with its own OS?
  3. Jeep Driver

    Speedometer bounce

    My speedo bounced from 0-40mph, beyond that it was good. I swapped out my cable, set the gear, made no difference. Others have reported the bouncing too, I've yet to read that a new cable solved the problem. Could be the gear, could be the cable, could be the speedo itself.
  4. Jeep Driver

    Transmission swap

    TC shifter is not dependent of the transmission, regardless of which transmission. It should align with the console. Just so you know, whatever you do, however your do it, you ain't doing it in one day.
  5. Jeep Driver

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    Cheap and necessary, since we are not building rockets, good enough. https://www.lowes.com/pd/General-Tools-Instruments-6-in-Digital-Caliper/50175967
  6. Jeep Driver

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    Two schools of thought- Those who drive trail-trash remove the SB. Those of us who don't, keep it. Just looked at a pic of yours, not trail-trash. Keep it. Nothing to be confused about, you have a caliper? If yours measures 28mm, buy a pair of bushings @ 28mm. If yours does not measure 28mm, find one that does. Yes, it matters. I plan on doing a short vid on the rear SB this weekend to replace a missing post on the How To page, I'll attempt to explain.
  7. Jeep Driver

    Oil Pan Support Bracket

    Just use your old one, you'll be fine.
  8. Jeep Driver

    Starting issue

    You'll gain 1 degree of advance...........eh............. Just get it running, then play.
  9. Jeep Driver

    Alternator Wiring

    That's not how it works.
  10. Jeep Driver

    leak at the fuse box

    As one who uses sealants all the time................. Silicone, with one or two exceptions, is useless. Silicone, in any form, should NEVER come in contact with an automobile. The polyurethane, just know that you'll likely have to cut the bulkhead off the firewall if you ever need to remove it again. Butyl is solvent based, any oil or gas or solvent will break it down. Making gaskets is cheap and easy. https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/31939655 Or call Painless.
  11. Jeep Driver

    leak at the fuse box

    Contact Painless, they sell that bulkhead, surely they sell the gasket too.
  12. Jeep Driver

    AX-15 Shift Arm Needed

    OK, looks like I took a pic of the wrong part of it. Was here a nylon cover over the ball at the end of the shifter? If not, the ball will wear out the cup which is what it looks like has happened.
  13. Jeep Driver

    Hurricane Michael

    My wife with her sons at Hurlburt. The man to her left is AF. The short pudgy boy is mine except that he's not short and pudgy anymore. :)
  14. Jeep Driver

    Hurricane Michael

    My wife's oldest was stationed at Hurlburt for 5 years, we stayed on base as guests which was quite interesting. He is now stationed in Belgium but maintains a home in Navarre. I've been to the panhandle many times, driving through you'll notice you are driving from one restricted area to another. The military presence is everywhere. https://militarybases.com/florida/ The Coast Guard, of course. https://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrse/installations/nsa_panama_city/about/tenant_commands/us_coast_guard_eighth_district.html There is also a Marine base in Pensacola https://www.trngcmd.marines.mil/Units/Southeast/MATSG-21/ You'll find the Army in the panhandle as well https://www.eglin.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/810637/7th-special-forces-group-a/ The Redneck Riviera, or as I call it, Alabama South. You should get out more, really. And, like whether or not cars rust in FL, why would I lie? It's a serious question, why would I lie about anything? I won't tell you about the NE, don't tell me about FL.