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  1. I've been watching this build, builder has complained about the time spent videoing the build, here's why- Worth your time, pretty good.
  2. I'm not a Destroyer, many of you are, I am not. I don't mean to sound like an @$$ but I simply have no intention of dragging my truck over rocks and stumps, not my idea of a good time. I want quality, my truck may take me years to complete but every part will be of the best I can afford. I'd like to have crossover steering, however, I already have my Wilwood brakes, I have already sourced my knuckles and have those prepped, I'm not willing to give up my Wilwood for WJ knuckles and piss-poor braking. If I were to build an axle from scratch I'd consider moving the TB.........I'd only do that if I were to consider long arms, I'd only consider long arms with independent uppers and lowers, not the BS combo arms I see everyone with. Trade-offs, you accept one thing at the expense of another. And again I'd have to consider my brakes, I'd have to be able to retain my Wilwoods (I really want the 6 pot and 15" rotors for the JK). "1 Tons"? I've yet to see a stock Jeep, or any other for that matter, tie rod end shear. Wear out and come apart? Sure, but it's called simple maintenance, every part requires maintenance. New wheels came a week ago, new tires will be the metric equivalent of 35-12.50. I'm currently looking for a SBC block........I've been back and forth on how I want to build this engine, may go mild in the 350-400hp range with the expectation of a Wipple supercharger which could put me near the 600hp range, if and when I can afford it. The only thing I'd change in my current front end is RCV axles. Why the Synergy? I looked around, studied what others have done, dollar for dollar, $550 well spent.
  3. It's called a torque dampener. Unbolt it and throw it in the trash. You can find aftermarket from $100 to $300, universal. Build yourself a set of engine mounts, you'll be happy.
  4. I would have voted but you left off the option- That S--- doesn't belong on my truck.
  5. You take the guy a little too literally, he's a geek, a nerd, bit of a soft man. That said, I suspect that 'truck' will out drive you, road coarse or straight away. Electric is the future.
  6. 700hp and 800tq and 0-60 in 3 seconds. Just short of a Demon. But exceeds the Demon in torque. If I could afford it I'd be all over it.
  7. This is why I'm going to create hide-a-way back up lights.
  8. If you do go with the auto (mistake) just know that the pedal assembly has value, there are guy here who need those.
  9. That injector will piss all over the place when it functions, you will know it when you see it. If you are by yourself, you can leave the ignition on, using a test lead/jumper to the starter........looking down the throat of the TBI you will see if the injector is squirting while the engine turns over.
  10. You claim the fuel relay chatters/stammers between open and close.........is this correct? Put everything back together, just the way it is supposed to be. Unplug the fuel pump at the fuel pump. Does the relay still chatter? If it does, you have a wiring problem. If it does not, reconnect the pump, does it chatter now? If it does, you have a bad pump. When you 'bench test' a pump you are cramming magic pixies down it's throat, that does not mean it is good in it's intended state/environment.
  11. I'm usually very good at reading exactly what someone states. Here you state that fuel is running out underneath the intake. You realize that the TBI requires pressure to function, correct? If you are not building pressure the injector will not squirt. That said, I'm well aware of the pump needing modification, I did mine, but you still have either an electrical problem that needs to be resolved or a bad pump.......something is causing the relay to stammer.
  12. OK...........I'm out.......... Just so you know, the 2.5 TBI only needs 14-17psi, it's regulated to that, you can use regular hoses and clamps if you need to.
  13. That's a nice clean XJ for $400......great project Jeep............if I had the time.............
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