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  1. Actually I said much more than that. What I said has all come to pass and then some. But, my comments were cancelled here........and so goes cancel-culture. Culture, govt, cults, religion.....etc...my hobbies, it's what I study. It's a shame that people have to be kept in the dark.
  2. Quality, stainless, ends have rubber O-ring seals. Nothing like the store boughts.
  3. Aftermarket junk. Mopar this time, right side came all the way from Lithuania.
  4. Here's what I actually suggested- If you are eliminating the stock prop valve you are already going to replace the soft line there. The only other thing to do is to plug the distribution block. What I suggest is spending $1.99 for a plug, then see what you have. Every time this subject comes up, here or elsewhere, the immediate question is what adjustable valve do I buy? There is an assumption that the stock valve actually worked, once worked, ever worked, or was needed in the first place or was even necessary. Guys are making new linkages,
  5. Pressure, not volume. and.......hang a 200lbs bumper on the back, better ride, better brakes.
  6. Ospho This is my frame after being treated with Ospho. Gray area is bare metal, the white residue gets washed off before primer, us soap and a scotchbrite pad.
  7. If listed as NPT, NPT will allow for adaptors for multiple applications. If you are running large tires with a KJ or other conversion, you do not need an adjustable prop valve, regardless of what anyone has posted about it. KJ/other discs will not over-brake a large size tire. Do not discard the distribution block, plug the discarded line and retain the block. I'm installing Wilwood front and rear. Bled my rears last night and I have good pedal. I'll be installing the fronts in a week or so. I do not expect to use a prop valve even with 4-pot
  8. Brake cables came today, installed. If you are looking for high quality cables at a reasonable price, see below. These are good for any type of disc conversion, however the Wilwood does not need the return spring. The core is about 1.5 inches too long but that was my fault, I measured off the previous cables not taking into account that the Wilwood does not need as much reach between the mount and lever.
  9. No, LOL. I posted this pic in the Tech section also, in a thread about 'Woodward' brakes....er....Wilwood. You may find conversion kits for the 8.25 but you will not find any 'performance' brake kits. Even Wilwood does not have the 8.25 listed as an axle for which they have a kit for. I called Wilwood last week to inform them, I also emailed them but have not heard back via email, I sent them a pic as verification. They are missing out on a wide variety of Chrysler/Jeep vehicles. I was wondering if anyone would even ask, but I suppose they don'
  10. Just stopped by to post a pic of the new wheels and tires. I think it's has a much more appropriate stance now. Lots of changes in the last several months, my truck has just sat until yesterday. Time to clean away the messes of the past, new tires took up too much space and old tires need to be sold off. Along with a bunch of junk that needs to be hauled off, so much clutter that I cannot stand myself. My truck will get finished, eventually, or sold off if the offer is right, either way I really don't care. Business is good and I have little time for
  11. All this truck does is pull a trailer. I'm in business, my truck is a tool, like any other tool. And it's about a $24K per year write off, it pays for itself. Below is a pic of my last one, that trailer is a tool trailer, loaded weight is between 4-5000lbs, I've pulled that trailer about 150K mile here in the mountains, I drove the piss out of it. I've out grown that trailer and I expect to custom order a larger one in a couple of months, assuming the trailer company is still in business. This thread is not about a new truck.
  12. Saturday evening I bought a new Frontier. I have excellent credit, I got a good deal at a superior rate. We went back and forth with several lenders looking for the best terms for me, once we settled on one............... I was present with the finance man when the lender called him, a lot of back and forth, bla bla bla. Lender wanted my wife on the loan, wife was not present. More discussion regarding my employment status.....etc...... Once off the phone I asked the finance man what that was all about, he stated "Too many people
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