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  1. Yes it will drone. If you are not going to use the spare tire space you can place the muffler there, no turn down on the tip.........that will minimize the drone.
  2. Interesting speculation here- https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/dealer-pricing-less-than-jl-wrangler.14568/ When I say $80 I'm talking about the fully loaded Mopar version. Mopar has already designed and will provide every 'aftermarket' part under the Mopar name.........heading off the aftermarket world. Leather, sound system, wheels/tires, suspension and ever bit of bolt-on BS you can imagine will be available and my educated guess is exactly that.....with a tight supply- $80K
  3. His idea, from a corporate mindset/perspective, -is the owner of a maxed-out JL @ $70K going to buy a maxed-out Gladiator @ $80K? His idea of a 'die-hard fan' is completely different from yours. None of which applies to any of us. Which I tried to explain.
  4. I'm posting for general thought- No, it's not a long distance, particularly for a high-volume pump. Cross-contamination, frankly it's foolish in my opinion and as a practical matter to mate any other cooler to the radiator, including the trans. There is always a risk of cross-contamination. Here is something to read- https://www.moroso.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/Charts/OilSumpInfo.pdf For those who, such as the guy who notched his pan (diesel) for the steering link.........dry sump cures interference problems with clearance of axles and steering. (also cures hood clearance issues...ie....LS swaps) Also provides crank case vacuum which eliminates blow-by and increased ring seal. Provides for cooling, increase oil capasity, variable pressure adjustability and so forth. And it does not have to be used strictly for racing. Wet sump- If the OP wants to properly set up for cooling and remove oil filter....etc...everything he needs is commonly available..........at a price, of course.
  5. Here you'll see there is a tab to the right (pass side) of the shifter bucket. You can make your own and I suppose you'll have to. Scour the site more and more often.......we all learn a lot that way.
  6. Yep. That's what I ran in my last AX5 and that is what is in my current AX5. I have no idea why this gear oil debate keeps coming up.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Used-Jeep-Wrangler-YJ-Valve-Cover-2-5L-4-cylinder-1991-1995-93y/223447439891?hash=item3406815a13:g:XBQAAOSwPaBciV-m
  8. Murphy-Finney The old days...........I'd have a pint with ya. Sober 20 years and those pub days are long behind me. I'd have a cup of coffee with you though.
  9. If you don't have one you have no idea what you are missing out on. https://core-shifters.com/collections/shifters-for-cherokee/products/core-hurst-shifter-2003-2004-jeep-wrangler-liberty-nv1550-nv2550-nv3550
  10. Aside from the 84-85 2.5 engines which some had a smaller head bolt size and does not apply to you........here are the differences for you to be aware of- Later engines had a shorter crank snout, accessories were closer to the block, Renix engines were further from the block. Some claim that later heads were not drilled and tapped for the temp sensor.........yet I've not seen anyone claiming to have found one, mine was plugged. Other than that, all 2.5 engines are exactly the same............right on up through 2006 when production ended. Cam bearing are standard size, will be replaced by machinist with new, you will replace your cam, new cam and bearings. Pistons, machinist will tell to you what size pistons......bored 30 over........you will order 30 over pistons and rings. You will size rings yourself. Main bearings, I pay the machinist to measure main bearing clearances, grind or polish crank or new crank...either way he will measure. If main bearings are .010 under you will order .010 under. Same with rod bearings. Every part you need is readily available..........pistons, cam, bearings, timing set, gaskets...........just about anywhere. Have him check or shave the deck also..........head also......... Buy parts, not kits.
  11. Promotion and partnership has nothing to do with commercialization or "corporate sponsorship". Nowhere did I mention commercialization. Sponsoring a part on a project of a larger platform and getting a mention of gratitude is done in hopes of reaching a larger audience. And it's good PR. Just as Pete attempted to get Matt to partner up here, Matt is a BAD fit, BleepnJeep is a BAD fit, Matt is self-absorbed, Matt is all about Matt. I watch a lot of youtube programming, partnering and promoting within youtube platform is very common and generally profitable to each of the partners. What I'm curious about is why are you guys so giddy about some a-hole writer from any major publication? what do you think will come of it? and if you don't want publicity then why the push and concern? I have no idea where either of you got that I was suggesting any kind of commercialization of any sort. Maybe we speak two different languages? reading comprehension? IDK.................
  12. Yes, you'll make more money breaking it all down. I got $150 for the block, $80 for the rods and gave the crank away with it. $150 for the intake/TBI. $85 for the AC bracket. $25 for the timing cover. $30 for the oil pan. Trans is worth $75..........more if newer, $125 if you break it down to the gear set. It all depends on how you sell, to whom you sell, how you promote.......etc.......... Your plastic VC is worthless.............if you had an aluminum one it would be worth $80. Good flywheel is worth $50. Head I sold for $100 and shipped it. You'll have to be willing to hold for a while. There is someone here looking for the AC delete bracket.........if you have one. PS pump pulley will be worth $30+++ PS pump bracket is worth $60. If you have serpentine........these are the hard to find parts.
  13. Belt alignment. I know for a fact you cannot mix and match Renix with later accessories on the 2.5 and I don't think you can on the 4.0 either.
  14. Don't worry. Enough was said.
  15. This site should have and could still- Sponsor one of Krusty's hitches or a set of Bilsteins or a set of brakes or...........? Make a phone call, sponsor parts, get mentioned. Let's see how many of you pitch in? I'll throw in $30.
  16. What this thread is about is a mod deleting my content which was in and of itself innocuous. Most of you posting here don't even know what this is about. That said, speaking of promotion, you had this gift handed to you, what did you do with it? That is a serious question to you and Pete, what did you do? This is a no-brainer, should have been done already. What did this site sponsor? Why did this site not sponsor? If you are going to promote, you promote among like-minded -- like-kind people, not Bloomberg people. This one is on you.
  17. If the writer was truly interested in interviews......... He would have perused the site, chosen 2-4 guys/owners to interview. He would have then contacted the site owner or administrator and asked permission and help setting up the interview. He didn't. And that says enough.
  18. Who is his readership? What audience does he reach? What do you have to offer his audience? I'll save you the keystroke......... You have NOTHING to offer him or his readers, and I mean that literally. I don't 'feel', has nothing to do with feelings, I think, I use my brain, I'm smart. With one or maybe two exceptions there is not one you here who owns a truck worthy of a national publication. His readers do not care about your truck, your thoughts, your opinions.......hell, they don't care about you. I just scanned his recent articles, he will make a mockery of you, of us, of this site. You will be seen as knuckle dragging neanderthals who are destroying the earth in your POS rust-buckets. He does not have to spell it out but that is how you will be perceived. You are rather crass and I ain't your bruh.
  19. Jeep Driver


    This site is heavily censored. Those of us who post frequently self-censor, I do it, I know for a fact that others do. On one hand you want traffic, on the other hand you post roadblocks. On one hand you say "make friends" and on the other hand you keep the site so sterile that no one can get to know each other. You guys don't know when you are being used? Any so-called professional writer who states "hit me up" can go pound, I'm not interested, and besides, he came to us, he can come back to us. You don't, this site does not need, his, their, Bloomberg's attention. You'll pay for it. He's not a "new member", he dropped a one-post bomb. Lighten up.
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