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  1. It's likely that one is electronically controlled and one is not. I'm with the others here, Holley or Weber, but that won't be cheap and to get the full benefit you'll likely want an intake change. I've shipped parts to PR so I know for a fact that getting parts there is not an issue, price/cost may be though. Intake and carb will probably be in the $600 to $700 range.
  2. What you don't see is the suspension in action.
  3. You still have a deep pan in the front. Here is an LS pan..........you can get similar for SBC from a Camaro- Poor representation of an axle slice and patch but I've seen this done for pan clearance. And you are likely to have steering issues as well. I'm just pointing out what you'll have to overcome and why you don't see anyone else doing it.
  4. Why will you get flack? I'm not big on Ford, maybe there is some variation that I'm not aware of, but of that era the sump is in the front of the engine, right where the front axle is. I'm assuming you are not lifted and you are not going 4X. You are going to have clearance issues all over the place, hood clearance, axle, exhaust, probably the trans tunnel.......check your length as it relates to the radiator and accessories, you have to have room for a radiator and a fan. You'll have to make your own mounts, none exist that I'm aware of. Whatever you do, do not cut the frame, anywhere. This makes the difference between a mechanic and a hack.........just my honest opinion. Don't be a hack.
  5. There may be, or should be, a bearing in that housing.
  6. As I've said before, we cut the cable some 7 years ago or better now, my down time is spent learning, always eager to learn. There are several youtubers that I follow, different subjects but most are auto related. I found SMA by accident while watching an AVE episode. I'm attracted to creative and intelligent people who are able think their way through problems. I've yet to find anyone better or smarter when it comes to diagnosing electrical and mechanical failures. I watched one several days ago where he did a compression test on all cylinders by reading the amp draw of the starter motor.....absolutely brilliant. For those of us who are not immersed in auto repair tech 6 days a week- If you want to learn, I highly recommend some binge watching. This vid is quick and smart.
  7. Three good smacks with the palm of your hand at the end of a long breaker. If you've bottomed out the balancer and smack it good..........it ain't going anywhere. 60lbs is your answer but you'll need a positive stop at the flywheel/flexplate.
  8. https://www.motormanfuelinjection.com/JEEP_FUEL_INJECTORS.html Good service here.
  9. What I posted is the correct brackets, do yours look like these? Do you have a pic of your current mount brackets?
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Engine-Mount-Brackets-all-iron-84-through-mid-90s-2-5-4-cylinder/283449954368?pageci=1d129860-f365-4e46-a153-8701eb10f9d7&redirect=mobile
  11. It's real simple- You (anyone) asks a question. Question is answered- Here, this works...... You, anyone else, are free to take it or leave it. If you are going to challenge me by essentially stating that I'm being misleading to others..........you better be prepared. What I stated in the first reply works, I have proven that it works. As for the belt, I stated that the engine is coming out, I'm replacing it. The truck has not left my driveway in two years, I'm not spending money for nothing. Maybe if you and others spent more time learning rather than 'feeling'...........we'd all be better off. Here's one of the guys I learn from-
  12. Do not insult my intelligence and my integrity. I have no reason to lie to anyone, if I tell someone something works, it works because I know for a fact it works. Yes, because I said so. You are wrong, much of what I read (elsewhere in particular) is wrong. As to having something to "back it up", see here- Unedited.
  13. Get a deep cycle battery and a battery tender. For the half hour once a week where you fancy yourself with all the cool lights..........the battery can handle it. Run all the head lights through a pot so you can dim those.......you should also lessen the demand on the battery that way.
  14. It's no wonder so many of you have problems. You really don't understand how it works.
  15. Transmission, TC, front DS, rear DS, 4x shifter, front axle geared the same as rear axle. And a myriad of suspension and steering parts that you'll want to or need to replace. FWIW- look long and hard, high and low........these parts are getting harder and harder to find. Most of us will look for donors, a '94 XJ is a good donor for your, however, finding a good 2.5 donor is getting near impossible now.
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