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  1. Ok thanks for the info everyone. Been working so much lately i just haven't gotten a chance to get a look at whats going on. I do like adding the extra leaf idea. junkyard XJs are plentiful around here.
  2. Visually, the rear end is sitting much lower than the front end. When I first got it home it sat level from front to back. It's a second vehicle and hasn't seen much use since I got it. Honestly haven't looked underneath to see if anything else is going on, i just assumed they had sagged.
  3. My new to me short bed Comanche has sagging leaf springs, so I’m going to need to swap them soon. I’ve found an online website that sells replacements. There are two different spring pack choices available. I’m guessing one is the normal spring pack and the other is the equivalent to the metric ton spring pack. It already had an SOA on it. Is it worth paying extra for the metric ton springs or not?
  4. Some pics of both sides of the trans tunnel. Disregard the hacked up floor pans that are there. Previous owner put those in and they’re gonna need to be removed and done right.
  5. Ok, thanks guys. I’ll get some pics up soon.
  6. Ok, would it make sense to just use the trans area from the XJ and still go with the Comanche replacement floor pans? Got quite a few mid 80's XJs near me at salvage yards. Figured if I could use the entire XJ floor pan it would make things easier.
  7. My 87 needs a whole new floor. I’ve looked into the replacement front and rear panels. Problem is the metal over the trans tunnel needs to be replaced as well. The panels I’ve seen don’t include the trans area. The one place I found online that had the entire floor replacement, hadn’t updated their website, and didn’t really have it. So what are my options? Am I going to need to source a parts Comanche truck or will the floor from a mid 80’s XJ work?
  8. This is very good information, thank you!
  9. Ok, thank you. I was hoping it was factory since mine is currently leaking. Figured if it was, someone would’ve tackled this already.
  10. Does anyone know if a sunroof was an option on the 87 Sport? Tia
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