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  1. Where did you purchase the aluminum overflow tank?
  2. I searched here and online. I could only find write ups for adding a sun visor. For anyone that has a moon visor, where did you run the wiring into the cab. I’m assuming tying into the parking lights would be the way to go or should I put it on a switch?
  3. Yeah I figured it would. Just don’t have the cash to dish out for one or else I would!
  4. Not sure if it’s been posted before? I’ve been stripping every little part off a donor 89 Comanche that’s way beyond repair. Been searching online for an easy way to strip rust off of small parts. I found this stuff and it really works! So far I’ve cleaned up my fuel filter bracket, nuts, bolts, screws, hood catch, and hood release bracket. I degrease everything first overnight. Then wash them off. Then they go into a container for two to three days. I filter out the residue once a day, check what’s clean, and dump the items that need more rust removal back into the container for another day o
  5. Ok, thanks guys! I’ve been soaking them for a couple days now. Probably gonna wait another week before I attempt anything.
  6. Anyone dealt with trying to remove a bed and the bolts are rusted to hell? If they break coming out is that repairable? I’m assuming the bolts are into welded nuts on the bottom of the bed? Any tricks you guys could share?
  7. Sounds kinda gross the way you worded it 🤣 Are they in good shape, pics?
  8. He was, and I messaged him awhile ago. He had a run produced and that was it. Didn’t have any left after that.
  9. Looking for a pair that aren’t all distorted like these, lol. Am I missing a rubber bumper at the bottom too? There’s one at the top on both sides, but both sides at the bottom are missing.
  10. Ok, I thought so, but just wanted to be sure. Ty
  11. In the process of swapping over from a 2.5 to a 4.0 on an 87 SWB. The donor is an 89 LWB. Got a new fuel tank from Dorman because the original one was in pretty bad shape. From what I’ve read the 2.5 and 4.0 use different fuel pumps. Is it as easy as swapping fuel pumps from donor to the truck I’m getting on the road?
  12. Rubikahn

    Mirror delete

    Looking for two pairs of mirror delete covers. A pair for outside and a pair for the inside, preferably in Cordovan for the interior ones.
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