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  1. The bezels and the knob look like it but the handle itself does not. I’d buy them, but then I still need to find a matching handle so I’ll kinda be in the same boat. Thank you but I’m gonna pass.
  2. Sounds good, I will look in those locations and see if I get lucky.
  3. Thank you for the build information.
  4. My 87 Sport, black, honey interior, 2WD, short bed, 2.5L, manual trans, sunroof, ongoing project in Ma.
  5. The panels I have are in pretty good shape, so not really looking to spend money on another set. Thank you
  6. Sounds good, I live in Taunton Ma. Thanks
  7. These are my current honey door cards. Rather than swap them out completely I’m wondering if anyone has the door pockets I could attach to these? Also looking for honey window cranks and hockey style arm rests. Thanks
  8. I don’t see any update on this since March. I would definitely be in for fog/cargo and sport bar light switch panels. Is this still ongoing?
  9. Thank you for the heads up! Got one on the way
  10. Do they have to be OEM WJ arms or will Core arms fit if I wanted to lift 3” or 4” as well?
  11. Ok thanks for the info everyone. Been working so much lately i just haven't gotten a chance to get a look at whats going on. I do like adding the extra leaf idea. junkyard XJs are plentiful around here.
  12. Visually, the rear end is sitting much lower than the front end. When I first got it home it sat level from front to back. It's a second vehicle and hasn't seen much use since I got it. Honestly haven't looked underneath to see if anything else is going on, i just assumed they had sagged.
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