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  1. Sweet! Ty, I wasn’t sure if the rear leafs were original or not.
  2. Count me in for one in Cordovan please.
  3. Not much of a description tbh of the product. Found this in the Q&A section though.
  4. 89 Pioneer LWB with 122,000 miles in Ma purchased about a month ago. Planning on repairing and running a small lift.
  5. Reviving an old thread. Bought some General Spring MT leafs for my long bed. I wanted to add the Chevy drop shackles when I swap out my old MT leafs. Do these look like the right ones? From the original pic in this thread they look the same to me other than the different colored bushing.
  6. I messaged Brandon to see if he had any left at least six months ago. He said he did not, and was not planning on making anymore.
  7. Depending on price I’d be in for a set as well.
  8. The original shocks were rusted/rotted out. The 4.5” RC lift components came along with an 89 LWB I bought a few months ago. So technically I did buy them, lol. Figured I could use the front LCAs and shocks from the kit at least and then sell off the rest. I could always buy some shocks that matched the factory extended/collapsed length if I flipped the plate. In the end it may end up a wash price wise buying the new shocks or having someone weld the new mounts on. I don’t own a welder and the last time I tried welding anything was back in HS. My welds were pretty $#!&ty then. Haven’t touched a welder since then, so I can’t imagine I’d do a better job now. 🤣
  9. Ok, cool ty. Having the shocks mount up that high was a concern that I would ruin them. I bought some RC shocks that are for 4.5”-6” lift. Looks like I’m going to have some new shock mounts welded to the tube. As far as location, I’m thinking middle of the tube ( height wise ) and a few inches away from the new spring pads with enough clearance so the shock cans won’t contact the leafs. That seems to me to be close to stock location? Any thoughts on location that may provide a better ride or does my location make the most sense?
  10. Anyone use the stock Comanche ones on a SOA or did you weld new mounts onto the axle? PFA
  11. Looking for all the brackets for this and a shroud.
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