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  1. The owner wants to hold onto it until January, but may move to California, will contact me later on if the move is still on.
  2. Thanks! Will definitely pull carpet to check floor pans. Was trying to get for between $2500 and $3000, we shall see
  3. Hey, I have an interest in a 1990 Jeep Wagoneer Limited (XJ style) with the 4.0 and a AW4 with 4x4 command trac. Exterior needs some cosmetic work but no rust. Has about 187k miles. Guy is asking around $4000. Fair or what do you guys think it's worth? I have a 1990 MJ but I don't know much about the Wagoneer XJ models (same engine and transmission as my MJ)
  4. Jtslick89

    SWB Roll Bar

    lowest ive seen is around $400, highest maybe $750-800
  5. Jtslick89

    SWB Roll Bar

    I have no clue as to what was more popular at the time, but you could very well be right. It was difficult to find one in my area, I had searched about 8 months and the one I ended up with was the only one less than a 6 hour drive for an affordable price for me. The factory ones are getting rarer and rarer. There's always a chance you stumble across one on a part out or you buy an entire MJ just for the bar (restore the rest or part it out)!
  6. Jtslick89

    SWB Roll Bar

    I personally paid $550 for a factory SWB sport bar in NJ, pricey but it depends on what you want and how rare they are/hard to find
  7. It seems like just under 200k Comanches were made total during its production run. Just curious what's everyone's best estimation of how many MJs they think exist/are left in 2020? Based on it being rarer than a XJ, I expect the prices to rise in the future. I'm not in it for profit/selling, i'm simply curious to see what people think.
  8. KC 57 series lighting mounted to OEM factory sport bar
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