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  1. Ok, shhhhh. I never brought this up :-D
  2. Wasn't there someone/a member trying to reproduce these JEEP AMC flaps for MJ/XJ? Would love the red/white/blue AMC era logo
  3. Is it car show season yet? I can't stand winter any longer.
  4. Thanks, yeah definitely is a good feeling! Just working on the fogs for the Waggy (XJ), considering pulling those OEM ROLs (happy they're OEM but they're rust buckets) and replacing with an extra set of KC I have but haven't made up my mind yet
  5. would love for my '87 wagoneer but i can't shell out the $$$
  6. Found some sweet NOS mopar KC hilites covers!
  7. He has not responded to my texts/calls...
  8. I called and a guy named Jeff told me to text him a pic of what I'm looking for. He said he'd look to see if that part advertised online is still "in stock"
  9. Yeah I'll have to ask for a pic or part #
  10. I'll let you know, when I get a chance to call
  11. Wow! Thanks! I have to definitely look into the one that says "new in wrapper"
  12. Somewhere I imagine unicorns and rainbows and those amongst other mopar NOS parts
  13. Yeah I'm after one for my XJ waggy. They are scarcer than hen's teeth.
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