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  1. the hardware alone is probably worth $50, but I really need it gone (moving) and i rather someone on CC gets it than facebook
  2. I'm in NJ (Little Falls area), trying to give someone a good deal lol
  3. Have a tailgate with some rust but all mounting hardware included just no handle $75
  4. anyone willing to sell any PASSENGER red or black tail lamp? NOS or good condition only please
  5. rear bumper mounts sold 1 pair of factory step pads/cover plates (parts #52000792, #52000793) ($30 for one, $50 for the pair) still available
  6. sold, but thanks for being a gentleman about it
  7. I have brand new, never used, dark gray MJ mats (both sides) from ACC. Asking $60 plus shipping
  8. I know this is probably stupid, but since so many people end up over tightening screws and snapping plastic on the lamps, does anyone know which U-Nut and screws are recommended for them? Thanks!
  9. Upside down photos and the V6 no way they're getting 9k, I hope they do tho because that's great news for all of us! Looks really clean tho from my upside down viewpoint
  10. that is an amazing story of picking up that piece from the Jeep dealership, love it!
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