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  1. would love for my '87 wagoneer but i can't shell out the $$$
  2. Found some sweet NOS mopar KC hilites covers!
  3. He has not responded to my texts/calls...
  4. I called and a guy named Jeff told me to text him a pic of what I'm looking for. He said he'd look to see if that part advertised online is still "in stock"
  5. Yeah I'll have to ask for a pic or part #
  6. I'll let you know, when I get a chance to call
  7. Wow! Thanks! I have to definitely look into the one that says "new in wrapper"
  8. Somewhere I imagine unicorns and rainbows and those amongst other mopar NOS parts
  9. Yeah I'm after one for my XJ waggy. They are scarcer than hen's teeth.
  10. anyone have a lead on any 'rusted out lights' ROL housing pieces?
  11. I believe the floors have been redone and coated, but I would have to confirm with the owner, you make a valid point
  12. Yeah he said the originals are in poor shape, but he held onto them I guess
  13. These are the original wheels as per the owner.
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