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  1. Well got Wendy running again! And I guess you can call this upgrade swapped the original capped lug nuts with some ones that are solid metal with no cap Before: After: Disregard the ugly wheels, I have been meaning to strip the old clear coat off and re seal them
  2. Haha I see now @krustyballer16. Didn't think anyone was watching my videos, I guess they are Thanks Pete
  3. axial scx10 would be a good platform to use to build a 1:10 rc truck. Its what I used when I built an rc bronco a few years back
  4. Yes it is, where the tie bolts to the drag link and not all the way across to the other knuckle
  5. I cleaned the headlight harness connecter with a wire brush and contact cleaner, and I swapped in a new flasher relay still no luck. The hazards are still working fine but no turn signals, not even the light on the dash comes on
  6. Well I got the comanche started today. I swapped the fuel pump relay, Cleaned the connections and swapped in a new fuel filter to be on the same side and after a few primes she fired right up
  7. Depends how much you want to spend and if you want to reem out the knuckles. I personally went with a v8 zj steering it has a solid tie rod unlike the hollow xj ones. It is like an oem+ upgrade. It bolts right up and parts can be had at the store. If 1 ton steering or the like is up your alley then someone else might have to chime in
  8. That'll be cool. I have seen people use wood and foam to mock up
  9. That's going to be one wide comanche!! Are you going to build custom flares or widebody the truck?
  10. I like my lift but its kind of a mix of parts. I have rusty's 4.5" coils and like stated above it gets bouncy. I have an aluminum 1.5" coil spacer on top, adjustable short arms and drop brackets. SO far so good. I have enjoyed it
  11. Swampy

    Seat belts

    Do you have a driver's side? buckle and latch? Preferably black
  12. I cleaned the ground behind the taillight I'm going to order a new relay
  13. are these 2 prong or 3 prong. I would check if My jeep wasnt 200 miles away Also what should I do if a connector looks like or is missing pieces? Planning ahead for when I get to work on my jeep again? @cruiser54
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