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  1. I have to change the rear upper shock mounts because of the stud type style I choose to use for the lowers. It puts too much strain on the shock bushings. So I'm going to inboard the rear upper mounts so they will point in like this / \, I know its not the most desirable but it will work for me. I will be using this mount and possibly cutting into or rebuilding the factory cross member
  2. And as you would guess, since i have both axles now the jeep is a ROLLER!! Finally sitting on its own weight, yes the truck does squat a little bit but thats because the front bumper and winch arent installed because I have to rework the bumper mounts to work with the frame stiffeners. The Cavfab 3link is installed just needs some minor tweaks. Soon the jeep goes to my buddies shop to get the hydro steering finished up and the 40s mounted.
  3. I picked up my front axle this week. There are still some things left to do to it but its complete enough to where I can start mounting it on the jeep.
  4. I belive it is just the xj kit that he bolted up to his mj. All the front suspension stuff is the same as the xj's
  5. The black on tan I do have to say looks a lot cleaner. I all black look good too, thats how my fender armor is on my mj, all black. Side note- the xj in that video is at my buddies shop getting work done. Its in the background of one of my axle pics
  6. There's a lot going on in the shop. xj is getting rear coil and 4 link set up with waggy 44s, bronco is getting restored, grey yj is getting restored, silver jk is getting stripped to get stretched+tons+coilovers
  7. Swampy

    New Jeep Teaser?

    I'm going to have to agree with you here, juding by the context clues you might be on the money with your speculations
  8. Swampy

    New Jeep Teaser?

    haha thats great
  9. Front axle is currently getting worked on but should be done soon. Front axle is a 2003 d60 from an f250 getting completely rebuilt with an artec truss, spartan locker and 5.13s
  10. I also dropped of my axles at TrailhuntersMiami Jeep shop. This a freind's shop and he does some amazing work. Rear axle primed using TNT u-bolt eliminators and shock mounts on a sterling 10.5 with an electric locker and a motobuilt diff cover #1tonbeef rear axle completed
  11. Sooo it has been a few months since I have been on here. Time for a picture dump and updates on the build progress. Where do I begin.... Well with the help of a buddy of mine who bought @88whitemanche truck we got some ruff stuff frame stiffeners welded up to the ol girl. I only did the front for now but will be doing the center section when I add the roll cage.
  12. I have been away working on my jeep for too long. Nice to see how awesome your truck has turned out
  13. This looks sick. I chose the right time to login into the forum again
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