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  1. I am planning on plating the front of the jeep but I'm still unsure about the center section. What are y'alls opinions
  2. I think those long arms were running loose in your garage
  3. I'm not sure buecause like your previous owner I wired two efans to one switch and a relay that I can manually turn off and on
  4. Swampy


    definitely will come up with something but still about two months out from having my dear Wendy operational again.
  5. My mj '96 4.0l HO with a straight pipe. I have since put a 18" glass pack on it and it definitely sounds better. First clip is with the straight pipe. Second clip is with the glasspack
  6. Swampy


    That's what I like to hear
  7. I'll be happy to talk about mine once its done
  8. Love the build, just starting to put super duty axles under my mj. How has the mj held up with no stiffeners?
  9. Anyone have any idea on how to get the center section of the mj stiffeners. I have heard of T&M fab but the fitment issues got my weary. Idk if to mkae my own cardboard cut-out or order some 3x3 3/16" angle iron and weld them in.
  10. Swampy


    I will post in here again. Maybe this time I won't take my jeep apart before said meet&greets or other events. I plan on having my axle swap done by end of May/beginning of June. If people want to meet up (Almost anywhere in Florida) for a bbq, hangout, trail day, beer tasting, what ever it may be I'm all ears. I know of a few Mjs in person that would be willing to meet up for a hangout day. Possible locations: - Lazy Springs Recreation Park - Hardrock Offroad Park -Amelia Earhart Park -Daytona -The Swamp Offroad Park -One of the many springs
  11. So best pump for hydro assist is still the v8 wj pump?
  12. Like @ghetdjc320 said my bump stop cups don't have indentations. I will be using the tj ones instead
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