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  1. I see more r2.8 swaps come out of sponsored shop builds. It seems like a fun swap and would definitely be something I consider for my comanche. Only issue is price. ANY SHOP SPONSOR WANT TO BUILD MY COMANCHE???
  2. Unfortunately no. I am away at school right now and the truck is at my hometown. When I go on break for thanksgiving and Christmas I plan on working on the truck and trying to get it running again. I started to pull the harness but I didn't get a chance to finish as I had to leave. So I am planning on getting all that taken care of when I get the chance.
  3. No there is no grinding the backing plate. just pull of the drum backing plate and put the disc one in its place. As far as I saw on the kj's the only difference was the earlier ones still had drum brakes. so I think 2004/2005 and newer have the disc brakes. I was satisfied with braking performance with the stock booster and disc at all 4 corners. If you do the dual diaphragm booster and the distribution block, braking performance will be greatly increased
  4. This might be a dumb question but can you change the 5th gear ratio on an ax15? The stock ratio is .79, which is a little too much for my 2.5 to push 35s. I was wondering if you could swap the ax5 5th gear ratio which is .83 I believe so it should help with 5th gear power for driving. I don't know if its even possible or if it'll ruin the reliability of the ax15.
  5. I have been gone from the forums for a while and man I missed looking at this mj. I can't wait to go to moab. I'll make it to mj takeover one day
  6. I have been meaning to ask this question, but are all the grounds necessary to have or can I eliminate some? Like on the 2.5 there is one that goes from the head of the engine to the firewall. It doesn't seem to be connected to anything so can I just get rid of it? I just got a new wiring harness for my mj so I am going to be going through all the grounds and wiring to clean it up as much as I can and eliminate what isn't necessary. BTW anyone have mj 2.5 wiring diagrams?
  7. I have a 2.5 with 5.13s and 35s. It did great in every gear except 5th gear of the ax15. It doesn't like 5th gear not enough power. But that was before my wiring harness fried itself. I'm tempted to run d44s or something similar to get deeper gears in the axles 5.38s 5.71s 6.17s
  8. Question on the swap from 2.5 to 4.0. The driver side frame horn, did you have to do any welding or did it just bolt right up? Also what did you do about the radiator supports on the header panel?
  9. Yeah the coating starts to burn off with the heat lol
  10. Rangers of the time had that funky ttb front axle. Its a solid front axle but also ifs. But technically its not a true solid front axle so yes you are right
  11. I better brush up on my computer programming
  12. Its interesting because I wanted to see what the classic car world/market would look like when I am in my 50s and 60s because I a 2015 mustang would be eligible as an antique in 2045. I wondered what it would take to keep a car like that running for that long because of the computer systems. I guess we just have to see how it goes and adapt.
  13. Thanks for all the support, definitely will get it fixed, just have to figure out what to do. And a fire extinguisher is at the very top of next things to purchase
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