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  1. Tested for resistance got 247
  2. The cps is good no shorts, the contacts are clean. I just pulled apart the ICM cleaned the contacts there as well. Still trying to figure it out
  3. The cps is good. it might be the ignition control module or the ecu. Is there a way to test the ecu to make sure it's still good?
  4. Jeep is cranking, it's got fuel but still no start. there is no spark. going to check the cps and the ignition control module
  5. I might just do that. I guess it helps I don't have a radio
  6. You know more of this than I do. Also I had asked a fellow member a few months back if I should get a new ecu because I wasn't sure if the fire had fired the ecu as well I will do this now. Question- if its the on/off switch for the fuel pump that isnt working... could I wire an actual switch and control the fuel pump manually?
  7. I got 0Ω's between the 2 connectors
  8. Yes the fuel pump runs with the jumper wire from Pin_2 to ground and key on
  9. block pin_5 is reading 11.11 volts
  10. With jumper wire between the pins, fuel pump is running and d1_6 is reading 11.8volts
  11. No I did not. I guess I am trying to skip steps before finding the real issue.
  12. Can I run a new power wire for the fuel pump?
  13. The terminals look good. I'm trying to remove that undercoating stuff, I did see a small amount of corrosion on one of the terminals
  14. From the top of the block. there is no corrosion, from the bottom there is some of that black tar junky stuff
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