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  1. Thanks man, still thinking about if to run flares or not
  2. Swampy

    lift and tire setup thread

    My hunk of junk 4.5" xj lift coils w/ 1.5 metal coil spacers ( I am thinking about 4.5 lift zj coils to lose the spacers) SOA in the rear 8.25 axle with 2wd leaves (may do an add-a-leaf in the rear, my leafs are sitting pretty flat right now) Adjustable upper and lower control arms This is on the above setup on 31x10.5x15 on 15x8 The above suspension setup on 36x12.5x15 super swamper tsl's
  3. Awesome, thanks for the feature! I died when I read the title More is instore for this truck
  4. Swampy

    Nates4x4.com Comanche Bumpers

    Are orders still being filled out?
  5. Swampy

    reproduction seat brackets and roll bar brackets!

    still have seat brackets available?
  6. And it shows the fit and finish is beautiful. That is creative way to fix the rusty floor pans, do the 97+ dash swap, and swap the 97+ front clip swap all in one
  7. I have thought about those Mercedes 300td diesel sedan engine. Good to see someone making a move with one
  8. Good luck man. Wish you the best! And I will state again... your truck is dream goals
  9. Swampy

    Alternative fuels??

    Yeah Telsa was even testing their EV semi the other day. It looks crazy streamlined but that's because she has to be as efficient as possible. It is definitely the way the future is heading. And the gov subsidizes coal and oil way more than electricity. Each year it gets cheaper to use and soon it'll be all there is. Electric and steam cars were actually the first cars in the US/ the world. But I may or may not consider turning to e85. I have to see how much it would be invested in it. Fuel availability probably has to be the only downside for e85/e100 but it should be coming up in availability as the industry goes in that direction. I know Brazil uses ethanol as a standard fuel for the country
  10. Swampy

    Alternative fuels??

    I was thinking more along the lines of a flex fuel set up to be able to run a mix of e85 and like 88 octane gas
  11. Hey guys, I was thinking if anyone has messed with different fuels in the comanches. Like e85, propane, e100, or a flexfuel set up. I have been thinking of doing an e85 or a flexfuel set up but not sure how it would work in the jeep. I know people do it to performance cars because of the cooler burning temp and better power but a jeep?
  12. Well see what happens. Lots of options and lots of time haha
  13. Oh okay awesome thanks Mnky yeah I am thinking about going this route or just getting an atlas. Still have a lot of thinking to do, as my manche is going to sit still december unfortunately
  14. Swampy

    Seat Brackets

    Dang you won't have any more?