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  1. Got started replacing parts on the comanche, I put the new thermostat in by drilling out the old bolt and threading the new hole. I replaced the radiator hoses, and the radiator itself. Got the new alternator installed and in the process of doing the clutch line and brake booster
  2. Isuzu 44

    I'm right there with ya, I havent even finished my build and I am already thinking of more mods. 37s is the goal and was planning in the future to go with d44s to be able to get more gearing than the 5.13 limit in a d30 but in the mean time... if your 4.88s need a new home lmk.
  3. I got the wheel studs needed to get one step closer to getting this comanche moving under her own power. They are from a (1997 jeep cherokee front end) Part Numbers New Wheel Studs installed
  4. Haulin MJs, here to there and back

    Pete that's a universal bed tire mount? or did you make something that ties in the rear bumper?
  5. I bet. I just love the way your rig looks
  6. Been doing some work on wendy, This is going to be a long post and I am sorry ahead of time for it haha. I got a bunch of parts in the mail this past week, and this weekend I started tearing in to the jeep. I first wanted to replace the radiator with the new one I got ( also got a new thermostat, radiator cap, hoses etc.) I pulled the old radiator out and I got to take out the housing for the thermostat, and SNAP on of the bolts broke in the head. I am at a loss of what to do, I tried vice grips, pb blaster, and a extractor bit to no avail. The picture is from when it first snapped Also radiator related, is it possible to fit an electric pusher fan on the front of the condenser and radiator behind the grill? Besides breaking bolts, I also replaced the alternator a bunch of fuses and started the process of swapping kj disc onto the rear of the comanche ( with the help of the gf) Just have to get new wheel studs because the kj wheel studs are too big and won't go into the axle shaft, I am going to try the wheel studs from a dana 30 and see if those work, I read somewhere they do. Lastly I need to pick up some calipers to finalize the front and rear brake swap, but other than that the comanche build is going somewhat as planned
  7. Glad to see another 2.5 haha. I love the stubby bumper too, its actually the same one I want to order for my manche. How do you like the 4.88s with the 33s?
  8. Looks awesome. Love the overland look about it. still have the 4cly in it?
  9. Welcome to Epic Tech!

    Sounds great. Maybe when I develop some fab skills I can contribute to this forum haha
  10. My bad. I just wasnt sure if theu had to be plugged or not
  11. Thanks for the help!
  12. I have a manual. Do I have to get a new radiator or just not run line to the cooler?
  13. I just got a stock replacement for my 2.5l radiator from rockauto and there are these 2 fittings on the bottom that I can't find on the stock radiator.
  14. Thanks for the info. I think I am going to zip tie the arm and see what that does
  15. How do you remove the roll pin from an external slave to replace it with a new part? I blew mine out and I can't seem to get it out