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  1. Would you recomend an sye for the second 2 case? Also @mnkyboy how did you/where did you mount the shifter for the crawl box
  2. Yeah I was planning on swapping in all the np241 guys into the np231 case and using that behind the crawl box. The ecobox does look good I am planning on running 35-37" tires
  3. Swampy

    Rubber windshield trim

    From teamcherokee.com
  4. I will definitely look into it. I still have a while before I do something like this, just wanted to get an idea of whats available and what people are using
  5. Looks fancier too haha. but after checking prices, it may be cheaper to go with the behemoth box
  6. I have to re gear anyways for the bigger tires, but people have had issues with the 4:1 low range in the np231
  7. Hey guys wanted to know how many of you have doublers, crawl boxes, underdrives or even special transfer cases like an atlas to get higher crawl ratios. I mainly want to do this so the jeep can tackle more terrain easier and so its easier offroading with a manual. Right now, how my comanche is set up: 3.55 gears, ax15, and np231 my crawl ratio is at about 37:1. When I regear to 5.13s crawl ratio is gong up to 53:1. The main goal is to get around 150:1 as a final crawl ratio but anywhere close to 100:1 is acceptable. What caught my attention was making a crawl box out of the front half of an np231. A company makes an adapter to make the front half of one np231 a crawl box and then mate a second np231 behind that. For a low-low of 7.4:1. Which when paired with the 3.83 1st gear of the ax15 and the 5.13 gears gets you a crawl ratio of 145:1. Almost exactly what I want. Do you guys think its a viable plan? Here Is the Adapter: NP231 Doubler Adapter and it would look something like this
  8. I need some more fab skill to get my bump stops done and to just take my build up a notch like yours
  9. Love the way it turned out and love the updates. A true inspiration
  10. Swampy

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Oh okay, its still going to come out awesome
  11. Swampy

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Going soa or staying sua with the 8.8?
  12. As I keep saying still have lots to do, but this is going to be it for a while, after next week it is getting parked till roughly December time . None the less I am still amazed by what I was able to do especially under a year from when I first got the jeep. I couldn't have done it without the help of this forum. These are some pictures from the first and last trip out for a while, this was right by my house because I had to take it out at least once before I left to university. What Happened on the trip: For being under geared and under powered it did well on the trails, it struggled in the softer thicker mud mud because 4banger+ 3.55 gears+ 36" tires+ open diffs= going no where. As far as carnage goes, it started smoking because I am leaking oil from the distributor gasket and this plate on the side of the block, lost my exhaust tip, and the passenger side adjustable upper control arm came apart. So those are things added to the list of things to do/fix. But this pretty much wraps up phase 1 of the build, phase 2 is going to be gears, lockers, roll cage (hopefully), power steering, fixing the oil leaks, fix gauges, interior upgrades/missing pieces, radio/speakers, front bumper, winch, battery box, snorkel etc. Thank you guys again for all the help
  13. I have decided to keep the jeep more of a toy/dedicated trail rig. Until I can put some more money in it to make it even more reliable to be like a weekend warrior . It may end up as a trailer queen, but who knows
  14. Consider it an impulse buy, 4- 36x12.5x15 tsl swampers for $100. I couldnt pass on the deal. Yesterday I mounted them all on 15x8 american racing wheels and I couldnt be happier with the look. Yes I know, I am probably going to have to trim fenders, definitely need longer bump stops (Front and rear), and I need to save for gears and lockers.