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  1. Yeah the coating starts to burn off with the heat lol
  2. Rangers of the time had that funky ttb front axle. Its a solid front axle but also ifs. But technically its not a true solid front axle so yes you are right
  3. I better brush up on my computer programming
  4. Its interesting because I wanted to see what the classic car world/market would look like when I am in my 50s and 60s because I a 2015 mustang would be eligible as an antique in 2045. I wondered what it would take to keep a car like that running for that long because of the computer systems. I guess we just have to see how it goes and adapt.
  5. Thanks for all the support, definitely will get it fixed, just have to figure out what to do. And a fire extinguisher is at the very top of next things to purchase
  6. Yeah its pretty emotional. But it is not a total loss so that's a good thing. But I am taking a few weeks break to clear my head and really think about what I want to do. The 2.5 was great except foe getting up to highway speeds I wouldn't mind staying with a 2.5 (especially if I can do some engine work to it) unless a 4.0 swap comes cheap
  7. I am at a loss for words... I was out driving the comanche on a sunday cruise 5/21/19 and something dreadful happened. The comanche caught fire while I was driving. Luckily a bystander had a fire extinguisher and I was able to put the fire out quickly but the damage is done. I am not sure what caused it, it could have been a fuel line that started leaking, or some sort of electrical problem. The mj is no longer drivable as the harness and some of the sensors and connectors are fried. Everything that is damaged is repairable thankfully and I made it out unscathed. Back to square 1 I guess. The real question now is whether to source the parts to keep the tbi, or source the parts for 2.5l mpi swap or do something else. Some pics of the damage (you can see the dry chemical from the extinguisher) Any suggestions on what I should do? Stay tbi or go ahead with mpi swap?
  8. What a find on that chassis, definitely a great re-starting point
  9. Swampy

    2.5 wiring harness

    Hey guys this past sunday 5/19/19, I was out in the comanche for a sunday cruise and something caught on fire. Lucky the fire was extinguished fairly quickly, but it rendered the jeep dead in the water. I am not sure of the cause of the fire, but I feel like it was electrical. The wiring harness and some of the sensors are fried. I am looking either for a 2.5 tbi wiring harness and various sensors or help tracking down the parts for an mpi swap, because now would be the time Here is a picture of the damage so you can get an idea
  10. above the dash seems to be the best spot because there is only so much room underneath
  11. I appreciate the input that's what I see myself doing is a full interior cage. Do you think the kit I linked previously is a good base to start with?
  12. Wow it is really coming together, I have to get my behind in gear to keep up with you if Moab 2020 is going to be a success. I agree with Pete shake down miles are a must
  13. It is really coming together nicely man! I want to see it moving under its own power
  14. Next up for the comanche is a list of things but first and foremost is getting the spartan locker for the rear, I know I have it in my sig but I don't physically have it yet. Also getting the rock sliders, an extra cooling fan operated on a switch, mount up my new tires, a winch, and figure out some wiring issues for the turn signals and windshield wipers
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