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  1. I did but I didn't have a tire pressure gauge to check how much pressure was in the tires and I didn't want to lose a bead
  2. Thanks guys. Feels good to finally use the jeep
  3. What's the width on the waggy roughly 63" right?
  4. That was my only issue with the waggy axles is the LP. I know the waggy axle is stronger than the d30 but if I could find or retube a ford d44 that would be perfect
  5. Thanks for the info. I have been searching mainly for a d44's but I only found 2 or 3. 1 a HP is from an f250 so its about ~69" wms to wms (the guy selling it wants $1500 for it) and the others are waggy LP d44 and dodge w150 d44. I was just wondering what the jk30 strength compared to the xj30 strength. The more I price out axle builds tons generally keep coming up cheaper (after I learn to weld and do gears)
  6. Sept. 26, 2020 First real trail day in the besides just mud. Went out to Lazy Springs Recreation park out by Naples, FL. It was a blast. I did have quite a step learning curve with a manual on the rocks but it was a fun time. Jeep did way better than expected and I didnt break anything. I will upload videos soon Trailed the Jeep to the park as I wasnt sure I trusted the jeep to drive there and back quite yet. Jeep flexes amazing and has no issues stuffing a 35" tire. She looks good doing it
  7. Started putting miles on the jeep and so far it is a blast to be behind the wheel again. I already have a list of things I want to improve on the jeep but I want to enjoy it for a while before I tear into it again. Wendy did have an issue running hot but as it turns out it was because the previous owner of the cherokee I pulled the engine from didn't have a thermostat installed. Now she cruises at 215 no worries. I thought the 5.13s+35s+4.0 would be an issue driving but turns out its not so bad. 60mph is about 2300rpm and 65 is just over 2500rpm. The s
  8. Swampy

    Wendy MJ

    Pics throughout the build and rebuilding of Wendy
  9. From what I have gathered off the internet. JK D30 -wider(5" wider than xj d30) -5x5 bolt pattern -larger housing (same as jk44) -larger/thicker tubes (same as jk44) -same inner C's as jk44 -bigger brakes -bigger calipers -Jk 2dr curb weight 3900lbs xj d30 -60.5" wms to wms -smaller housing -thinner tubes -XJ curb weight ~3200lbs In my hours of internet wheeling I saw jk rigs running 37s on the jk30. I know overall it is bigger and some what stronger than the xj30. The jk30 has the same housing as a jk44 b
  10. This took off more than I was expecting it to. Its good to know you can use wj hubs to run the 5x5 bolt pattern.
  11. metal cloak has some 5.5" progressive coils but they are for a tj, they will fit the xj but offer less than 5.5" of lift
  12. Thanks. I think of it has my own spin on the zone offroad MJ lol
  13. Yes indeed you can. I stood on them and shifted my weight around and the whole rocks with the sliders
  14. Finally after 1.5 years of sitting in the garage I got my Scarfab sliders mounted up. Youtube video will be dropping soon.
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