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  1. This will be the official build page for the MJ Motorhome. Progress pictures will be posted as work progresses. Before and After so check back through out the months ahead.
  2. So I plan on doing the 4wd conversion to my 1989 2wd automatic 4.0L MJ. I obviously want the cheapest route and don't mind the work needed. I guess my question is, if i found another xj within the years 87-90 (renix) does everything swap right in? besides the rear driveshaft (I know that would have to be re-sized). I also have an automatic tranny right now and keeping it would be less costly and less work than getting a manual trans but would my ax4 be a good match up for a transfer case? Or would I have to swap the trans from a donor with a 4x4 auto? This is my first big project for me so help would be appreciated! :thumbsup:
  3. Hey peoples, I decided to start the build thread for my comanche. I got my comanche and a parts cherokee for a 2003 yamaha big bear 400 4x4 I had built up. This is my first real 4x4 vehicle and the build plan is a daily driver/weekend warrior My build guidelines are to the rules of the 4wheel and offroad Ultimate adventure (found here {under vehicle/driver requirements}:http://www.fourwheeler.com/ultimate-adventure/2017/ultimate-adventure-application/ ) - Cage, lockers front and rear, steering upgrades, 35s or 37s, gears and other stuff Enough of the non-sense and time for the specs on the Comanche and the actual thread I have what I believe to be a base model of a 1988 Jeep Comanche. It has a 2.5l tbi 4banger, ax4 manual transmission (that needs a new slave cyclinder) , and its 2wd. the bench seat is ripped and there are holes in the driver side floor pan, other than that it seems to be in decent condition This what she looked like when I got her pictures......... The plans for right now is to pull the ax4 2wd and swap in an ax15 4x4 transmission, find a 8.25 or 8.8 rear end, fix the floor pan, swap the bench to bucket seats, swap the gauge cluster, swap the steering wheel, and some other goodies. The comanche that I love/inspiration: Zone Offroad Ultimate Adventure Rig
  4. Updating this first post with updated info and what's been done vs what still needs to be done. Purchased in North GA, but appears to have been driven all over the country. A PO of this traveled all over and camped in the back. That's what I understand a lot of the rust to be from. I had planned on a restomod fairly quickly but I ended up moving cross-country and funds weren't quite as available anymore. So it's been a slow crawl, but progress nonetheless. So let's get what's in this thread out of the way with also mentioning the plan still taking place. Done: Lots of little things I can't even remember with a lot of just cleaning it up a bit and mechanical maintenance 4.5" Rough Country Lift Rough Country Upgraded Steering '98 Cherokee axle w/ 3.55s (Stock was 3.07) Sourced Turbines & 31" Tires 1.5" Spacers in the rear Swapped in an MJ Rear Axle with 3.55s instead of regearing Replaced Driver Floor Converted to Open Cooling 1 Kilmat Layer (Should do another as I have more leftover) Jeep Cables Upgrade AX15 Swap Azzy's Shift Linkage Replaced Topper Seals and Build a Camping Setup 97+ Header Panel WJ Brake Booster To-Do: Complete the 97+ Clip (Eventually a full swap) Bumpers - Front & Rear Re-Gear to 4.10s LOTS of bodywork lol New Leaf Springs I'm happy with driving it as my primary vs my 2012 WK2. Just love the overall experience and the fact that I can take it anywhere. It's still not pretty, but sure is fun!
  5. 1986 Jeep Comanche • 2.5L TBI • 5-Speed • 4x4 • Big Ton • AMC 20 Rear Axle • Long Bed My Comanche must have been made on a Friday, because there's two different VINs present. This truck has been flying under the radar since it landed on the shores of Kansas way back in 86. When it was due for insurance renewal I noticed inconsistencies across the board. After a full month of rigamarole, a patient Highway Patrolman got this truck on the straight-and-narrow with the state of Kansas. Back in the day this truck was driven all around checking oil wells on rough limestone country roads. 2nd owner used it like a truck, but had it garaged for the 20 years he had it. Under its current owner she remains garaged, and is slowly being taken to its next level. I personally go with the dash VIN, but Kansas has the engine bay VIN as their favorite When looking closely, another VIN plate is riveted underneath A full month of leg work, and all I got was this sticker: The previous owner got the seat reupholstered Redlinegoods.com made this custom shift boot. It looks great, but their stock Comanche sewing template is too long. In the future I may reorder this boot with 2 or 3 inches of height removed. In the shop for a much needed transmission overhaul A full-size spare snugs right in to replace the old doughnut 157,500 miles on this 2.5L
  6. Picked up a Swb 4cyl,5spd,4x4 last week to build into a crawler now that my 88lwb is done and driving nice! tentative plans are as fallows: Keep stock drive line except axles those will be a G2 44 that I will pull from my other MJ as it just does street and gravel road stuff, rear axle will be an Isuzu rodeo 44( these axles use same larger 9” ring gear at the jk rubicon’s and a pinion that rivals a d60! Will also be doing a 231/231 doubler and goal tire size is 37-40’s! will be doing 2x6 rockers full interior cage tied to bed cage and bobbing the bed I’m thinking 8”
  7. My latest acquisition. I’ll get it in the registry once I get the interior emptied. It’s an 88 Pioneer, 4.0, 5 speed (AX-15 swapped in), D30 and D35, looks to have a 3 inch lift. The only rust that I’ve found on the truck is in the floors. It needs front fenders, which I have, a header panel, which I have, and doors, one of which I will need to source. It came with most of the needed parts to swap to a grey interior from a tan one (not sure I will), grey MJ bucket seats, and of course, a sportbar, which will find its way into the my blue truck, and a bunch of misc parts. What’s the plan for the truck? I do not know, as of now, the first step is to make it fun and drive, then I will probably start replacing the damaged body panels. This truck is honestly nicer than my blue truck was when I first got it, but pictures make it look nicer than it really is.
  8. Oh yeah burnt the hell out of that throw out bearing. Wouldn't you know it, I was on my way to work. Yep custom intake and open up air flow I, someone else on CC has done similiar using a speaker mesh to cover as to mine is just open. Attempted to do CAD flip but needed to jack up truck to aline 2 piece shaft for colar to slide over. Someone elses photo on CC but just to show what it looked like before I closed it up. Oh that's my clutch pedal and clutch master push rod linkage Cleaned up both brake and clutch pedal welded clutch pedal Reinstalled, just wish I could have removerd the hanger for clean up too.
  9. Hey everyone my name is tyler, I am new to the forums and am in the process of building up my 1990 jeep comanche 4x4. This is my second comanche and I'm building it as a daily driver that will get me through the harsh canadian winters and see some moderate 4x4ing as well as shuttling mountain bikes where ever i ride.
  10. I recently started working on my 1987 Jeep Comanche 4.0L again and so far I have replaced the crankshaft position sensor, transmission shift cable, spark plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel pump relay. Now that I have all these things replaced I was getting ready to get it running and after multiple attempts it would fire sometimes, other times not when we would spray engine starter into the carburetor. We then took one of the spark plugs out to see if we were getting spark and turns out we weren't!!! Before this we checked the fuel injectors and they were all working perfectly, the pressure was amazing on the fuel rail as well, so we knew it wasn't a fuel issue like other people have said it could be. Next we checked the ECM to see if it was messed up internally at all and it was perfect as well. So I am at a stopping point right now until I can figure out what is causing NO SPARK! I heard that it could possibly be the ICM, but I wanted to hear from fellow Comanche owners before I move forward. Please Help!
  11. 1987 Comanche long bed 4.0l Manuel 5 spd, Dana 35 and Dana 30. 3 inch RC lift, 31 bfg ATs Alright, so I've learned a lot about axle swaps but now that I'm looking for a 8.8 out of an explorer, I just want to know what is completely involved. I've looked at some other posts and stuff so I have a rough idea. What do I need get to do this? What do I need to do? Is it simple enough? What cutting and welding and fabricating is involved? Should I get the axle beefed up with a truss while its out? What gears should I do and how much are they? What shafts? Brakes? Ect? Thanks please don't tell me that I shouldn't does this or some other thing about money. I just want to see what's involved and if I want to do this. I have my reasons why and it's also just a learning experience for me, So if you can just answer with a straight forward answers. Thanks
  12. Tramp


    1986 Jeep Comanche LWB Command-Trac, 2.5 litre 4x4. Body ia a little rough but sound. Runs good. Has a leak in the clutch slave cylinder so you have to pump the clutch up a few times before you take off if you haven't driven it in a while. 2.5 litre Iron Duke 4 cylinder All New brake system, master cylinder, braided lines, rotors, pads, EVERYTHING! New Ignition Module Recent tune up with new plugs and wires too New Starter Spectre water cooled air filter 4" lift kit Zone Shocks
  13. How's she goin? long-time lurker here from Cape Breton Canada who decided to finally get off his rear and make a build thread on my 1992 Comanche base model. So, you may ask why call this thread "pipe-dream?" well, ever since I seen my first comanche when i was 8 I've always wanted one, i owned tons of jeep cherokees, and built lots of them to, but.. it just didnt feel right. they were fun and stuff sure, but for the things I do day to day, they were just lacking in the utility department. The first one I built was a 93 Cherokee sport, I had purchased for $1,200 of some old fella up in the mountains. I daily drove it for 3 years, making the kilometers climb from 321,000km (199,500mi) all the way to 415,000kms (258,000mi) I slowly built it up with my highschool budget, Lift, tires, roof rack, lots of lights, and a custom winch bumper. But, like most cherokees, it had braved the canadian winters without any type of protection, which led to the floors rusting out, and the uniframe becoming soft in some spots. I ended up selling it to a friend of mine. Next came the 96 XJ, to which i was told "came from alberta" and at first sight looked clean as could be. about a month after purchase I pulled the carpets to find that the PO had covered the entire underbody in thick black under coat, hiding the lack of a floor, and had just layed metal plate down in places he couldn't hide. so I patched them up, and continued to drive it for the next year, lifting it, wheeling it, and using like a jeep should be used, but it left a bad taste in my mouth knowing about all the rust it had. Then the engine blew... So, I was left daily driving my BMW for the summer to go to work, I was jeepless, and my BMW isnt exactly a fan of our rough roads... SO What was I to do? I couldn't find a decent jeep around cape breton that wasn't rotten, or beaten to death, plus i was slowly killing my BMW putting almost 900kms (560mi) on it a week.... A few weeks go by and my itch for another jeep was getting bigger, but i didnt want anymore rot-boxes and I wanted something different.. something that would stand out. then out of curiosity I decide to search all across Canada for a Comanche... I browsed through the endless ads of the same thing, Comanches that were broke in half, missing beds, engineless husks of what they once were, or just plain destroyed like the sad fate of most of them, and if i was going to look for a MJ I was going to be picky, I didn't want a renix, no 4 cyls, it HAD to be a 5 speed... and specifically.. 2 wheel drive, Why 2 wheel drive? because it wouldn't of been put through half the stuff a 4x4 one would of. Then I found it... the perfect Comanche. a 91 (or so i thought) 2 wheel drive, 5 speed, 4.0 HO, base model. and unlike the rest... it wasnt beat half to death. it was almost as if it just came from the dealer, (probably because it was wet in the pictures aha) One problem though.. it was in Swift current Saskatchewan ... 4,307kms (2676mi) from me... so, I quickly blew it off, "too far away, and I'll never save up the money in time before its sold" even though it was only $2,500.... But try as hard as I could, i just couldn't get it off my mind, always stuck at the back of it, even with my 16 hour 6 day a week job of Crab fishing. Once I had actually saved up enough money a few weeks later, I decided to check back on it and low and behold, the ad was still up!... so I gave the owner a call and asked him for the regulars "How's it run, whats the body like, and does it need anything?" Once we were done our little chat, and I had informed him I was on the other side of canada, he replied with "Well, your the only person to really show interest in the truck, tell you what, if you want I'll hold onto it for you for a little bit until you can figure out how your gunna get here, and get it home" So, I went to thinking, that night, trying to figure out just how in the heck was I gunna get to Saskatchewan... My hope quickly dwindling, I had never left Cape Breton before, Didn't have enough for a plane ticket, and gas money to drive it home.... Then I remembered, I had a cousin working out there on a oil rig and he was due to come home soon, so I shot him a message on facebook, asking him if he'd be willing to drive 5 hours out to just look at it for me, so after some discussion, I e-transfered him out the money for the truck, and a bit extra for gas for his truck. the next day while at work, he texted me saying it wasn't any good... it was perfect, he couldn't leave the guys house without it, though the previous owner was a little concerned since the truck had NEVER SEEN THE HIGHWAY before. as the story goes behind it, he had bought it new in 1992, and it was his run-around truck for his Diesel repair shop, doing errands here and there around town, and every night it was washed, and tucked away in the shop, but the little trooper made it the entire way back to Regina without any problems, minus a bit of death wobble around 110kmh (70MPH) which was due to the tires being from 98... The next few months it spent its time waiting in my cousins garage, and got some tune-up work done, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, a new serpentine belt, filters, and some donor wheels off a old grand caravan, once the time came he set off on his journey home to me, chugging along the trans Canada Highway, up and down mountains, along lakes, coastal roads, and only stopping for a few hours while my cousin slept in the cab (still don't know how he managed that....) And then the 12th of October, it finally arrived in my driveway, my once was a Pipe-dream, had come true I now was the proud owner of one of THE cleanest Comanches on the Island. But, his journey wasnt over yet, I wasnt just going to leave it alone.. no no no. I wanted a Comanche that will brave anything i want it to, WHILE being a comfortable daily driver, and knowing how many miles it was going to get, I decided to name him Nomad, Adventurous and never stuck to one spot, which seemed fitting after his journey across Canada. First thing was first, The caravan wheels had to go. I put some used 235/75R15 winters on the factory wheels and tossed them on which improved the look of the truck drastically. I swapped the grille to one with a chrome outline, and added Hella H4 conversion lights with a Putco Relay harness Then, I had to cover up the bare metal rockers, so some Primer, rocker-gaurd, and Color match paint later, and I was left with this. The front seemed kinda bare, so a small trip to Moncton and I had acquired a new front bumper with Bumperettes, some fog-lights and I also had ordered some NOS KC light covers to cover them up. Plus, I had also found some wood-grain door panels from a cherokee country, a leather wrapped steering wheel, Bucket seats, and a center console. So, out with the old interior And while I had it out, I took out the carpet to clean it, lightly sanded down the paint, and covered the entire thing in Chassis saver paint. Then, we swapped the Bench brackets onto the buckets, and bam I had a nice Eleminator packaged interior, With full gauges, comfy buckets, woodgrain AND A CUP HOLDER. I cruised around for a while like that, grinning from ear to ear, but I knew winter was coming... and I knew he'd have to be upgraded and protected for the upcoming months, so my pride and joy wouldent end up like every other jeep i've owned. So, I went out and bought this as a donor truck. One VERY rotten 88/96 Cheromanche. a obvious hack job, wires ran everywhere, a very broken frame that was attempted to be patched.. but still ended up breaking in half on the drive home from just bouncing on the trailer. so, we pulled all the running gear out of it, and began the swap into my clean, unmolested, untouched 92 survivor, I had also purchased a BDS 3" lift kit at the time aswell, and some Bilstein 5100 shocks. Out with the old Dead-axle 30 Then out came the grease-ball of a perfectly shifting 2wd AX15 while we had everything apart, we decided to do the rear-main seal and oil-pan gasket, to ensure this is one jeep that won't mark its territory. Up went the External slave AX15 from the donor truck And then the transfer case We transfered the gears from the donor Dana 30, into a rust free housing then sealed it up and painted it, Adding new ball-joints, wheel bearings, U-joints, axle seals, Pinon seals, and anti-seizing everything and then Wrestled it under Nomad and began bolting everything in place, the new track-bar, upper and lower control arms, shocks, all new V8 ZJ steering gear, calipers, pads, rotors, and flex hoses We tossed in the rear drive-shaft for now, knowing i would have to get the one from the donor truck rebuilt, and undercoated the entire under-side of the truck in Fluid-Film Also making up a special tool so we could run the under-coating nozzle way into the frame and coating the inside of the rails thoroughly, plus the insides of the rockers, fenders, doors, and innder bedsides. , And after 2 weeks of hard work I could finally see it sitting on its own weight again. I took the truck over to a local spring shop the next day to have them put in the add-a-leaf, and then from there it went for alignment. Once i got home, I put on the wheels and tires from my old 96 Cherokee, and pretty much have been driving it since. I will actually be going to Moncton this week coming to have my front drive-shaft rebuilt. I hope you enjoyed reading my little adventure, and if you didnt, sorry for the wall of text! I will update this thread as I make improvements to the truck and eventually begin traveling with it, as a closure here are some pictures I took of the truck recently, and I look foward to making updates in this for everyone of this awesome site to read!
  14. The dream build. So allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nick, 25, based out of Baton Rouge, LA. I've owned a YJ for almost 3 years and decided to sell it for an 1988 4x4 auto MJ with the long bed and the 4.0l I6. I learned everything about jeeps while owning and restoring the YJ (and that brief period I had a JK). Now I move on to learn more with the Manche (seen below). Now back to the dream. I want a 4x4 camper truck/overland vehicle. I've seen very few(practically none), but a few exist. I have about $6-$8k budget for this project. Jeep purist, bear with me for this next part. This is a Toyota Chinook. It sits on a Toyota Hilux frame with a 112" wheelbase. Similar to the Comanche's 110" wheel base. Option A: Buy a prebuilt Chinook attached to a Toyota like the one seen above. Pros: Work is already done, manual transmission, 20r engine good on MPG, pop up cabin, walk through cab, toyota tough, move-in ready. Cons: 2wd (Conversions sound tough), weak engine, old @$$ frame and drivetrain, fixing someone's mistakes. Option B: Buy a Chinook shell, attach to my Jeep Comanche. Pros: 4x4, 4.0l strong engine, strong frame and drivetrain for camper weight, newer car in general, JEEP. Cons: TONS of work ahead of me, cutting through the cab of a Jeep comanche (Scariest idea ever), Auto transmission (This swap might be easier and cheaper than a 4x4 swap in a toyota). Option C: Custom Fabricate a camper shell for the Comanche and build the entire thing from scratch. Pros: All the pros of "Option B", completely customized to my needs and comforts, stronger and more modern designs than a 70s era fiberglass shell. Cons: I can't weld (Fabrication to be outsourced), Cut through the cab of the manche (I really want a walk-through camper), TONS more work than option A or B. I'm looking to get plenty of feedback and brainstorm these ideas around the internet, so If anyone has any helpful links or advice or knowledge, Comment here, or find me on Facebook (Nick Martino). Thanks in advance, Jeep on!
  15. Finally posting my truck after about a year and a half of ownership, I purchased 2 Comanches from a guy in Woodstock, Illinois. One 86 red 2.5, 2wd, dana 35 long bed and one 86 silver 2.8, manual, 4wd, long bed. All I knew about the silver truck was that it supposedly had a wiring/ground issue and was taken apart and prepared to be parted out. They were both purchased for $500, as well as an additional $150 for a stock pile of extra parts. Both trucks had rust on rockers/bed ect., but at 500 for the pair I couldn't say no. They mark the 4th and 5th Jeeps that I've owned at 20 years old, and the MJ is quickly becoming one of my favorite chassis. When purchased the red truck ran and drove but smoked white out of the tailpipe bad, it sat for awhile and i replaced the head gasket and general top end gaskets, including a check on the head, after it was back together it ran better but smoked even more. I sold it on craigslist for $450 after it sat in the driveway for awhile. I purchased a third MJ around 2 months after the first two, I paid $250 for an 89 Pioneer lwb 4.0 4wd with no motor and the trans in the back, floors were rusted but I wanted a specific set of parts for the other truck. The silver Comanche was missing a drivers side floor, no gas tank, no dash, no interior, no steering column, a broken shock mount on the rear bed frame, and a broken leaf spring plate shock mount. The 89 truck had a burgandy interior with bench seat, a column,a long bed camper shell and the general small parts I needed for the other truck. I took a couple of months getting the parts I needed and then cut up the 89 Pioneer and hauled it to the scrap yard. It left me with all the parts I would need and I got to work patching the floor on the truck. An amazon floor pan didn't fit precisely, but I made it work, I put in a brand new grey carpet that matched a flawless grey dash. The burgandy bench seat followed after I had refinished the bench mounts. I wired the necessities into the dash and discovered that signal was going to and from the column with the key but would not start. I rewired the starter relay to a push button start, replaced a broken engine ground strap and the ignition coil, mounted the fuel tank with new straps and it started and ran alright for less than a $1000 invested. After that I installed a 4.5 inch zone lift and put a set of rubicon rims from a jk on that i picked up on craigslist. Redid the headliner too, new radio with new speakers all around, smoker windows waiting to be installed, and a lund visor to top it off. Shes registered, but not insured, driven alright on the road so far except for a scare or two. Just finished up the Ares Fab DIY Front XJ bumper as they're local to me and installed a harbor freight 9,000 pound winch. Hoping to take her on a lot of great adventures this summer and many after that. Pics follow
  16. Hey everyone, I finally decided to create a profile. I've been checking out the MJOTM every now and then but I just decided to create a build thread of my own. I've done a lot of work to my jeep and still have a lot to do. I figure I'll start off with a little backstory, then go through my build from the beginning. I plan on picking at this and updating the thread when I have free time. I'll post whatever pictures I have but unfortunately I didn't take very many. I never think about taking pictures until I'm done something . Anyway I have some long stories. Here's the backstory: It's a Pioneer, 4x4, 4.0L, long bed. I've known this Jeep my whole life as it used to belong to my uncle. My uncle's father (married in uncle) bought it brand new in '87. Now this guy did not baby this truck! It's been rolled over on 2 or 3 occasions and it was used to pull a 5th wheel trailer! My uncle inherited it before I was born (I'm 22 btw) and drove it daily. Luckily my uncle took better care of it and even had it repainted. And it was still in excellent shape. Now when I started driving I started bothering him to sell it to me because I always liked the look of it. I'm not a big fan of trucks, or Jeeps, but Comanche's are different, you just don't see them every day. Here she is the first day I owned it. At ~230xxx km and 95% rust free, 100% stock. This was April 2016. You can skip this paragraph. I got it in the mind of my uncle that I wanted it and he liked the idea of keeping it in the family, he offered it to me for $2500 but then gave it to my cousin's fiance free because she needed a vehicle. This c*nt beat the hell out of it, kept it dirty, and neglected it, I was not pleased. I bugged her every time I saw her that I wanted it. Well, after 3 years she decided to get a newer vehicle. So I offered her $500 for it! She accepted the offer! Glad she didn't know the value! The first thing I did was put on some 31" tires I found for $100. Not long after I had to stash the Comanche away. You see, I was living with my parents, I already owned 2 cars and they were not happy when I brought this home. We have limited parking space so I had to put it away for a few months. Stay tuned as the built really takes off from here.
  17. Going to check out an 88 4.0 4x4. Now as an 87 2.5 RWD owner what should I be looking for? I have the basics down as undercarriage,the usual rust areas and drivability but as far as the 4x4( and having not owned one) what areas should I check? I know it’s manual but the ad I read was extremely vague. Not even sure if it’s a 4 or 5 spd. The owner I’ve texted doesn’t know much about the Jeep( other than wanting to restore it) and I may need to bring along a translator. So I guess what specifically concerning the 4 wheeldrive should I look at? Will I be able to access the ability of everything running as it should be engaging the 4 wheel?Any helpful tips much appreciated! A noob to 4x4 Jeep Comanches!
  18. Hello All! Obligatory I'm new to the Club and I was raised a Jeep guy sentence. Anyhow, I have been looking for my own MJ for almost two years now... and finally I found one! I created this topic in order to record my build process, and to hopefully find some input on what to do and tricks on doing installs and whatnot. So far I've made two lists: One for necessary repairs to get done first in order for my Jeep to pass inspection, and a list of potential gradual modifications. It is a Red '87 Comanche SporTruck, with the short box, inline six, 231 transfer case, dana 30 front and 35 rear, and of course that POS Peugeot BA 10/5 (* means completed) Necessary Repairs include: Driver and possibly passenger floor pan repair Driver front marker light Signal backfeed fix* Driver and passenger side mirrors* New coolant overflow tank* Fix roof rack holes (from previous owner)* Put in a Metric Speedometer (?) Valve Cover Gasket replacement* Possible Distributer O-ring replacement Heater Control valve replacement Clean gunk off Transmission New Windshield* Potential Mods include: New axles to replace the Dana 30 front and 35 rear (maybe 44s?) Transmission swap from BA 10/5 to an AX15 or an Automatic XJ tranny (not sure which one to do yet) Bumpers front and rear '33 or '35 inch tires A couple inches of lift Interior overhaul (cracked dash, and piece below glovebox, bench seat is ripped) Stereo and Speakers New paint job and SporTruck Decals Closed system radiator to a double or triple core system with a cap Bedline the bed This is my basic outline! Stay Tuned !
  19. Hey everybody, my name is Dan, and this is my first post. I've been lurking a while now and I have to say, this is one of the best forums I've ever come across. The vast amounts of information and inspiration are very helpful to new owners. And there is a shocking abscence of bickering, oversensitivity and internet tough guys that seem all too common on other forums. With that said, it's about damn time to start talkn bout Comanches... I've had my eye on getting a Comanche for a couple years. Started seriously looking last January, had a few slip through my fingers, but finally got one in March. Got lucky and found an 87 SWB 2wd 5spd with just under 130k and completely stock. Picked it up for $1800. ;) It had some water leaks(carpet was wet) and needed tires. When I went to leave after sealing the deal, the starter stopped working. So the seller gave me back $60 for a new starter. So for the next day I had to give the starter some love taps to get her going. Turned out to be a loose signal wire. Score! Also, I forgot how much I like driving midsize trucks with a manual trans. Here she is a few days after I bought her: Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics before I started wrenching on it.. Was just really excited. I installed a tool box that I had on a couple other trucks and bought those wheels/tires on craigslist. $70 with pretty worn BFG A/Ts. But they weren't dry rotted like the tires that came on the truck, so that's something.
  20. Ok so I have an 89 jeep comanche 2wd with the 4.0 inline 6 automatic trans. I am thinking of buying this 86 jeep comanche 4wd with Gm 2.8l v6 automatic trans! Will the transfer out of that bolt up to my tans or no!
  21. This build thread is mostly to show my progress on my cousin's ATV. He is letting me borrow it while he is in the Marine Corp I just need to get it running again lol. Pictures will come soon.
  22. ok guys i need some help on deciding how I'm going to proceed with my swap. i have a 87 Jeep Comanche, I6 2wd 5spd stick. i also have a 96 jeep cherokee I6 4x4 Auto trans. I'm wanting to take these 2 and make my Comanche 4x4 with the auto trans, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. I'm doing this because my cherokee rusting out and has a salvage title and on its last leg, the comanche has perfect body and clean title Option one: lots of work, i swap the whole engine transmission t case and ALL the electronics ( harnesses computers dash ect) out of my cherokee into the comanche. this is allot of work and I'm a lil uncomfortable doing that because ive never done it and fear that ill screw it up. the other reason I'm leaning away from this is there is sighs of rigging in the electrical of the charokee before i owned it and i don't want to put bad electrical in, Option two: i take just the Auto trans and tcase and mate them to the engine in the comanche. if i do this i know i need a flex plate that matches my torque converter. But then i have to find some way to wire the auto trans up which i don't know how to do. any tips info or right ups on wiring a auto trans into a Manuel comanche or cherokee? all the help would be much appreciated!!
  23. Well I'm starting my build. First, I must say there are many, many nice Comanche builds on this site. Lots of information and ideas to pull from. The truck is a 4X2 Jeep Comanche with a 4.0 and 5-speed. The goal is to build a reliable 4x4 truck, that can be driven daily. I'm going to start "Low Budget", and work up from there. In other words, I want to get the truck up and running, then start modifying from there. Example, I'm using the stock upper and lower control arms, however I have plans to change them out in the future. What I don't want is a 3 to 10 year build and never being able to drive it. I want it driving & 4X4ing in just a few months. Then build up from there. (its NOT my daily driver, just another hobby truck. :) ) I bought a 92 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 4X4 with Auto, for parts. The 4X4 worked, the interior is in real good shape. The list: convert to a 4X4, 5.5" lift, swap in a Chrysler 8.25 rear (longer shackles in rear) lockers front-n-rear, install Automatic, 4.7 Stoker motor electric fans redo the inside, new or rebuilt inside (rug, seats, dash,,,) under-body armor other misc stuff. I started the project with the suspension and lift. I got the lift parts from the $600 lift thread. http://comancheclub.com/topic/35519-55-600-mj-lift-cheap-high-quality-100-complete-lift/ All the lift parts came in, we started installing it. So far so good. Image Not Found Image Not Found Doing a spring over on the rear axle. Once we get the axles under the truck again, we'll pull the engine and Transmission. clean the engine bay up, paint and what not. Questions: Should I do a slip yoke removal on the transfer case? Should I put a CV joint on the rear shaft?
  24. Well on a trail ride, I got stuck between a rock, and a rock. Front tire pressed up on a rock, and one rear wheel pressed up on a rock. The wheel base was just perfect to get jammed up. Gave it some throttle (just off idle), and POP! Guy behind me heard it. Said after the pop, only one of my rear tires spun. I have a locker, so both should turn. I make some adjustments, and I'm able to drive out. At this point, I'm thinking something in the locker popped. But as I keep going, the tire stays in the axle housing, but still only one tire has power. I'm in the middle of this run, and decide to keep on going. I had to use the winch, once, due to lack of traction. I then drive ~7mi or so home, at 60MPH. Jeep wonders on the road, kinda odd. Get it home, jack it up, and discover I had actually broken an axle shaft. Had I known this, I would have put it on a trailer.. Considering the difficulty of the trail, I was shocked it made it on a broken axle. Its like an athlete finishing a race with a broken leg :) The reason the whole axle assembly did not fall out, is cause I converted the 8.25 to disks. The calipers and disks held it in place. Good reason to switch to rear disks. Lesson : Stock axles can break with 32" tires. I have up-graded all the axle shafts to Alloys (Front and Rear). Also, because I lost one rear axle, and had an open front diff, I had traction issues. So I also added an Eaton E-Locker to the front. That way I have 2 lockers, and should I loose another shaft, I should be able to limp off the trail. Here is one of the obstetrical I went through. Just before the break. Image Not Found
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