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Found 1 result

  1. The dream build. So allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nick, 25, based out of Baton Rouge, LA. I've owned a YJ for almost 3 years and decided to sell it for an 1988 4x4 auto MJ with the long bed and the 4.0l I6. I learned everything about jeeps while owning and restoring the YJ (and that brief period I had a JK). Now I move on to learn more with the Manche (seen below). Now back to the dream. I want a 4x4 camper truck/overland vehicle. I've seen very few(practically none), but a few exist. I have about $6-$8k budget for this project. Jeep purist, bear with me for this next part. This is a Toyota Chinook. It sits on a Toyota Hilux frame with a 112" wheelbase. Similar to the Comanche's 110" wheel base. Option A: Buy a prebuilt Chinook attached to a Toyota like the one seen above. Pros: Work is already done, manual transmission, 20r engine good on MPG, pop up cabin, walk through cab, toyota tough, move-in ready. Cons: 2wd (Conversions sound tough), weak engine, old @$$ frame and drivetrain, fixing someone's mistakes. Option B: Buy a Chinook shell, attach to my Jeep Comanche. Pros: 4x4, 4.0l strong engine, strong frame and drivetrain for camper weight, newer car in general, JEEP. Cons: TONS of work ahead of me, cutting through the cab of a Jeep comanche (Scariest idea ever), Auto transmission (This swap might be easier and cheaper than a 4x4 swap in a toyota). Option C: Custom Fabricate a camper shell for the Comanche and build the entire thing from scratch. Pros: All the pros of "Option B", completely customized to my needs and comforts, stronger and more modern designs than a 70s era fiberglass shell. Cons: I can't weld (Fabrication to be outsourced), Cut through the cab of the manche (I really want a walk-through camper), TONS more work than option A or B. I'm looking to get plenty of feedback and brainstorm these ideas around the internet, so If anyone has any helpful links or advice or knowledge, Comment here, or find me on Facebook (Nick Martino). Thanks in advance, Jeep on!
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