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    Restoring old Jeeps, some I sell most I keep....
    Favorites are MJ Comanches and XJ Cherokees.

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  1. Thanks again eaglescout526
  2. Billybob_jeep I have a highly modified 400 going into a 91MJ. Engine just came back from getting punch out .040 and decked. We preset fitted the block and decided to modify the frame (wider) and also lowered the engine mounts to accommodate the E-force supercharger. However, my question is did you run duel exhaust? and if so how did you maneuver the transmission cross arm? Thanks,
  3. !988 Pioneer short box 4.0 5speed 4x4 Bucket seats Under 200K miles
  4. Great, Thanks MJ team! @Rylee144, From the vague info i got when i picked it up your right, it was at a garage sale ($100.00) and they had a lot of dirt bike stuff. Found this one in Riverside California, closer to Palm Springs i think. They probably cut/fused the logo into the arm rest. It also has custom seat belts similar to harness type with the quick release.
  5. I dug this one out of the back today and put it in the shop. I forgot about what the interior looked like then i saw the hocky stick arm rest, after wiping off the 5 years of dirt i found this embedded label. Anyone have them? If so info would be helpful (can't find it on the web) Thanks and I'll add more pictures as I clean her up. Unknown what build this one will end up as, the bed is very rough and damaged.
  6. VIN is 514. 5th eliminator, i will add the others later...
  7. Pete, Yes, Hunter Green. It will match my XJ.
  8. Thank you again, I also have the original window sticker and somewhere a picture of it sitting on the dealer lot when it was purchased new. I also have the original Dealer installed sport bar/roll bar and all of the history behind this Comanche. It has lived in Nevada all of its life.
  9. 1988 Comanche White 4.0 5 speed manual 2x4 110k miles Bench seat Currently in storage awaiting a rebuild, purchased from the original California owner. Minor front end damage (grill, front bumper).
  10. 1989 Eliminator 2x4 4.0 Auto All original with fog lights and covers 135k original miles This Eliminator will remain stock for as long as its in our family, driven when needed to haul light items or pick up local Jeep parts. The only future upgrades will be new shocks, tires, re-paint to OEM, and replacement graphics.
  11. 1J7FT66S9NL202514 1992 Eliminator My newest addition, non running major project ahead. Purchased with the following; 2x4 converted to 4x4 incomplete, major floor pan rust, Bed & body rust and former owner cut fender wells out. No engine, wire harness, dash, interior, transmission, transfer-case. Plans for this one will be a new drivetrain/powertrain, (383 stroker, 700R4, Transfer case), custom interior, rebuild the body (add new sheet metal at rusted out/missing areas), paint to OEM, Custom bumpers, and hydro assist steering. I also have a nice set of turbines that should add the icing to the project. More to come when this project starts.
  12. 1J7FJ66S0ML582251 1991 Eliminator A "now" project that almost ready for new paint (going to OEM Colorado Red). Some pictures of part of the build on FB Joe Kidd More to come, its a Jeep...
  13. Well Mine is a 91 Eliminator Have vin to prove it, Just a mild build cause I drive it every day.. Wanted one so bad back when they came out, but with the kids and Life, just no money! But now....lmao - My little pup.. Its getting a rebuild, after 300K miles... so deserved!
  14. Thank You Pete! OMG, Thank you all you Teck savvy guys! I still use a Leger Booklet, Kinda the transition guy here. But crap I still love Jeeps!
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