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  1. yup, It'll be painted the same white, with color matched grille and the Eliminator striping/decals. might keep the black pin-stripes aswell just to break up the colors a bit.
  2. I am aware of this, truck will hopefully be going out for paint/body work at the end of this summer if funds allow for it. that and a tiny spot in the same spot on the other side are the only two hints of rust. Kinda why the tacoma took over daily driver dutys and the comanche is spending all winter in a nice cushy garage
  3. No real updates, but thought I'd chime in with some pictures of the MJ I forgot to post. School's had me flat out since the end of summer. All tucked away for winter this year, No salty snowy roads from here on out for my MJ. My "new" tacoma has taken over daily driver/winter dutys. And just a comparison of where my comanche started and a year later.
  4. its been on the road since october ,Its my daily driver for now. until I get a more suited DD car lol
  5. So, I do believe by the end of summer this project is going to take a drastic turn. I love how my Comanche sits now.... BUT... I'm too scared to do -anything- with it, and I don't want that. So.. what does that mean?, Well Nomad will be going less "show truck" and more "go truck" This plan involves: 4.5" lift, Using Full leaf-packs (General spring or Rustys I guess?...) , Rubicon express super-flex arms, and Metal Cloak Dual rate 4.5" coils. ARB bush bumper with 8.500 winch, and my KC's will be moved to there 33 x 10.50 R15 BFG AT tires Custom rear bumper with D-ring points, hitch, and wrap around bed protection Rock rails a "arb" *cough* ebay *cough* Snorkel (Will trim tape the upper bracket to the A-pillar instead of rivits) A Comanche specific topper if I can find one. And finally a Re-gear to 4:10s with a rear LSD. Does this mean I'm gunna go out and absolutely destroy it? No. I want something I can take out on sunday runs, off-road and have fun with, The paint is actually alot worse in person than in pictures, Clear has spots completely missing, and numerous BIG paint chips right to metal. Plus, alot of the modifications are either A. beneficial to its performance, or B. easily reversed. Also, the most recent picture I've taken as of three days ago: And my plan I'm going for (besides paint)
  6. I got 4:10s ready to go in at the end of summer ;D Just gunna do some bolt on stuff for now
  7. Finally got some nice wheels for nomad, 15 x 8 American Racing gamblers for $200! I'll have to take a day to polish them up really good though Just Ordered some new injectors and a bigger throttle body, hopefully to give him back some prep. seems to have developed a dead-spot through the rev range, which I'm hoping is just a sticky injector (would also explain the slight hard starting to)
  8. I'll snag a set of rollbar brakets! could you PM me where to send payment to? and can you ship to Canada?
  9. I'd be interested in a set of rollbar brackets considering my roll-bar is just ratchet strapped in at the moment, don't wanna drill any un-necessary holes into my bed unless I know their right.
  10. So, now that I'm back from my trip to Toronto, I stayed a week in halifax where I picked up a temporary bed-liner, just a peice of rubber mat that fills between the wheel wheels just perfect, and a few other odds and ends, small stuff not worth typing out lol. though, I would decide to leave just as a snow storm was starting. I just stuck er' in 4 high and burbled along at 60kmh from halifax until New Glasgow (about 200km, 124 mi) Some spots I was forced to pass people in the snowed in Passing lane, some spots were over my bumper, but Nomad just kept chugging along. didnt get hot, didnt complain, did exactly what I built it for. Then it was right back to work with spring cleaning, and since my MJ isnt a show-princess, it still gets used for truck-ly duties. And when that was over, I gave it a real good cleaning and enjoyed the next few sunny days we had just cruising around "Urban wheelin" (Ignore the tire shine on one side, I ran out after doing two tires lmao) Standing tall like the loyal rig it's been. 25,000kms (15534 mi) since October and not one single issue. Oh and also, the flowmaster 10's loudness finally wore off. Replaced it with a Thrush turbo, I can actually hear myself think now! ... and the cracked manifold. so looks like I'll be looking into headers now.
  11. I'll have to do that when I get home from my trip to ontario, is that bracket just on any I6 ZJ? or would I have to special order it?
  12. Thanks! I tryed to run them the same way I found them
  13. So, I replaced the ignition with some quality stuff, it came to me with some el-cheapo stuff that always made the truck stumble bad on cold starts, and on long grades if you were labouring the truck any little bit it would hiccup every now and then. placed a order to summit and replaced it all with: MSD Blaster coil, Taylor 8.0mm sprial wires, Davis Unified Ignition cap and rotor, and a set of Champion coppers, also replaced the air filter with Specter high-flow one since i was there. Red stuff means my comanche is BASICALLY a race-jeep now right? Also found out the old subwoofer from my BMW fit behind the seat perfectly! Now i just gotta get off my lazy butt and wire it up, but i wanna run all the wires under the carpet to keep things tidy. Next modifications will be new 4 hole injectors, and a 62mm Throttlebody. and with the upgraded iginition, I've managed to bump my MPG from 14, up to 17! so here's hoping as I keep adding stuff I can manage to get that number to my goal, which is 20. And tomorrow, my CV axles will be in, I blew up a U-joint going up my dads muddy driveway (first time I've ever blown one in my 6 years of driving) I decided to go with CV's because I don't do much off-roading, and the most "offfroad" my MJ sees is either the backyard, or a snow-storm. plus I've always hated the jerk from the steering wheel while turning in 4x4. I got a really good deal on some new ones, so I figured I may as-well try them.
  14. Thanks! I'd rather see it being used and enjoyed everyday rather than sitting in a garage collecting dust ;p
  15. That I haven't, I usually just strap it down in the bed, I plan on eventually getting a tire carrier mounted in the bed
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