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Found 14 results

  1. It's been a couple weeks now since I made the 1200 mile round trip journey to pick up my second Comanche pickup, and so far I couldn't be happier with the purchase. She's had a couple small issues, but has been everything I want in a "project" vehicle. By that I mean, mostly perfect structurally and mechanically, with a few small issues that I can fix over time while enjoying it as my daily driver. So without further ado, some pictures from the seller before I picked her up. 1991' Comanche Eliminator 2wd - AW4 console shift Dana 35 rear Lowered ~3.5" using unknown springs front and 3" steel blocks rear Aluminum Rad with Dirtbound Offroad triple fan shroud and 3x Derale 10" fans with PWM fan controller Newer belt, idler puller, thermostat, water pump and rad hoses Grant steering wheel Smoked signals/tails and LED headlights Factory 3pc glass rear window Clean, rust free texas truck (unheard of in NE) So far my plan is to go about fixing and cleaning up the little issues it does have and getting it back to tip-top running and driving shape. I've only had it a week and a half and I've already diagnosed and fixed a bad blower motor (replaced motor and resistor), a non functional horn (blown fuse) and no reverse lights (cleaned and re-greased NSS). Still to go is fixing the AC, which isn't kicking on for some reason although the PO said everything was new (and it looks new) and general tidying up of the wiring harness and ground situation. In the future I'd like to keep it around this height, but maybe allow it to have more uptravel as it currently bottoms out pretty harshly over any large bumps in the road and I'd like to look into some form of rear drop other than blocks, just for my own piece of mind. Potentially a Liberty 8.25 rear swap for discs and a stronger axle and even an AX15 swap (included in the sale with pedal bracket) although I'm quite happy with the AW4 currently. Thanks for looking, and please let me know if there's anything I should watch out for!
  2. Well its good to be back in an MJ. MY previous account would not let me back in (19674x4) I used to have a 88 2wd Sporttruck. Sold it to find a new truck. Here recently i had a 99 XJ that i built up extensively Link here: http://www.cherokeeforum.com/f46/project-blueberry-211258/ Just traded the XJ for a 90 Eliminator...will continue with the build thread as more things come up. I spend most of my time over on Cherokee Forum, so check there for most up to date build progress. Here is my MJ build thread: http://www.cherokeeforum.com/f46/project-patience-90-mj-dd-trail-sleeper-231553/
  3. Hey all, been lurking for a while but finally found a Comanche of my own a couple weeks back so wanted to start a build thread to document the process of fixing it up. Little backstory, recently traded in my WJ towards a WK Grand Cherokee. Great vehicle but it's just a bit too generic SUV and I missed the little bit of Jeep-ness of the WJ and the ZJ I had before it. I'd been looking for an XJ to fix up and learn more about working on cars with (I do a lot of DIY projects etc but not super well versed with auto repair beyond the basics) but then I found this forum and got bit by the MJ bug! Got a line on this truck from a guy on another forum I frequent, seller wasn't in a hurry to sell so it wasn't even on Craigslist or anything. Good thing too since it took a couple weeks for me to get down to WV from Philadelphia and pick it up! It's a 1991 Eliminator, condition is pretty decent for a fixer upper, at least from what I can tell. Floors are pretty rusted out but frame seems okay. Runs, drives, shifts fine, needs some brake work though. I've already replaced the rear drums and shoes and will be doing the fronts next. One of the power steering hoses also just sprang a leak so I spent some time this morning replacing them. I know, the grill is upside down! Gonna swap it out for a cleaner one the PO threw in. Interior is not great, not terrible... will spend some time cleaning it up soon. Yes, it came like this and heck yes I'm keeping it! Until I replace with a Hurst shifter These should probably be plugged into something maybe! Who knows! (Please tell me if you know!) Seems to be an oil leak on the passenger side of the engine, saw some posts on this forum and elsewhere that this may not be a huge issue? Will clean it up and see how bad it is. Anyway, glad to finally have an MJ to call my own! I'm sure I'll have plenty of dumb questions for you guys in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks in advance! Oh yeah - any other Philly guys on CC? I can only remember seeing one other MJ in the city here like, ever.
  4. Hello all. MPG for 1989 20/23 MPG for 1990 17/22 why? Thank you in advance. John
  5. How's she goin? long-time lurker here from Cape Breton Canada who decided to finally get off his rear and make a build thread on my 1992 Comanche base model. So, you may ask why call this thread "pipe-dream?" well, ever since I seen my first comanche when i was 8 I've always wanted one, i owned tons of jeep cherokees, and built lots of them to, but.. it just didnt feel right. they were fun and stuff sure, but for the things I do day to day, they were just lacking in the utility department. The first one I built was a 93 Cherokee sport, I had purchased for $1,200 of some old fella up in the mountains. I daily drove it for 3 years, making the kilometers climb from 321,000km (199,500mi) all the way to 415,000kms (258,000mi) I slowly built it up with my highschool budget, Lift, tires, roof rack, lots of lights, and a custom winch bumper. But, like most cherokees, it had braved the canadian winters without any type of protection, which led to the floors rusting out, and the uniframe becoming soft in some spots. I ended up selling it to a friend of mine. Next came the 96 XJ, to which i was told "came from alberta" and at first sight looked clean as could be. about a month after purchase I pulled the carpets to find that the PO had covered the entire underbody in thick black under coat, hiding the lack of a floor, and had just layed metal plate down in places he couldn't hide. so I patched them up, and continued to drive it for the next year, lifting it, wheeling it, and using like a jeep should be used, but it left a bad taste in my mouth knowing about all the rust it had. Then the engine blew... So, I was left daily driving my BMW for the summer to go to work, I was jeepless, and my BMW isnt exactly a fan of our rough roads... SO What was I to do? I couldn't find a decent jeep around cape breton that wasn't rotten, or beaten to death, plus i was slowly killing my BMW putting almost 900kms (560mi) on it a week.... A few weeks go by and my itch for another jeep was getting bigger, but i didnt want anymore rot-boxes and I wanted something different.. something that would stand out. then out of curiosity I decide to search all across Canada for a Comanche... I browsed through the endless ads of the same thing, Comanches that were broke in half, missing beds, engineless husks of what they once were, or just plain destroyed like the sad fate of most of them, and if i was going to look for a MJ I was going to be picky, I didn't want a renix, no 4 cyls, it HAD to be a 5 speed... and specifically.. 2 wheel drive, Why 2 wheel drive? because it wouldn't of been put through half the stuff a 4x4 one would of. Then I found it... the perfect Comanche. a 91 (or so i thought) 2 wheel drive, 5 speed, 4.0 HO, base model. and unlike the rest... it wasnt beat half to death. it was almost as if it just came from the dealer, (probably because it was wet in the pictures aha) One problem though.. it was in Swift current Saskatchewan ... 4,307kms (2676mi) from me... so, I quickly blew it off, "too far away, and I'll never save up the money in time before its sold" even though it was only $2,500.... But try as hard as I could, i just couldn't get it off my mind, always stuck at the back of it, even with my 16 hour 6 day a week job of Crab fishing. Once I had actually saved up enough money a few weeks later, I decided to check back on it and low and behold, the ad was still up!... so I gave the owner a call and asked him for the regulars "How's it run, whats the body like, and does it need anything?" Once we were done our little chat, and I had informed him I was on the other side of canada, he replied with "Well, your the only person to really show interest in the truck, tell you what, if you want I'll hold onto it for you for a little bit until you can figure out how your gunna get here, and get it home" So, I went to thinking, that night, trying to figure out just how in the heck was I gunna get to Saskatchewan... My hope quickly dwindling, I had never left Cape Breton before, Didn't have enough for a plane ticket, and gas money to drive it home.... Then I remembered, I had a cousin working out there on a oil rig and he was due to come home soon, so I shot him a message on facebook, asking him if he'd be willing to drive 5 hours out to just look at it for me, so after some discussion, I e-transfered him out the money for the truck, and a bit extra for gas for his truck. the next day while at work, he texted me saying it wasn't any good... it was perfect, he couldn't leave the guys house without it, though the previous owner was a little concerned since the truck had NEVER SEEN THE HIGHWAY before. as the story goes behind it, he had bought it new in 1992, and it was his run-around truck for his Diesel repair shop, doing errands here and there around town, and every night it was washed, and tucked away in the shop, but the little trooper made it the entire way back to Regina without any problems, minus a bit of death wobble around 110kmh (70MPH) which was due to the tires being from 98... The next few months it spent its time waiting in my cousins garage, and got some tune-up work done, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, a new serpentine belt, filters, and some donor wheels off a old grand caravan, once the time came he set off on his journey home to me, chugging along the trans Canada Highway, up and down mountains, along lakes, coastal roads, and only stopping for a few hours while my cousin slept in the cab (still don't know how he managed that....) And then the 12th of October, it finally arrived in my driveway, my once was a Pipe-dream, had come true I now was the proud owner of one of THE cleanest Comanches on the Island. But, his journey wasnt over yet, I wasnt just going to leave it alone.. no no no. I wanted a Comanche that will brave anything i want it to, WHILE being a comfortable daily driver, and knowing how many miles it was going to get, I decided to name him Nomad, Adventurous and never stuck to one spot, which seemed fitting after his journey across Canada. First thing was first, The caravan wheels had to go. I put some used 235/75R15 winters on the factory wheels and tossed them on which improved the look of the truck drastically. I swapped the grille to one with a chrome outline, and added Hella H4 conversion lights with a Putco Relay harness Then, I had to cover up the bare metal rockers, so some Primer, rocker-gaurd, and Color match paint later, and I was left with this. The front seemed kinda bare, so a small trip to Moncton and I had acquired a new front bumper with Bumperettes, some fog-lights and I also had ordered some NOS KC light covers to cover them up. Plus, I had also found some wood-grain door panels from a cherokee country, a leather wrapped steering wheel, Bucket seats, and a center console. So, out with the old interior And while I had it out, I took out the carpet to clean it, lightly sanded down the paint, and covered the entire thing in Chassis saver paint. Then, we swapped the Bench brackets onto the buckets, and bam I had a nice Eleminator packaged interior, With full gauges, comfy buckets, woodgrain AND A CUP HOLDER. I cruised around for a while like that, grinning from ear to ear, but I knew winter was coming... and I knew he'd have to be upgraded and protected for the upcoming months, so my pride and joy wouldent end up like every other jeep i've owned. So, I went out and bought this as a donor truck. One VERY rotten 88/96 Cheromanche. a obvious hack job, wires ran everywhere, a very broken frame that was attempted to be patched.. but still ended up breaking in half on the drive home from just bouncing on the trailer. so, we pulled all the running gear out of it, and began the swap into my clean, unmolested, untouched 92 survivor, I had also purchased a BDS 3" lift kit at the time aswell, and some Bilstein 5100 shocks. Out with the old Dead-axle 30 Then out came the grease-ball of a perfectly shifting 2wd AX15 while we had everything apart, we decided to do the rear-main seal and oil-pan gasket, to ensure this is one jeep that won't mark its territory. Up went the External slave AX15 from the donor truck And then the transfer case We transfered the gears from the donor Dana 30, into a rust free housing then sealed it up and painted it, Adding new ball-joints, wheel bearings, U-joints, axle seals, Pinon seals, and anti-seizing everything and then Wrestled it under Nomad and began bolting everything in place, the new track-bar, upper and lower control arms, shocks, all new V8 ZJ steering gear, calipers, pads, rotors, and flex hoses We tossed in the rear drive-shaft for now, knowing i would have to get the one from the donor truck rebuilt, and undercoated the entire under-side of the truck in Fluid-Film Also making up a special tool so we could run the under-coating nozzle way into the frame and coating the inside of the rails thoroughly, plus the insides of the rockers, fenders, doors, and innder bedsides. , And after 2 weeks of hard work I could finally see it sitting on its own weight again. I took the truck over to a local spring shop the next day to have them put in the add-a-leaf, and then from there it went for alignment. Once i got home, I put on the wheels and tires from my old 96 Cherokee, and pretty much have been driving it since. I will actually be going to Moncton this week coming to have my front drive-shaft rebuilt. I hope you enjoyed reading my little adventure, and if you didnt, sorry for the wall of text! I will update this thread as I make improvements to the truck and eventually begin traveling with it, as a closure here are some pictures I took of the truck recently, and I look foward to making updates in this for everyone of this awesome site to read!
  6. I just picked up a 2wd 88 eliminator and id like to do a 4x4 conversion. What all will i need to do to accomplish this task? I believe all i will need will be a front axle trans and matching t-case all linage involved a bell housing and a front driveshaft. Now this is my plan: I'd like to do a Dana 30 with 4:10 gear ratio, a bell housing from a late 93+ Cherokee with the external slave, an AX15 trans with matching NP231 t-case 23 spline, a new center console to account for the 4x4 shifter lever, and a custom front driveshaft. Now am i able to keep my original rear axle or will i have to swap that as well, And if i can keep it how can i change it to make it work with the 4:10 gear ratio i'm seeking? Let me know if i'm missing or forgetting anything. I'm also looking to give it a 3"-4.5" lift. With that lift what size tire would ​you recommend? I'm thinking of running 35's. ​​ :driving:
  7. I got a 2000 XJ as my first car, I bought it from my neighbor who had served in the marines stationed on the Hawaiian islands. Three years later, after spending endless time, money, sweat, and blood on it. Someone rear-ended me, totaled the Jeep and bent the uni-frame out of shape. I had always liked comanches and cherokees, so I decided I would find an MJ to transfer my XJ's heart, soul, and skin on to. I found a 1989 Eliminator in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with 130,000 miles, rust free, and a clean title. It was too good to let go. After an 8 hour drive through a ton of desert and Las vegas at rush hour, in a Jeep held together by prayers, I finally had it home. Little did I know that this MJ had spent time in Hawaii too :thumbsup:
  8. Just purchased my second Comanche, 91 Eliminator shortbed 4x4 4.0 I6 HO, Ax15, and the metric ton package (dana 44!). Bought it for $1000 runs great only 168k on it and all stock. Problem is floorboards and rockers are gone. (Literally holes you can stick your leg through) I have replacements for both those but came across a rotten frame. Leaf spring and shackles are fine just drivers side is rotted up to the brake lines and a pretty decent size hole. Has anyone repaired a unibody? I know you can strengthen them with unibody supports but anyone do something different?
  9. I'm trying to resurrect a steaming pile of Eliminator from the dead. The wiring is an egregious mess. Like, someone literally rewired the dash harness using all the same color wire (red to be specific) by literally twisting wires together then loosely wrapping them with electrical tape. Some wires were soldered, some weren't...others joined with butt connectors! Hooray...please help me. I've replaced everything under the hood that could cause a no start condition with high quality Napa parts. Replaced grounds...distributor, coil, plugs, wires, sensors, relays. This is the last piece of the puzzle. 1991 Comanche Eliminator...5spd, 4x4...4.0L of course. I'm located in Lincoln, Nebraska and could really use some help.
  10. Well, I'm not jeep-less actually. I've been a devoted Ford Ranger driver for 7 years. Love Rangers...my '97 6cyl Xlt extended cab carried me back and forth across the country many times. but i always secretly wanted an XJ...and finally bought an IMMACULATE 5.5 inch lifted '99 Cherokee monster with 60k original miles. I LOVE it, what i always wanted. But now I'm a Jeep addict in need of a daily driver to replace my beloved Ranger. And now I fantasize about the MJ...a reliable Jeep pickup. So I'm looking for a well-maintained MJ with at least GOOD condition interior and no major problems with less than 125,000 miles and very minor rust. Realistically, thats the best I can afford right now because of my XJ purchase. I'm in Va...so within 600 miles or so..... any ideas?
  11. Well, i have been putting this off for quite some time now. But now that i have all my pictures sorted out i think its time i start a Project page. Unfortunately, this will be updated very sparingly seeing as how i am an eternally broke college student. Regretably i do not have any pictures from the day i bought it, but i will do my best to paint the picture. It was 2010 and I had just graduated from High School in middle tennessee and decided to take advantage of the 1 year "vacation" period financial aid gives newly graduated senoirs. I decided i would spend that time in our home in South Florida, Ft. Pierce to be precise, and work to pay for my food, gas, and a small amount of rent. I needed some kind of transportation of my own and had been searching Craigslist for quite some time without much luck. Fords and Dodges were out of the question, just my personel preference, and most chevys were either not 4x4, were beat to hell, or were to expensive. I had been in Forida now for about a week now and my brother was getting tired of chaperoning me around. Fortunately for him and me my mom called and said she had found an interesting add on craigslist about some kind of 1990 jeep truck, she said it was called a Comanche. She said it was 4x4, but had some rust, but in general looked like something i should check out. So the following day, i called, it was indeed for sale $1500 bucks, started and drove fine, but had a few cosmetic issues. We set up a time to meet that same day. Me and my brother went to look at it together, at the time he was the "mechanic". We arrived to find a small squatty jeep pickup truck. It was white with the word ELIMINATOR on the bed sides, crome trim, a nice bull bar, a straight rear bumper, dent free straight body and factory skid plates for the steering linkage, fuel tank and t-case. Now at the time i knew about the J10s, 20s, and Kaisers, but i had never heard of a comanche until now and only knew what a quick google search could tell me. Fairly reliable and fairly rare, good i like unique. The truck was in decent shape with the typical and fortunately minimal rust above the fender wells, at the back of the rocker panel, and on the bottom of the tail gate. After asking a bunch of questions and learning that on top of the rust the a/c, manual windows, and radio all did not work. The truck did not start with the key either, the owners had hard wired a toggle switch straight from the battery to the starter. It worked fine, just turn the key to run and flip the toggle, not to big a deal, but it did mean some kind of electrical issue. Now knowing the full extent of the trucks problems there was no way i was gonna pay the full 1500 and so ensued several minutes of intense negotiation. Eventually money prevailed and we agreed on a price of a 1000 dollars cash. The lady was even nice enough to put in the bill of sale, which i still have, that if the truck was NOT to make it home i.e. broke down, i could return it for a full refund. Either way on a hot July, 6th, 2010 i bought my very first. A White 1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator, Vin# 1J7FJ66L0LL174338 This is the oldest picture i have of my Comanche. Probably taken a good month after i bought it. I had taken the truck back in a large track of woods behind my cousin's house were we would all ride motorcycles. We called it the Circle Track because it was basically a large sugar sand clearing with a great big mud hole in the center. This is a deep hole on the outside of the center that i let the truck slide a little to far into. From the day i bought the truck it was used as both my daily driver and weekend/daily warrior. I can't count the number of times my friends would be left breatheless as i walked through mud holes they didnt even attempt. They loved driving it to, for such a small truck it would really sh*t and get. While i was in FL i had the front bumper torn off, my muffler blown apart, and several close calls due to the worst electrical problem i had, or anyone else i knew, ever encountered. To make a long story short, me and my parents spent close to $1000 in parts and labor trying to fix what ended up being a single loose nut. Ya, that nut. The one at the end of the dip stick. There are SO many stories i could tell its not even funny, driving wihtout axle shafts, brakes going out, letting my friend borrow the truck for the day, stuck for 6 hrs waiting for my brother to get off work, Caliper seizing in rush hour traffic, learning about CAD. Unfortuately i was forced to leave my beloved MJ in Florida due to the eletrical problem that was not figured out until almost a year down the road. To get me back home and act as tranportation i bought another little truck. This time it was not an MJ but instead an 1986 Isuzu p'up for $1900. It was by far and large the worst deal i have ever made. But i that is another story, this is about Comanche's for crying out loud. Fast foward one entire year, after working all year i had finally saved enough money to pay for both a car trailer and gas in my dad's truck to go down and retrieve my long lost love. More to come and don't worry i have TONS of pictures to put up once i get to that point
  12. Alright i have a 1992 comanche eliminator and i was just wondering what gears i have in there and what gears i could put in there to give it more balls.
  13. It has been a long time coming friends. Here is a little background on this project... I drove to Alabama from Georgia to tow this beast home after looking for a long time. Got it for $900 in working condition with some "minor" fixes necessary. I guess "minor" is somewhat subjective, but here is a list of what I got, what was wrong with it, what I've done to fix it so far and what I'm planning on doing. Keep in mind that this is still in progress. I will keep you guys updated as it comes together with tons of pictures and probably some videos. I'm big on videos... Anyway, here's the beast the day after I picked it up: And here's some more pics before some of the fixes just to give you the full scope on this guy: And here's the engine: The rust was not terrible, but obviously not ideal either. The biggest issue was basically the electrical was all messed up. It would not start half of the time, the turn signals never worked when it did start, no radio, A/C worked only half the time, and worst of all, half the time I was driving and it would just stop if it idled. This was not an engine issue though, it was all electrical. I knew this because all power would go out and if I got out of the truck and wiggled the wires around, i could eventually get it to crank. I turned to ComancheClub to help me asses the issue by uploading tons of pictures of my wiring. While this wasn't a bad idea, it still was futile just because nobody could really see the issue. Turns out that there was a bad diode in the alternator. Check out how the last owner dealt with the alternator. I guess this is an Alabama fix? :doh: So, to start, I replaced the alternator and fixed some minor wiring issues. Now the turn signals work, the A/C works, the heat works, the engine cranks every time and stays that way no matter how long it's idling. :banana: Alright, so the beast is alive now. Good progress. From here some routine stuff had to be addressed. The radiator fluid inside of the overflow was rust brown. I flushed it completely and then found out there was a huge leak in the radiator. I guess some dirt or rust was clogging the hole up before, but now it was just pouring out coolant. So...time for a new radiator. :wrench: After I got the radiator in, I went to the oil, changed the filter, put some good synthetic stuff in there. Food for the soul . :MJ 1: . So...now the beast runs like a champ with a new alternator, fixed wiring, new radiator, new coolant, fresh oil filter and clean oil. So what's next??? :) Here's my list. This will allow me to have something to reference as well as allow you guys to hound me if I'm not updating you with pics and info! -Paint Job, sand down the rust -Take out the carpet and fix the floor as I'm sure there's plenty of rust there. -I know the interior looks pretty good, but I have an itch to change the interior to some sweet black and white seats I saw on this forum a ways back. I will try to find some photos, but am not sure I'll be able to. But it looked sooo good. -Add roll bars -possibly a lift -Needs new tires desperately -Some surprise customization that I'll keep you all on the edge of your seat for :popcorn: Normally, a paint job shouldn't be the FIRST thing for a variety of reasons...but I had an opportunity that was too good to pass up to trade a guy who has a paint shop for services. I build websites, do photography, video etc. so I offered to build him a couple websites for his business if he would paint the beast. He agreed. Under 1 condition though...he will paint it textured flat black (kind of like a bedliner paint job...) At first, I wasn't crazy about this, but I actually went to visit a jeep that had this paint job...and I think it looks like a tank. Pretty freaking cool I think. But...just want to throw that out there so you guys don't think I killed my jeep when it comes back murdered out! B) I think it will look good...at least it will be a unique look. Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to update you guys next week with the paint job pics. Stay tuned
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