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  1. I don't have my other Comanche anymore so I don't have the transfer case or axle.
  2. I ended up taking some interior parts and lights and sold her for $1500 the next week lol. Made $500 and got some hard to find parts.
  3. It's just a rear bumper from a YJ. Custom mounts made and bolts right on.
  4. Well I've been daily driving my 86 for about a year now and haven't posted much about, because I haven't done much except get the dog of a motor running right. It is the 2.8 and I'm pretty sure everyone on this site hates that motor just like me. I only bought the truck because the body, frame, interior and everything else is straight on the truck. Just a horrible drivetrain that will be gone in the future anyways. Question is I have a dana 44 and np231 that is on my other Comanche. Mine is an auto with the np207 and 4 low grinds when engaged. Can I swap a np231 that came from a 5 speed on it?
  5. that's what it looks like. If so I may swap the dana 44 and transfer case on my 86.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/ywkwexkm8s77e3o/AACdpdP23h2QIttyvw8g3lEUa Yea, I crawled under when I bought it and knew it was rusted. I'll take some better pictures of the unibody later. The truck still has a Pennsylvania emission sticker and the dealership sticker on the tailgate. Barnes Chrysler Plymouth, but it has been around Florida for at least the past five years. Seems to have spent some winters up north.
  7. Just purchased my second Comanche, 91 Eliminator shortbed 4x4 4.0 I6 HO, Ax15, and the metric ton package (dana 44!). Bought it for $1000 runs great only 168k on it and all stock. Problem is floorboards and rockers are gone. (Literally holes you can stick your leg through) I have replacements for both those but came across a rotten frame. Leaf spring and shackles are fine just drivers side is rotted up to the brake lines and a pretty decent size hole. Has anyone repaired a unibody? I know you can strengthen them with unibody supports but anyone do something different?
  8. Jeeptoberfest was a success.
  9. Here is a pic of a homemade RTI ramp lol. . :MJ 2: .
  10. I just picked up my first Comanche last week and had a few general questions about it. First off it is the 2.8 V6 motor that has not had the best reviews. I have no money to drop a new motor into it and was wondering how long it would last me. It has 96k original miles and runs great. It needs a little bit of work but is it worth it with the 2.8? The truck has no rust anywhere and is a solid truck for the year. Also I'm not sure how to post pictures. I'm new to this website. Thanks.
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