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Found 6 results

  1. Well I've been daily driving my 86 for about a year now and haven't posted much about, because I haven't done much except get the dog of a motor running right. It is the 2.8 and I'm pretty sure everyone on this site hates that motor just like me. I only bought the truck because the body, frame, interior and everything else is straight on the truck. Just a horrible drivetrain that will be gone in the future anyways. Question is I have a dana 44 and np231 that is on my other Comanche. Mine is an auto with the np207 and 4 low grinds when engaged. Can I swap a np231 that came from a 5 speed on it? Also is the axle swap from a dana 35 to a 44 pretty straight forward? I will most likely swap a 4.0 HO and auto tranny when I get a new daily driver. I will throw some pics up of my 86.
  2. I have a 1989 Comanche sport truck. It is a 2.5l 4cyl 2wd. I am in the current process or rebuilding the engine and doing a 4wd swap. I have pulled the ax4 as it is worn out with nearly 350,000 miles on it and intend to replace it with a Ax5/np231 combination. I have sourced a pair from a 97 2.5l TJ. Will that bolt up to my '89 block once i get done rebuilding my engine? and is there any serious modification required to do that swap? Any extra electronics on the '97?
  3. The donor Cherokee for my Comanche has a NP242 in it (I'm fairly sure) I was wondering what the major pros and cons over an NP231. thanks
  4. What Jeeps can I pull a 231 transfer case from for a successful mate to an AX-15 transmission? (Note: the AX-15 in possession is from a '96 XJ) In my research, I have found out that the AX-15 has a 23 spline output shaft and the 231 needed has to have a short nosed 23 spline input. Is this correct? Gurus, please bestow some information upon this noob. :bowdown:
  5. I'm looking for a single piece off a broken or other wise unusable transfer case. I'm in need of a 23 spline, short or medium input gear. if anyone knows of one please let me know, I'm located in portland oregon.
  6. I'm putting my np231 together after the input upgrade, and it just won't quite fit. I had everything together except the output tower (whatever it's called), and realized that last c-clip snap ring thing wouldn't go on! So after cursing I tried to pull the shaft out a bit because all I needed was about 3/16 more till the clip's little valley was exposed. Gave it lots of love, but nothing will budge it. Wondering if I should put the ATF in, it that'll lubricate all the gears enough to budge it. I REALLY don't want to take it all apart. Took me all of today just to clean and reassemble. Anyone ever have this issue before?
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