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Found 7 results

  1. 1986 Jeep Comanche Long bed. Originally Equipped with a 2.1TD Renault mated to an AX5 transmission as a 2wd truck. Unsure of the rear axle. The truck is now equipped with a 1.9 liter Volkswagen Diesel engine out of a 97 VW Jetta or Passat mated to a AX15 transmission, still as a two wheel drive truck. The factory door has been replaced and the build sticker is ineligible. I am the current owner of this MJ located in the sunny Murrieta, CA. The truck is currently going through its 2nd make over (that i know of, grandpa {johnj92131 was my grandpa and owner before i} funded the TDI swap for his own project and had his own desires with the truck). Currently it is getting the head rebuilt, head studs to handle MORE boost, and getting the engine bay re done to be more cosmetically pleasing. Getting rid of the clutter and making it look like a shaved engine bay with minimal wiring exposed, the fuel and oil lines are now going to be AN lines so they can be clutter free. Otherwise, the truck is still road worthy and currently registered in Ca as a clean truck that is legal. The Idea for the truck is to get a small lift, to get the weight of the truck up a little and make a wider stance. id like to use the diesel to flat tow my XJ out on long trips. At some point the truck will be fully restored, and painted. I will be experimenting with Megasquirt and a Racepack to see if i can get the TDI to communicate on a full stand alone ECU, if successful it will bring the truck into 2021 technology. Another mod that will hopefully come in the future would be converting from AX15 to a NSG370 for the 6 speed aspect and better gearing for a diesel
  2. Well I've been daily driving my 86 for about a year now and haven't posted much about, because I haven't done much except get the dog of a motor running right. It is the 2.8 and I'm pretty sure everyone on this site hates that motor just like me. I only bought the truck because the body, frame, interior and everything else is straight on the truck. Just a horrible drivetrain that will be gone in the future anyways. Question is I have a dana 44 and np231 that is on my other Comanche. Mine is an auto with the np207 and 4 low grinds when engaged. Can I swap a np231 that came from a 5 speed on it? Also is the axle swap from a dana 35 to a 44 pretty straight forward? I will most likely swap a 4.0 HO and auto tranny when I get a new daily driver. I will throw some pics up of my 86.
  3. Finally got the jeep to the point to be my daily driver and camping workhorse. 1. New engine 2. New transmission 3. new suspension 3' lift new heavy duty spring with 1500 added helpers 4. New redesigned aftermarket High performance carbs. 5. New .......lots of other stuff :thumbsup: Before and after pics below, sorry about the size difference in the pics. Before: After:
  4. Hey Comanche Club My Name is Breven and I am a jeepaholic. I recently acquired my 3rd Comanche(had a 1988 and a 1992 when I was 15), but I currently own three other jeeps(2004 Wrangler TJ, 1942 Ford GPW, and a 1945 Willys MB). I had been looking for a good Comanche for years when I came across this one two weeks ago. I purchased it from Roadtrip Carolinas in Greeneville,SC. I probably paid a little too much, but as far as myself and my dad can tell it has had no rust or mechanical problems, even in it's 170,000 miles on the road.It needs paint pretty bad but other wise is pristine. it is a fourwheel drive 5 speed 4.0 Pioneer in Dover Grey with a burgundy interior. It needs some paint, but is otherwise solid. I intend to change the wheels from the wrangler wheels that are on it as they tend to rub on turns. I'd like to find some wheels like were on my 1992 Comanche. I intend to rhino line the bed and undersides of the truck as money becomes available. I will most likely POR 15 the cab floor and frame. Not sure how extreme I will get into modifying this truck yet, as part of me wants to restomod it.
  5. I have a short bed with 5.5inch lift on 38s atm I have a drives haft from a long bed I know the splines match but will the length fit?
  6. Alright, so I already have a build thread started over on CF but I am going to move all of my posts on there to here as well since I can get comanche specific advice and opinions. So, these next few posts will just be getting up to date on this site.
  7. I bought a 1986 jeep comanche 2.5l 4 cylinder custom edition 4x4 with a long bed from a family that had it on there farm. The truck has only 45,000 origional miles there is barely any rust on the body but there was a fender bender on the back left tail light and the sockets are dry rotted. The engine leaks oil i can see it burning on the exhaust where it comes out of the manifold and i think its possibly leaking transmission fluid. The dash lights don't work but the headlights work and it runs strong. I payed 400 dollars for the truck did i get a good deal? how much is the limit as to what i should put into it to get it inspected
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