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Found 5 results

  1. iv'e got a 4 cyl 86 jeep comanche and I'm wondering if a Cherokee engine will bolt in or do i need new mounts? would like to upgrade to 6 cyl. thanks if you could help.:)
  2. Saw this 91 Comanche for sale near me and I'm pretty tempted to buy it. Seems a little high and the rust/odo (estimates at 67k) worries me, but seems like a pretty nice rig otherwise and 4x4s go for a premium up here. Price has dropped to $6500 with room to barter. What do you all think? http://jeepcomancheforsale.com/1991-pioneer-ax15np231d44-anchorage-ak/
  3. Well I've been daily driving my 86 for about a year now and haven't posted much about, because I haven't done much except get the dog of a motor running right. It is the 2.8 and I'm pretty sure everyone on this site hates that motor just like me. I only bought the truck because the body, frame, interior and everything else is straight on the truck. Just a horrible drivetrain that will be gone in the future anyways. Question is I have a dana 44 and np231 that is on my other Comanche. Mine is an auto with the np207 and 4 low grinds when engaged. Can I swap a np231 that came from a 5 speed on it? Also is the axle swap from a dana 35 to a 44 pretty straight forward? I will most likely swap a 4.0 HO and auto tranny when I get a new daily driver. I will throw some pics up of my 86.
  4. For those of y'all who may be interested, I discovered something interesting on RockAuto when searching for a rear brake line for my MJ (which will soon be lifted, Ford 8.8, SOA swap). If you search for a '99 Cherokee (may work for other years that came with an C8.25, IDK), you'll find that they offer a Dorman rear hose that is longer by a full four inches to accommodate a "raised suspension". I think this is awesome, personally. Here's the direct link should any of y'all decide to purchase: DORMAN H622067 - RockAuto.com
  5. I finally broke down and bought the Rustys 6.5 liftI brought this bad boy home for $800 bucks. A 20 minute drives a lot better than a 5 hour drive one way to find out that there's holes in the floorboards. Sslowly it came together Boyfriend got me a new bumper for Christmas :D. Back to the barn for the winter...... There is a lot more to go with this truck but ill keep updating.
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