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  1. 1988 Comanche project truck Ran into an electrical problem and does not run. I was told that power is going into the fuse box but not coming out. It did run prior to the issue. The truck is a project and does not come with the lift tires or bumper. It will come with 2 sets of axles. The truck is very clean compared to to most comanches. The floors are there and the unibody is solid. It has very minimal rust and a couple dings and small dents. Just don't have the time for it anymore and too many other projects. When the truck was running it was driven a couple hours away to various places. It has; 6cyl. 4.0 renix Ax15 Black interior (seats are not black) Long bed 4wd Medina Ohio $1500 call or text (330)461-6676 if I don't answer leave a voice mail please. Thank you. I will send pictures through email or text.
  2. How without cutting the fenders it would rub.
  3. Thank you! Me too! To bad I have to get smaller tires to flex enough....
  4. Thank you:) It's made by Or-Fab from Four Wheele parts.
  5. Rides good still rides like a jeep though.
  6. Thank you I will I plan to keep it nice but still have fun with it.
  7. I got that and found Comanche Club but it kept exiting out on me.... Thank you very much though
  8. I finally broke down and bought the Rustys 6.5 liftI brought this bad boy home for $800 bucks. A 20 minute drives a lot better than a 5 hour drive one way to find out that there's holes in the floorboards. Sslowly it came together Boyfriend got me a new bumper for Christmas :D. Back to the barn for the winter...... There is a lot more to go with this truck but ill keep updating.
  9. I thought there was a Comanche Club app but I might be wrong.....
  10. Wow looks great looking forward to seeing your progress!
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