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Found 10 results

  1. iv'e got a 4 cyl 86 jeep comanche and I'm wondering if a Cherokee engine will bolt in or do i need new mounts? would like to upgrade to 6 cyl. thanks if you could help.:)
  2. Got tired of Dailing my loud, stinky, and uncomfortable rig every day. So I took so time and money to spruce it up a bit. -Welded custom floor mounts for my new early 2000s 3 series BMW seats that I got cheep from a junk yard. -Cleaned up all the surface rust on the floorboards and painted. - lay down some knock off Dinamat (everywhere) floor, doors, roof, -All New speakers -Installed new JC Whitney vinyl floor -Also did headliner but no before pics It so much nicer! No Cadillac but wife will actually ride
  3. 1st post here. I bought a 89 Comanche a couple weeks ago that had the typical floor pan rust. I cut out the rust and welded in new floor pans, por-15 and seam seal. I put a underlayment , and new carpet in and it turned out pretty well. I've been looking for some nice molded high sided floor mats to protect my nice new carpet. I'm not having any luck, I'm assuming due to the age of the truck. Has anyone found floor mats that I'm looking for? Or, maybe someone has fabricated a set? I'm at a lost. Any help would be great. I like the forum by the way. It's been very helpful so far. Thanks!
  4. I've used these guys in the past, have always been fair and honest with me. www.benzspring.com
  5. Anyone know a reliable mechanic that can help me rebuild my 88 Jeep Comanche in Manhattan KS??? I'm new in the area and desperately need help!!!!
  6. I have a short bed with 5.5inch lift on 38s atm I have a drives haft from a long bed I know the splines match but will the length fit?
  7. 1989 Jeep Comanche Long Bed Vancouver, Wa 4.0L / Mannual / 4x4 / 4.5" Lift / 33" Dick Cepek Mud Terrains / 97-01 Fenders, Grill, Doors Custom Quarter Armor and Led Tail Lights Color: Dark Copper / Brown Future upgrades: 97-01 Interior Four link Rear Dana 44s front and back Ax-15 Swap 99-04 WJ knuckels 4.7 Stroker Front Bumper from or fab - http://www.offroadoutpost.com/jeep-cherokee-xj-front-hd-bumper-with-hoop-83240/
  8. So my friends and I late one night got the terrible Idea to fab up a new bumper for my truck. We took a stock JK bumper that I had gotten for free and my old destroyed bumper, hacked off the crooked mounts, made some rough measurements, a couple $#!&ty welds (using flux) later, and BOOM, $#!&ty custom bumper :thumbsup: . I honestly think it turned out not so bad, I mean it could be worse right? lol
  9. I have a 1986 jeep Comanche 2.5l custom just recently replaced the engine due to it taking a $#!& on me. The transmission has been leaking an did before the swap I replaced the front pump seal but it still is leaking. I have been told that the lines sometimes will gum up and I should have them flushed to see if that solves the problem. Where is the best and cheapest place to have a transmission flushed ( I live around State College Pennsylvania). I was thinking also about swapping out my what I believe is a TF 904 3-speed automatic transmission for some kind of standard transmissio
  10. What transfercase is on the 86' custom? I'm puting a 350 small block in my comanche and trying to see if the transfercase will fit with a sm420 or sm465.
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