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Found 12 results

  1. Well, I guess this is the start to my build thread! won't really be a build just the progress of my daily. I’ve had her for like 2 months now and so far ive: Replaced both window regulators Fixed a lower radiator hose leak Got a steal on new taillights Did front breaks New tires Window tint Right now I'm working on chasing down a TCU problem. My trans isnt shifting on its own so I have to go 1-3-4. I’ve got some big plans for this truck in the future its just a matter of saving up! If you want to follow the build closer follow my insta @ DannyD815 I will add more photos when I can!
  2. Hey guys, new member here! If this has already been answered somewhere then I apologize, I have not been able to find it! So I’m trying to figure out if the flexplate follows the engine year or the transmission year. I’ve got a ’91 MJ, 4.0, auto, 2wd, column shift, short bed, etc. I recently grenaded a wheel bearing and ruined a spindle, so decided to go ahead and do a 4wheel swap. I bought an almost exact 1990 Comanche but 4x4 and worse body to part out. In doing some research I noticed flexplates are listed by ’87-’90 then ’91-’00. Both seem to have the same specs (164 teeth, 13.83” OD, 12-14 pitch) but have two different part numbers, different weights, and two very different prices. So if I’m using the 1990 transmission/transfer case but keep the 1991 engine, which flexplate do I need to use?? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I just picked up my first Comanche yesterday. Snagged a non-running 86 4x4 auto model for $500. I wanted to start this thread so I had a place to post progress on the truck, as well as get feedback and tips. Plans for the truck so far are to get it running, repair any rust, paint, bedliner, wheels and tires, and then use it as a daily driver to keep the miles down on my TJ. Eventually I would like to do a lift, bigger tires, and a motor swap. The truck will mostly be used to drive back and forth to work, hauling loads of mulch, and the occasional light trail riding. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how. Thanks everyone.
  4. I've had my 87 MJ for a little over 2 years. What was going to be a "simple" upgrade of the rear axle to a Dana 44 (to get me to the Metric Tonne place) has gone totally out of control. The rear is now a Dana 60 and the front a Dana 44. Both geared to 4.56 with a four-link in the front, Hell Creek springs in the rear. The lift is designed for me to be able to run 35s. The original 4.0 l-6 has about 275,000 miles on it and the tranny is the much-loathed 5-speed. I also have an XJ with around the same miles, so I am a fan of the 4.0 I-6 motor. I have found an engine rebuilder locally with a good reputation, and I have also talked with HotWire about a harness, so what's the next step? It's a little weird that I don't do a lot of wheeling, but am building the truck for some travelling I do on some pretty nasty fire roads and often just pairs of ruts that go from A to B. I want to go to an automatic transmission and since I'm already committed to some new drive shafts and want a new motor (which i can spec for any year that will physically fit), I'm looking for recommendations for a particular tranny (with overdrive), transfer case and motor combo and from what years in particular. If you have donor vehicle recommendations, that would be great. i have looked over the forums using some generic search terms, and I apologize in advance if there's something out there with good info that I've missed. Most of the posts I;ve seen so far seem to be focused on swaps that allow the use of existing wiring (with modifications) and sticking with MJ / XJ parts from a similar era. (I do have a line on a very low mileage 4.0 from 2002 that I can use as a back up instead of gong straight to the reman.) Unfortunately my job keeps me hopping about 60 hours a week and it' tough to check out the forums on a frequent basis. (yeah, I know... wha, wah, wah!) Any thoughts you have are welcome.
  5. So I took my gauge cluster out because I wanted to change out my dummy lights cluster for one that has the vitals, and after realizing that the one I had wasn't compatible, I went to put mine back on. After putting my truck back on the road and started to test drive it, I realized my shifter indicator was not showing any signs of life, so I went on to see what was going on. So to all MJ owners with an automatic transmission on your MJs with a column shifter, be extremely careful when removing your old cluster, because when I removed mine I tore the shifter indicator cable. So just be sure to detach it from the steering column before you even try to yank it out of it's place. Anyways, here are some pics: Here you can see where the super small cable goes through the gauge cluster in order to attach to the steering column, if you already know your's is torn, and want to take a peek behind your gas gauge to see what's going on, please save yourself a headache and take a picture of where your gas gauge sits at before pulling the needle out, because if not you'll be guessing where you had it and have an inaccurate gas reading and be stranded in the middle of nowhere thinking you have 3/ of a tank still.. Ask me how I know.. I still have not repaired mine, since the day I took it all apart I ran out of time, but as soon as I do I'll post it on this topic. Anyways, I hope this was of help to all my fellow Automatic Transmission with a Steering Column shifter MJ owners out there! PS: Also if anyone knows where I could get a shifter knob that fits the rod on the column I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. I'm looking to buy a fairly clean 2wd comanche, must have 4.0l motor and automatic transmission. Please contact me with any info. thanks
  7. My '89 Eliminator 4.0 automatic doesn't want to engage reverse and it feels like I'm in neutral. All other gears work fine. Any info will be greatly appreciated!! Mahalo
  8. I have a 1986 jeep Comanche 2.5l custom just recently replaced the engine due to it taking a $#!& on me. The transmission has been leaking an did before the swap I replaced the front pump seal but it still is leaking. I have been told that the lines sometimes will gum up and I should have them flushed to see if that solves the problem. Where is the best and cheapest place to have a transmission flushed ( I live around State College Pennsylvania). I was thinking also about swapping out my what I believe is a TF 904 3-speed automatic transmission for some kind of standard transmission. If I did this what transmission should I swap with and how hard would it be to do a auto to standard swap?
  9. I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche 2.5L custom for sale or possible trade. I bought the truck 2 summers ago i believe and just got it on the road last summer. I have put about $2,300 give or take into it so far I replaced the engine when it blew up on me...i replaced the power steering hose which i need to replace again because it broke, replaced the front transmission seal brakes and multiple other things. The transmission still leaks a little but I think it just needs flushed. The truck has around 47k original miles on the body and around 100k on the engine the engine i put in it is out of a 1990 wrangler still the 2.5L. I would like to get around 3,000 out of but am negotiable and I am willing to trade for a car
  10. Looking for a NICE 2wd Comanche (any year), must be automatic, long bed preferred, up to $5K. Must be with 250 miles of Greenville, South Carolina!! Or arrange to meet within reasonable distance. E-mail: earlhjr@yahoo.com with "Comanche" in the subject line
  11. I have an 86' Jeep Comanche Longbed that my dad purchased brand new. I remember riding in it when we left the car lot and (I was 4 at the time) Long story short, I love the truck and have been holding onto it for 6 years now to restore it. I'm taking a new job and I'm not going to be able to take the jeep with me, so I'm looking for a good home for it. I dropped a 4.3, 700r4 and transfers case from a gmc jimmy into it. It currently has 15x10 tires and 31x10 tires. 2" spacers for leveling. nothing has been connected and it is not running. the engine and driveline were working when I put them in the jeep. the engine is a reman unit that was purchased a year ago. this could be a great project truck with tons of potential, and it hasnt been wheeled hard over the years. Body, frame, chassis, all are still in pretty good shape. shoot me a message if you are interested in it. Serious inquiries only please. $2000 obo check link for pics http://eastnc.craigslist.org/cto/3864829336.html
  12. For sale i have a collection of jeep parts. $100 4.0L engine, 6 cylinder out of a 1995 Jeep Wrangler. engine was in working order 2 month ago, was pulled and has been sitting ever since $100 AW4 Automatic transmission out of the same 95 Wrangler. Again, part was in full working order when pulled 2 months ago $200 AX-15 5-speed manual transmission for a 4.0 Jeep. This I bought for an upgrade i ended up not doing. $75 2.5l engine, 4 cylinder out of a 1995 Jeep Wrangler. This engine needs work, has lost compression in cylinder 1 I also have some smaller parts like flywheels, clutches and pressure plates, driveshafts, some wiring harness components, electrical connectors, etc from 4.0 and 2.5 Jeeps Call or text me at 404-695-1405, this is the best way to reach me, rather than to respond to this thread. My name is Will
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