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Found 22 results

  1. 88 Jeep Comanche Eliminator Short Bed 4.0 manual with 188010 miles. 4.0 with AX15 and 231 transfer case. Dana 30 front and Dana 35 rear axle. Resides in US Lakeview Oregon. This is currently my daily driver and trail rig. It runs and drives great after all of the work I put into it. Still updating and restoring what I can. Here is what has been done: Dana 30 front axel Dana 35 rear axel Replaced peugeot transmission with AX15 and converted to 4x4 with NP231 transfer case Bluetooth sound system w/8" sub Replaced slave cylinder Replaced clutch master cylinder and hyd
  2. Codename Bumblebee: Continued A currently quite short build thread by Minuit I've been looking for a second project for some time. My silver '91 has been my daily driver for years and is at the point where it's getting hard to call it a project truck. If you've been keeping track of this truck's previous build thread, you'll know that this truck's previous owner, relyt120, never got a chance to do much with it and recently needed to sell it. Coincidentally he put it up for sale at the exact time I happened to have both the means to buy it and the time to work on it! Not o
  3. So I recently get my Comanche back on the road after 18 years (yay!) but, I’m having a reoccurring issue. If I cold start it, it will rev up to about 2k then drop to about 500ish, then it will stumble and jump to 750 where it will idle consistently. If you rev it up past 2500ish, when it drop back down, it will stumble then die. I’m not sure what would be causing this, as it runs great at higher rpm, and had plenty of power. I do, however, think it’s running rich, because it smells a tiny bit. things I’ve done so far: new fuel tank new fuel p
  4. Hello, I recently purchased a 1990 Comanche 4.0 5spd The knock originates around the lower rear end of the engine block and bell housing, I can't tell for certain if its the engine block or bell housing. The knocking sound starts pretty much as soon at the engine starts, even on cold starts. Oil pressure when cold hovers a bit above 40 and as the engine warms up it lowers below 40 (around 30). The knocking seems to quite down a bit when warmed up but with that said it doesn't go away. The knock has a direct correlation to engine RPM, that seems to mellow at higher rpm. Please
  5. '89 Renix 2wd Comanche with 4.0 6cyl and Aisin AX-15 manual 5 speed MFI 242 What advice can y'all offer on replacing/repairing the exhaust manifold on a 89' renix comanche? I haven't torn it all apart yet, but I'd like to be readied for the worst if it winds up as more than the perfunctory gasket replacement we're most familiar with. Exhaust fumes were noticed emanating from underneath the hood when parking my vehicle directly after 15 minutes of highway driving in heavy rain. I heard no distinct, loud, or obscene sound, but upon parking the smell of fumes was noticed as imm
  6. No better place then here, to throw this question on the chopping block. Does RENIX Engine Control Units (ECU) use Volatile Memory? Myself, I think YES. Following are three (3) reasons why: 1) RENIX ECU has "Hot at all times" (C201_B7) circuit. WHY? 2) If ECU doesn't know Closed Throttle (CT) percentage, what happens during the next START, when someone has their fat foot pushing down on the gas pedal. Will that become the new CT percentage? 3) Does Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) really just stand for Next Term Fuel Trim (NTFT)? I don't think so. If that was the case, you'd only n
  7. Hey guys, new to the forum. So I've had my 87 with the factory 2.5 and aw4 for about a year. I had no idea how rare it was until I had shifting issues. Turns out it is most likely my TPS. After I had tried a new TPS it didnt fix it. I then found out I was receiving the TPS for a 4.0. There has been absolutely zero aftermarket support for a TPS for a 2.5/aw4. I had to go to the dealer and have them search it and there was only 3 of then left in the continental US. I will find out tomorrow night if it in fact is the correct part. If it is, I will post the part number. I have yet to find any othe
  8. I’ve been trying to add cruise control to my 89 MJ 4.0 5-speed with parts pulled from junkyard XJ’s. I believe I have everything and have tried a bit of troubleshooting but can’t get it to work. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Here’s the install list: • cruise control wire harness • cc harness plugged to “ACC” in fuse box on truck with inline 4 amp fuse unbroken • speedo cable switched to two piece with speed sensor • speed sensor plugged to cc harness • brake switch swapped out for the one with extra terminals - plugged to cc harness
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the the bored renix throttle body from http://www.strokedjeep.com and if so what luck they had and any real benefit? Thanks
  10. Hey people, As some of you way know of my build thread "Wendy". Well I have a 1988 Comanche with a 2.5l inline 4 (tbi) and a 1988 Cherokee with a renix 4.0l/aw4/np242 drivetrain. I tried to start the Cherokee but it was just cranking (not turning over) sounded like it had a rod knock and some smoke was coming out of the dipstick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keTuB2oHwsY (wasn't sure how to make the video thumbnail appear) But I'm not 100% sure what it is. It sounds like knocking. Because of this, ​ was ​going to keep the 2.5l in the Comanche, and just make the best of it. My r
  11. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I just picked up my first Comanche yesterday. Snagged a non-running 86 4x4 auto model for $500. I wanted to start this thread so I had a place to post progress on the truck, as well as get feedback and tips. Plans for the truck so far are to get it running, repair any rust, paint, bedliner, wheels and tires, and then use it as a daily driver to keep the miles down on my TJ. Eventually I would like to do a lift, bigger tires, and a motor swap. The truck will mostly be used to drive back and forth to work, hauling loads of mulch, and the occasional light
  12. FNG here, call me Grumpy. My MJ is NOT pretty. It has led a tough life. Got her off the 'net for $400 . It was sitting under a tree in a self store, with a flat tire, and windows open. The bed was full of some ladies treasures, leaves, and a foot of water. No water in cab, because driver side floorboard was rusted away. Got her home, cleaned her up, had the flat fixed(rusty rim) bled the clutch - and have been running her ever since. Pulled the manifolds and trued them, new fel-pro gaskets. New vacuum tree, new valve cover gaskets. New waterpump, made a new piece to adjust the belt (the li
  13. Hi Everyone, This is my 1st post. I picked up this Comanche a little over a month ago(My first!). It is a 88 2wd/lwb Pioneer 4.0/Aw4. 222k on the clock. The original owner purchased it in Missouri. Lived there for a few years before moving to Florida. Then recently made its way to Michigan to his granddaughter here. When once she realized the amount of work needed. She sold it to the shop she took it too. And I purchased it from them. It still has most of it's original window sticker. it is 100% rust free. It has been repainted at some point. The AW4 was rebuilt about 18k miles ago. Th
  14. Actually an XJ thing, but it's the same for what matters in this case. 89, Renix, 4.0L Factory exhaust is scabbed, broken, doesn't fit right, has a 'newer' catback on it that's totally rotten because it was bare steel. Anyways, Renix parts are always harder to come by, and seem to be a premium. So I was thinking I'd massage the intake and install this header: http://www.amazon.com/Wrangler-Cherokee-Performance-Stainless-Polished/dp/B00JA1BGYY?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_1&smid=A1F86TF7G43XA2 Any experience with it? Reading the reviews
  15. So I plan on doing the 4wd conversion to my 1989 2wd automatic 4.0L MJ. I obviously want the cheapest route and don't mind the work needed. I guess my question is, if i found another xj within the years 87-90 (renix) does everything swap right in? besides the rear driveshaft (I know that would have to be re-sized). I also have an automatic tranny right now and keeping it would be less costly and less work than getting a manual trans but would my ax4 be a good match up for a transfer case? Or would I have to swap the trans from a donor with a 4x4 auto? This is my first big project for m
  16. I'm know sometime, somewhere, that this has been discussed. But, in a quick search on here did not find much of anything. Anyways, I know lots have said that Bosch is not what it used to be, and can have it's issues. Many say NTK is good, especially for Renix. That said, I found a couple of options on amazon. I will also check and see what I can get at work. I found an AC Delco and an NTK. price difference about $10. IF the NTK is the best bet I have no issue sending that extra $. Hoping that there will be some educated responses and feedback. Thank you for looking. ACD 213-12
  17. Hey guys I am New here i am now the proud owner of a 1990 4.0l renix thanks to the other forums regarding this, I am 95% complete. I am in the process of swapping out my idiot gauges for a full panel, i have only one issue so far and that is the part number for coolant temperature sending unit. I bought one from autozone its part number is tu108, however i do not know if that is for an idiot switch or for the temperature gauge, if someone has a part number it would be awesome. thanks Dis i have almost every major auto part store near by i prefer, oreillys or autozone(onl
  18. This might be a repete so if anyone could stir me in the right direction I'd appriciate it. I'm in the processes of accomplishing all of the recomended fixes of the renix system but I have a problem that perplexes. Mine is an 88 4.0. It has a cps moved to the front. It starts and runs fair in open loop going thru the RPMs smoothly. When she warms up and falls into closed loop she stumbles at around 2300 RPM. Gassing it above aprox 2500 clears it and runs WOT OK. The TPS has been changed. It only does this in closed loop. Any suggestions?
  19. Hi all! I've been lurking a while and decided to copy/paste my build thread from another forum. It starts off with a history of the MJ - forgive me if all of you are more familiar with it than I am, but if nothing else, it shows the background of why I bought this particular truck! Since CC won't accept so much quotes in one post, I'll be separating some of my relevant posts by date and breaking this up to keep it under the character limit. Notice out the timeline I occasionally mentioned and compare it to what I've actually achieved. Depressing for me, comedic for everyone else. Also, it ap
  20. Good Evening Comanche Club, This is my first post since acquiring my Comanche about three hours ago. I am not going to lie, I took a Gamble, and I feel in over my head. I live in New England and the truck was delivered today after fighting with many corporate transport companies. I bought it about three weeks ago off a guy in PA. He told me it was running strong and needed a tune up and a few vacuum hoses. SO it was delivered today, and I must admit I have not driven a stick in about 11 years. I know you never forget but I was not confident I will admit that. The truck needed jumping off
  21. The Purpose of the extended Idle was in police vehicles when sitting still using extra accessories to prevent too much strain on the motor. For post 93 jeeps there are a plethora of how to pages on how to add this feature Why would you want extended Idle or a higher idle? well many reasons, winch recovery, lights, On board air, overheating (assume good clutch fan) After several hours of research all that I've found for doing the extended idle was for post 93 vehicles where a police version was available. After reading pages and pages of forums discussing the post 93 and people just
  22. Ok guys I'm kinda new to the world of jeeps but I'm looking to get some more power out of my renix 4.0. What are some parts. (Cheap bolt ons) I could get to build more power. I've already made a cold air ram air intake for it. And she's got after market exhaust. What else can I do!? It's got stock injectors I'm going to swap to quadrajets soon. What have you guys done to push more ponies? Thanks guys.
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