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  1. Goliad Texas, theres a few on the gulf coast. 1987 2.5 aw4 swb survivor.
  2. 1987 short bed 2.5/aw4 2wd -Factory air -Column shift -Rubber floor -Bench seat -Manual windows -Only driver side view mirror with factory. passenger side block off plate. don't know date of manufacture. Located in south Texas all its life.
  3. RustyTruckHoarder

    87 unicorn.

    My 87 swb, 2wd, factory 2.5/ aw4 with column shifter, cold factory AC.
  4. So, good news. I got the new TPS and it worked flawlessly. It was definitely sitting on the shelf at the dealership for a long time. But here is a picture of the box with the Mopar part number for anyone needing it. I will post pictures of the visible differences between the 2.5 and 4.0 sensors at some point. Hope this helps someone else out in the future.
  5. Hey there, so what it did with this TPS was shifting at the wrong points, think of it literally as the TPS telling the trans to do the reverse of when it is supposed to hold a gear or when to upshift. When lightly on the throttle it will hold the gear, when you give it more throttle it will shift too early. I found after looking at schematics of how the voltage is read between the two sensors, is the 2.5 starts at 5 volts and goes down, the 4.0 does the exact opposite. Also if you look at the little lever on the TPS..... the 4.0 lever sits to the left side of the sensor, the 2.5 sits to the right. They are essentially mirrors images of eachother. From what I can tell, the sensors both plug in exactly the same, and after seeing how I had to finagle the 4.0 sensor in to get the lever to sit on top of the lever coming off the TB it makes me realize it isnt right. With it setting on it, it is sprung all the way back from its resting position. The 2.5 sensor will sit right under the level coming from the throttle body at the resting position. It seems much more correct.
  6. Hey guys, new to the forum. So I've had my 87 with the factory 2.5 and aw4 for about a year. I had no idea how rare it was until I had shifting issues. Turns out it is most likely my TPS. After I had tried a new TPS it didnt fix it. I then found out I was receiving the TPS for a 4.0. There has been absolutely zero aftermarket support for a TPS for a 2.5/aw4. I had to go to the dealer and have them search it and there was only 3 of then left in the continental US. I will find out tomorrow night if it in fact is the correct part. If it is, I will post the part number. I have yet to find any other supplier, though i find it hard to believe these 3 are literally the last 3 available new. If anyone has input on this, or a link to any aftermarket TPS let me know, also I am trying to keep track of all the part numbers of anything else that is hard to find. The torque converter for example crossed over to a TC for a volvo, and I worked. So I will relay any of these types of things that I can. Lord help any other 2.5/aw4 unicorn owners.
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