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  1. The front is 4.5 inch Rubicon Express coils with 2 inch spacers (should have just gotten the 6.5 inch coils) and TnT Fab long arms. YJ brake lines. And Bilstein 5100 shocks. The rear is SOA with original perches and 2wd leafs. Dakota brake line. And Bilstein 5100 shocks. I'll try to remember to snap a couple of current pics today! She lives in the garage on the days she's not being driven.
  2. Cheers Gents. How've you guys been doing?
  3. I'm not sure if they are around anymore. I ditched that setup a while back in favor of a Dakota fuel tank and pump/sender. More capacity and pretty accurate reading. Good news is everything is still working as it should and it gets driven from time to time.
  4. I had to park the Comanche this past spring. The blower stopped blowing and I'm not driving in the summer heat with no A/C. Between work, other projects, and single dad duties I haven't had much time to focus on it. The 2 year old optima red top seems to have died on me and won't take a charge. Boo! Once I get a weekend to call my own, I plan on tossing a fresh battery in and getting to work on making the blower motor spin again.
  5. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it. There was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into it. But I couldn't be happier with the outcome. We're only 45 minutes from each other if you ever want to take a look at it.
  6. No sir,not really. Just maintenance. Shamefully I haven't given it much attention lately. Work and family has taken the lions share of my time. But shes still trucking along. I kissed the rear end of a Mitsubishi Eclipse a couple of weeks ago on the way home. Back end of their car was dented in pretty bad. My front bumper didn't even have a scratch. I guess that's karma for you when you cut someone off and slam on your brakes!
  7. Hey man, If you ever need any help, gimmie a shout. I'm just down the road from you. :thumbsup:
  8. The ring I bought. However, I never liked the way it all worked. I could only use about 3/4 of my gas tank because the pickup for the fuel pump doesn't reach the bottom. What I did was replace it with a Dakota 22 gallon tank and pump/sender assembly. The fuel gauge reads more accurately, reaches the bottom of the tank, and gives increased capacity. There are a few threads floating around here on the subject. I also have some highlights in my build thread I think.
  9. I'm looking for opinions on aftermarket adjustable track bars. Thinking about ditching the one I have and going with something different. So what do you guys like? What do you prefer? What have you run successfully? And why? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys! I really like the bumper. It went together easy, their directions were simple, and it looks pretty darn good.
  11. Had one of those curvy ones once. I thought with certainty that she was going to break my bed.
  12. http://www.jcroffroad.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=J&Screen=PROD&Category_Code=XJB&Product_Code=DIY-MJ-R Bottom photos
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