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  1. clawing over larder washed up trees, playing a little hard on the shell banks and in the dunes. Sway bar links were still connected to limit travel cause I knew I was not bumpstopped correctly after I put the long arms and 35s on. Sway bars snapped in half and I didn't know it. and my baja claws and fenders became friends very quickly... Also notices the windshield was cracked the next morning from unibody flex...
  2. None of the climate control is on. The truck is a NON AC model. IAC got cleaned up last time I pulled the intake off about 7-8000 miles ago. TPS is new and adjusted per cruisers instructions. Sensor grounds have been updated. The Cat is a new High Flow cat when I put the exhaust on about which is the same time I had the intake off. IT bogs down randomly, sometimes when I give it hard gas some times not. But when it does when I give it hard gas after a certain rpm it will usually pick up, almost like its struggling for fuel. It also runs super rich and has forever. The more I'm thinking about it I'm starting to think my self that I should test the 02 sensor...
  3. The mj is down on the coast right now so I can't do any troubleshooting but I figured I would make a post explainging whats going on to see if anybody has encounered this problem before... About a month ago I had the mj on the beach for the weekend and beat up on her a little to much. Any way she isnt running right now. While idieing it will idle fine for a couple of minute and the start to lower the idle almost to the point to it stumbling and dying but then it will recover itself real quick and idle back up. IT repeatedly does this about every couple minutes. It also starts to bog down and do this wile driving too sometimes and sometimes it will run fine... Any Ideas? Its a 88 4.0 auto 4x4
  4. number of leafs to be able to handle a heavier pay load I believe. They should net same height though.
  5. general springs and hell creek are good places to buy I think
  6. I am SOA with stock springs, (that I'm sure are sagging abit) And I think 3" lift shackles and I'm right at 9.75"-10"
  7. Thats disappointing to hear that some people don't pay when wanting CC swag......That means the people that donate are paying for someone else to benefit with out spending a dime.
  8. are you sure when you ,measured for placement of perches you did measure from the center of the dif? the diff is offsent on a 8.8 by a inch.
  9. What kind of HP and TQ does he have, do yall know? Thats crazy to me that he has made that powerful of a 4.0 with basically a slightly modified stock 4.0. I don't even see those numbers on the track a lot with a 4.6/7. Thanks for sharing.
  10. man you really scored! I would keep it and bolt it up. But that would be my choice... I can tell you that my brother has a 08 jk with the front dana 30. He wanted a bolt on upgrade cause he doesn't have access to a welder and he needed the swap to be able to be done as quick as possible because that is his DD, and his best option besides buying a $2500 currie or rockjock was a stock rubicon front 44 from a jk. Well he finally broke down and found a housing with nothing in it and no knuckles on ebay and won the bid at $850 and he was skied to get it for that. Knowing that he will have to spend easily another $800 in parts just to get it on the road...... IF you don't end up using it you should for sure be able to get 3-4 times your money out of it pretty easily. If I was closer I would offer you $600 today to take it off your hands. and you would make a quick $350 profit lol.
  11. ok this is whats throwing me off after spending more time looking at it. It looks almost exactly like a jeep xj/mj dana 30, but has the front diff shape of a 44. BUT its low pinion, I don't think they made jeep front 44's that were low pinion, besides the wagoners/fs Cherokees. and its obviously newer than that....
  12. if you don't mind me asking how much is he selling it for, does it have the locker in it and what id the gear ratio?
  13. It definitely looks to me to be a dana 44 out of a jk rubicon
  14. How so? also i mistakenly hit report when quoting this, i hit cancel so you shouldn't get flagged for anything. Yall are correct, I was misinformed. Sorry guys.
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