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  1. I have a set in my room that I need to install be haven't had time maybe this Saturday but they look pretty clean I bought them from a guy named santos I believe that's also his instagram
  2. I have the whole truck so I can pull as much harness as needed
  3. Hey I was wondering what y'all did to wire in the power windows and locks on the truck when doing this swap. Thank you
  4. I am doing the front end swap and the connectors are different what have y'all done to fix this problem
  5. I'm alright we need a new welder but Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. here is the axle in going to look at on Saturday it's 63in wide Dana 44 five lug Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Well i figured there was a thread on posting pictures but there ain't so how do I post pictures
  8. Hey Guys I have been lurking for some time now and I thought I have started to wrench on this truck so first thing I did was deal with the rust in the floor Now I'm working on the brakes. Saturday I'm going to get a Dana 44 for the rear I won't install that until I have gotten a second for the front I'll post pictures soon
  9. Better then my light u can't tell they are on unless u are down in the darkest section of the boondocks with no moon
  10. Ok sorry I got this confused meant to say that I want to figure out if my lines are stock length or what I bought the truck with the lift so I don't have much knowledge with what is on it for the aftermarket stuff
  11. I want to know so I can figure out what length I need to order for the lift I have
  12. Hey I was wondering if anyone has information on the stock brake lines for the Comanches
  13. Wow I was actually right when I would think that
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