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  1. Thank you helped a ton!
  2. I have been browsing around these forums and yet again I can't find what I'm looking for, does anyone have a good pic of the wiring from the Dakota plug to the xj wiring harness.
  3. Any close up pics of what wires you spliced?
  4. riverrat92

    89 4.0 with 129k on it freshly pulled

    Don't think so
  5. riverrat92

    The 89 that was meant to be a 99

    Engine pulled out and rust patches put in.
  6. riverrat92

    The 89 that was meant to be a 99

    Starting the deconstruction and lucky me there's still floor pans in there. Only had to patch it in 2 small spots.
  7. riverrat92

    The 89 that was meant to be a 99

    Then came the Rusty 99 donor Cherokee I scored off Craigslist with only 178k on it and no leaks.
  8. Well here is the start of my 97+ conversion, it all started with a somewhat rust free 89 long bed with a 5 speed and renix 4.0.
  9. riverrat92

    89 4.0 with 129k on it freshly pulled

    Doing a engine swap and just pulled the original motor a 4.0 with only 129k on it and does not smoke or knock just a rear main leak 500$ takes it. In the Raleigh NC area also comes with the BA 10 5 speed.
  10. Looks like a sweet build planning on doing a similar paint style on mine.
  11. riverrat92

    2001 Eliminator

    Also Backdraft what would be you're lift and suspension you're running and how are you liking it so far?
  12. riverrat92

    Rusty's metal taillight housing

    Thanks guys and I'll be waiting for you to install those DRUNKMAR1NE
  13. So this maybe a dumb question but I've been browsing around both on this forum and around the web and I can't seem to find a picture with these housings actually on a MJ? Has anyone on here used them?
  14. riverrat92

    2001 Eliminator

    Appreciate it I'll be running back to lkq to start hunting down one, just got my MJ gutted this week so starting to hunt down the parts I need.
  15. riverrat92

    2001 Eliminator

    Might be a little late but is copperhead Fab even around anymore can't seem to find that adapter ring for the fuel tank, thinking I might weld a 2in recess in it to compensate for the rise.