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  1. What level did you pay for? The premium is supposed to have a five year warranty. If I have to get it painted every five years at $2k, that's still better than spending double or triple that. I suppose a $7k paint job will last considerably longer and be more cost effective in the long run, but that is just not an option for me. If that's what it takes, I'll sand down the clear coat and pasti-dip it. I'm not looking for a show car finish.
  2. Well, it didn't quite last 9 years, but that's just how long it took to look like it does now. Here's one terribly cropped picture of the side and one during a storm with my LJ and my wife's Cherokee in the back. The side looks decent from a distance, but the top edge of the bed, the fenders, and the tailgate are starting to flake too.
  3. A local guy did it for me. I gave him I think about $1,300 and some TJ half doors with uppers. I think he used decent paint, but lousy clear coat. Plus, I hardly ever wash or wax it and it sits outside all the time, so I can't be too surprised.
  4. I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I posted in this thread. A lot has changed in my life since then (moved, had a baby), but the Comanche is still going strong. It does however need some work. The electrical connections going through the doors are continuing to deteriorate. Sometimes the power locks work and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the motors engage constantly just sitting there. The power mirror controls don't work any more and the power window control on the passenger door doesn't work, so I know that I need to pull the harness and figure out which wires have failed
  5. Thanks! That's pretty cool to see that my truck started out in Charlotte (which is where it is now, but not where I bought it).
  6. The housing that I have and the ones from the 231 are definitely different from what I've seen. Even the housing on the 242 of the WJ was different because it didn't have a spot for the speedometer gear. Fortunately, when I removed the housing, the crack is just superficial. The missing third of the speedometer gear o-ring is probably where all my fluid was coming out. After replacing it and the rear seal, I haven't had any issues.
  7. 1990 Comanche Originally: 4.0, AX-15 2wd, Dana 30/35 Sort Bed Build date: I sold the original doors, but I have the build sheet somewhere... Current Location: Charlotte, NC Status: Full 1997 conversion with AW4, hp Dana 30, 8.25, NP242. Notes: Originally black with grey interior. Now the exterior is rescue green. Current owner: Rymanrph.
  8. Well if it's not structural, then it might be worth trying. I just got back from the pull a part with no luck. I found several WJs with 242s, but they were too new and didn't accept a speedometer gear.
  9. I've been losing a little transfer case fluid for a while and today I saw this. My question is, is the tail shaft housing the same between the 242 and the 231? It's a lot harder to find 242s. If I could go to the pull a part, with some snap ring pliers, a socket set and some other small tools, I think I could get one pretty easily. I'd just have to make sure they're the same. I did notice that there are some 242 cases that don't have a provision for the speedometer gear. I've swapped plenty of transfer cases, but I've never taken one apart, so I'm just a little ignorant.
  10. I called Jeeps Unlimited, Salvage Jeep Parts & Service, Davey's Jeeps and several others. None of them were willing to cut up a tub. Davey's Jeep wouldn't even cut up a wrecked tub - they'd sell the whole wrecked tub to me for $200, but I had to come get it. I finally found a yard in Eastern NC (Kenny's Jeep and Truck Parts) that was willing to help me out. He cut the tub just below the rail and let me drill out the spot welds myself. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  11. She seemed to understand what I was asking for and gave me a price pretty quickly for what they sell them for. She asked me to send her an email for an order so I included the Mopar part numbers for reference. We'll see.....
  12. I had the same idea and found a picture comparing the profiles of the two. They're completely different and would stretch the windows too much. I may have found a yard that will ship some TJ ones to me - hopefully. Most every place I've called has wanted to sell me the quarter or whole tub.
  13. Thanks! All the local yards around here don't have any Wranglers. It's making me wonder where all the wrecked ones go.
  14. They're just spot welded on. I have no idea why the PO removed them. My guess is they got damaged somehow and he couldn't run a soft top anymore, but the damage prevented a hard top from sitting correctly on the top. Thanks for the ebay link. I've contacted the seller to see if he also has the other side. This is slightly more than the dealer, but it's free shipping and would save me a trip to the dealer.
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