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  1. Thanks Pete!! Glad to be back around!! I can and will once I get all my photos, videos, etc. gathered into one place and back track a little lol. Just curious, who are you on the OM617 Swaps page? To answer your question, I'm at about $4k ± a hundred. Isn't cheap, but it is fun. Biggest two expenses, after getting the stock engine up and running, was the upgraded injection pump and the turbo. I bought a Dieselmeken 7.5mm pump from Göran in Sweden (~$1100 USD) and a gently used genuine Holset Hx30W (~$450).
  2. Here's the one's that damn near match the factory ones perfectly. http://www.euramtec.com/parts/c/c01/7180.html
  3. Boy has it been a long time since an update here or what?! The advent of Facebook has taken its toll on forums and unfortunately, I've been an unsuspecting victim for too long, so without further ado, I give you fine folks of CC a much needed update. The truck has seen a lot of change in the last year. It started with the rabbit hole of YouTube, and the next thing I know, I'm out searching CL for a Mercedes engine. Not just any Mercedes engine, though, but the infamous 5-cylinder OM617 Turbo Diesel! I found one that a guy was pulling from a wrecked 1983 300D W123 Sedan, and got it for $540. I won't bore y'all with all the little fixes and monetary investments, but I will say that it got rather expensive pretty quickly (nearing $4,000 if I haven't already went past it haha). Part of that expense, besides an adapter plate for the AX15 and motor mounts, was a Dieselmeken 7.5mm upgraded injection pump (dubbed the 'SuperPump'), a genuine Holset Hx30W turbo, and an intercooler. So many custom things on this build, but I'm nearing completion and I can't wait to get her back on the road. That knock of a diesel and the whistle of the Holset will surely turn some heads!
  4. I run a Spartan rear locker on my XJ. 4.10 C8.25. Has great road manners. Sharp turns, and you'll hear it clicking (which is normal). I run 75W-140 gear oil to help quiet it down some.
  5. Anybody else having this issue? I'm not getting any notifications when I log onto CC. It's always empty. I've looked through my notification settings, but I don't see an option for it. I don't want to be bombarded with emails, so I prefer to only see notifications when I visit the site.
  6. And this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/279185167172/
  7. One issue I've noticed is that I'm not getting notifications when someone replies to a thread I follow or have posted on... Is that something others have experienced thus far?
  8. Yea, I did what Ωhm did and just popped the factory connector out to rotate it 180°.
  9. onlyinajeep726


    1986 Comanche
  10. I'll stay tuned for the "update". Fingers crossed it works. :crossfingers:
  11. I'd like to start off by saying, that despite the fact I haven't really been as active here as I once used to be, I still admire this forum, and its mission, greatly. That being said, as I've come here lately (and other forums), the whole PhotoBucket debacle has really killed off a lot of great threads. It's really true what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. It's quite disgusting of a business to randomly, and with little to no warning, decide to make a huge overhaul that negatively impacts their users. Forums, for me especially, have been a huge contributor to my learning about Comanches, and Jeeps in general. It's truly a shame that we're now bombarded with a little image that states "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting", which once displayed various images of builds, ideas, and helpful tips, which we've all benefited from in some way. I hope PhotoBucket realizes the error of its ways, but I fear their corporate panel doesn't care. In which case, I sincerely hope their franchise crumbles to the very ground on which it currently stands. In the meantime, I hope this great forum, and many others can get through this... CC means a lot to me, as I'm sure it does to many others.
  12. Did you ever dig this thing up?
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