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  1. I'm in for a pair if you're planning on selling them.
  2. I've seen this and it works really well. Think they use a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide + UV light.
  3. Good option is a 94+ aluminum valve cover. I had the same oil leak issue with the plastic cover. Once I traded it out for aluminum one off a '94 wrangler with the rubber felpro gasket it was gone.
  4. Oh, I'm sure they're not 100% clean. I definitely have plans to redo the interior and coat the floors after I clean them up.
  5. dang...like I needed another reason to put in a 4.0
  6. Thanks Eaglescout. In my forum lurking over the last couple years I've gandered at your Little Red here and there. She's a beaut.
  7. 2.5L 2WD base model AX-4 Dana 35 Original paint was red but was resprayed with a Maaco single stage at some point. Tan interior. Bought in NC in 2018 (3rd owner) came with pretty complete original paperwork. Haven't pulled the carpet yet but it's as rust free as you can get I'd imagine. 168k current miles Currently bone stock for the most part. PO swapped to open cooling and 91-95 power steering pump. Factory A/C possibly? I have yet to see another where the alternator is installed above the A/C compressor. Maybe that's what they did for deale
  8. Part # for the Dakota felpro gasket is VS50502R. I swapped in a metal cover on my 87 2.5 from a 94 YJ and this gasket fit perfectly.
  9. Try out car-part.com it's a search for junkyards. I was able to snag an aluminum VC for my 87 2.5L. Came off a 95 YJ. It seems to be a superior system at venting the crankcase gases. Also, snag the felpro rubber gasket for a 98 2.5L Dodge Dakota instead of cork. Seems sturdier and I haven't had any leaks after replacing. Part # is VS50502R. Looks like it's around $6 on rockauto right now.
  10. Do you happen to still have the part number for the lower window trim? I haven't been able to find it. I was debating grabbing from a junkyard but would prefer new if possible.
  11. I done bought it. Pretty clean all around. Needs some TLC but it'll get there.
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