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  1. I'm interested in the bed liner I understand it's drop in one. I have one that's missing the rails that hold the sides in would you be willing to part with those and the tailgate part? Also looking at the taillights what is there condition and price? Thanks Mike
  2. Top C


    The picture that I want to use is on my phone. Mike
  3. Top C


    I'd like to add a photo of my 87 Comanche to registry. I'm sure how to do that here but I already have my Comanche in the registry just missing the picture. Thanks Mike
  4. Thank you for your insight. I get a lot of complements on the way it is now. I'm not going to sell it anytime soon so I may just wait. Mike
  5. No other decals just the tailgate Jeep. I didn't know they come in reflective
  6. I had my 87 Comanche repainted same original color. I have not put a new tailgate decal back on it yet. I wanted to get options about replacing the decal. My Comanche is original rust color (best description) should even put it back on and if so should it be white or black? it was originally White, I'm leaning towards white to keep it original. Thanks for your input Mike
  7. Do you still have the taillights? Mike
  8. So Pete your saying I don't need to remove seat floor brackets? I can just get the bucket seats and bolt them to the existing brackets. Boy that would be great.
  9. My 87 MJ currently has a bench seat and I'm thinking about converting to bucket seats. Is there any direct fit brackets ( re-drilling) that would bolt in directly from either an MJ or some other model Jeep? What about the console will that to go in place easly? Thanks Mike
  10. Thank you I just look it up too and it showed it for the my vehicle. I was trying to make sure. Thank you again Mike
  11. A member here provide me a tip on a Mopar 02 oxygen Mopar part 04713639 Oxygen Sensor for sale. Does anyone know if this one will work on an 87 Jeep 4.0 Comanche? The plug is three wire and should mate up to my cable on the Jeep but I wanted to know if it was a correct part or not. I don't seem to be able to find what year and engine this will work on. Thanks for help Mike
  12. I have a leak somewhere in my MJ, what is the power trick to locate the leak? I suspect it's coming from the front Wind Shield. I was thinking I might go to an auto window shop to see if they can reseal it but I'd like to confirm that's where its coming from. I see a small puddle when its sitting after a rain storm or when I wash it on drivers side. Mike
  13. I discover the other day that my EGR valve wasn't working on my 87 4.0 Jeep Comanche. I had just replace the 02 Sensor and I decided to test the EGR valve with a vacuum pump to make sure it was working and discover it wasn't. I looked everywhere for new one and finally found one at Autozone fits and works perfectly. There are a few left if anyone needs one the part number is EGR4458. Mike
  14. Update to the 02 Sensor I went to the Jeep dealership today to see if they had a replacement 02 sensor which they didn't but I did get an updated Part number CH5014215-AA in case some one is interested. I check on line for this part but no results. I got a new one in from PartsGeek which is a NGK/NTK 23553. The physical shape of the sensor is shorter than the old one I wonder if that makes a difference? I found an old 02 sensor that appears physically the same as this new one. Before I install this new I'm going to put this old similar one in and see if it works. So as not confuse someone in an earlier post I made, I found the exact same one in a junk yard as the one I pull out that and its working now but who knows how it will work that's why I wanted a new replacement. Will update with my findings in a little while Mike
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