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  1. I love my trail grapplers in the rocks. Nitto makes a good tire.
  2. the only one that will kind of match what you are looking for is a TJ D44 which is a 30/44 hybrid, thus not much of an upgrade.
  3. as far as i know, they monitor pretty much everything the printer does. we only use the printer for shipping labels so i never really looked into it too much. i just know its one less thing to forget when running errands and it saves us a little money.
  4. my wife uses it for her business. she prints out a lot of shipping labels. you'll have to do some figuring out at first to see how much you print in a month to choose the best package.
  5. was really pulling for the Brewers, but knew deep down that either team from the NL really had no shot against the Sox. Just have too many weapons.
  6. i have a set and the fitment was horrendous. With the amount of time i put in to make them work, i would have been better off making them from scratch.
  7. well if you look up two more posts, i stated THE BODY SIDE MOLDING AND DECALS LOOK LIKE FACTORY ELIMINATOR TO ME. thats the "them" i was talking about. maybe you should privately converse with yourself and read the entire thread.
  8. i never said i did... go reread what don and i were talking about...
  9. the body side molding and decals look like factory eliminator to me.
  10. it was a joke. been here since '06 and was just hanging out with Pete a few weekends ago lol
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