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  1. dude i've been masked since it started, I'm sick of it.
  2. CVS had a 2 pack for like $25 by me. had to take them a few weeks back when i was sick. either way, i wish this 'rona fear would just end already. 2 years in, with no end in sight.
  3. i put a 96XJ booster and dodge durango master into my 89. 10/10 would do it again.
  4. i also cut my corbeau brackets down. I'm 6'1" and my head was pretty close to the ceiling and would hit the top of the door frame with any sort of side movement. i took about 3" out of mine. be aware that the seats may then hit the trans tunnel which will require some "massaging"
  5. i run a 19 gallon RCI cell with airtex E2000 external pump. works pretty well. been on the same pump for 6 years now.
  6. my card got hacked a few months ago and also had a hefty charge for a flower site. wonder why they do that.
  7. i'll snap some more pics after work. those tubes are actually flush with the bottom of the unibody rail so i never really get hung up on them. i've been happy with the whole setup.
  8. i bought a honda civic for college transportation. best decision ever. i had door dings and bumpers hit a lot.
  9. Last time out I somehow broke the tcase rear output yoke and bent a shock shaft (separate occurrences) I’m still waiting on the replacement yoke to show up so in the meantime I put my new shocks on. We also welcomed our third child a month ago.
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