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  1. i also learned how to sew in high school. only reason i knew what they were lol
  2. mfg's fleetwide MPG average has to be 40.4 by MY'26. i'd guess it has something to do with this since its such a specific number.
  3. Corbeau Baja SS using their MJ specific brackets. I had to cut them down because they sat too tall for my liking. As a result of lowering them, I had to also massage (hammer) the trans tunnel so they could still slide. I only did the driver seat, you can kind of see the height difference in the third pic.
  4. i did kickers front and rear with a kenwood amp and 10" sub. pretty happy with it overall.
  5. i had the same dilemma recently but went with 4x6 kickers just to keep it not hacked up
  6. i had to adjust the rods a little to get mine to fully go thru all the gears, but otherwise i just followed whatever the directions said to do.
  7. if you or anyone else you know buys another Subaru, let me know. I can get you discounts.
  8. Are you stalking me? Lol Here is a poser shot just for you
  9. a lot of it depends on how they mount to the body. long arms arent a universal fit. post a pic of the mounting setup, maybe someone will recognize the brand.
  10. revolver shackles are a horrible idea as stated, nobody makes a bolt in kit. i used to run 2wd leaf packs and 1" lift shackles. it matched the articulation of my front end.
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