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  1. Just a quick update. I was able to get things working properly along the lines of what Eagle posted. I ended up having to run on additional wire from the 99 XJ tail light connector back to the MJ tail lights. I made this wire the brake light wire and had to cut one wire on each MJ tail light for this to work. Now my top light is the brake, the middle is the turn signal, and the bottom is still the reverse light. I also incorporated a few other cool things, so I'll get a photo and post it soon. Thanks again to all of your for your help!
  2. How did you get them to fit? I could have sworn the XJ sockets were the incorrect size for the MJ tail light housings.
  3. I've swapped over the 99 column. I'll take a look at the write-up, as well as what Eagle has suggested. Thanks!
  4. I think I missed explaining what the problem is!!! Everything works until I have all 3 thing on at the same time: running lights, brake light, turn signals. When I press the brake with the current setup, the turn signals stop completely. I assume I have current traveling back up the system and confusing the turn signal circuit, but I'm not 100% sure. Hopefully that outlines my issues a bit better.
  5. I found a few threads here, however none of them had a finished walkthrough. I've completed 90% of my 99 XJ swap in to my 90 MJ. At this point the only electrical issue is the running/brake/turn lighting on the rear. As has been stated, the XJ wiring and socket types differ from the MJ. I've isolated the XJ wiring and MJ wiring. I have the running lights working properly. I can also get the turn signals to work properly. Where the problem comes in is when I hook the brake light in to the equation. The XJ setup uses different wires and bulbs, where the MJ setup is all intregrated. Has
  6. Thanks a ton! I'll check the ground wire tonight! I can get them to work manually, i.e. running a power wire to them, so I'll assume they are ok. I'll report back tomorrow or later tonight. I always miss the little things like that.
  7. Gents! Almost done with my 4+ year swap...good lord its been that long! I've swapped over EVERYTHING from the 99 XJ. Motor, trans, dash, etc. Does anything need to be done with the rear door wiring for the front doors to work? Right now the only thing that works is the passenger side door lock button. I've got nothing at all on the driver side (Still has the 4-door switches). I searched and searched on here to see if I need to loop the rear wires or do anything, but I've come up blank. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! -Aaron
  8. Complete. Pulled from my 90 MJ 4.0l 6cyl $35 + shipping from 44408 email me lotgod @ gmail . com
  9. Sold! Sorry I didn't update sooner.
  10. I'm pretty sure either will work. The floor mounting studs should be the same regardless of bench or bucket.
  11. Just like the title says. set of 2 Corbeau brackets to mount Corbeau seats in your MJ. These bolt to the MJ factory floor brackets. Retail for $90 each, I'll take $100 shipped to you from 44408 Easiest way to contact me is lotgod @ gmail.com Aaron
  12. I'm missing Primanti something fierce...
  13. Is this different on the Renix era wiring? Just curious as I am fighting with no brake lights and a high pedal on my 90 now. I drilled out the WJ rod, and ground the flat spot down, but I am not getting lights when the brake is depressed. I figure I'll get a newer HO pedal assembly and switch and start over.
  14. I believe since mid-2001...but don't hold me to that. It has had MANY different configurations, bulletin boards, etc. I'm hoping to install new software soon. I'll have a dedicated MJ section on it as well, and will be glad to host any and all tech articles you guys want to give me. Wait, are you the creator of JU? Rob L. No....that was Chris Henry. 4Wheel Drive Hardware bought JU from him in 2005 or something like that. I was asked to run it after the person they had running it was let go in 2006. It was run by a few people until I started at 4WD in November of 2007.
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