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  1. best to save and keep money in mind when it comes to performance and quality that will keep up and hold up best to get a high quality shock that will last and perhaps rebuild able capabilities might be better for you in the long run. .
  2. cool idea. though, i don't see one scratch on yours and you say trail beat? have you seen mine? thats trail beat. yours is to pretty to beat on.
  3. i made a zip line out of my old winch cable.
  4. MiNi Beast

    What not to do

    thats how you fix that mouse squeak.
  5. good luck. wish the best for you for the process of it all. bring me back a tshirt?
  6. are you talking axle swap so don't have to replace gear gear? you can replace the internal gears with any d35 from xj. will have to double check backlash but slap it together and run it. you can replace just the spider gears as well if thats the issue with out replacing the whole axle or carrier. but if want a bolt in axle consider the corp 14 bolt, as it bolts right in as a soa conversion. but that's 8 lug 1 ton stuff. but bolt in upgrade for about $150.
  7. not running it hard enough. gotta warm it up to get that thermostat to pop.
  8. fuel check. spark maybe....confirm where no spark or no spark with fuel. says maybe fire? carb gummed up? so 2.8l? I'm lost. fires with fluid so has spark? fuel air and sparks to run. all three to be worry free. not runnen, no more funnen, time to double check, your last fix it specs.
  9. make sure everything is tight. ball joints, sector shaft, intermediate shaft, i also have had issues with pilot bearing and most recently found my tcase separating from trans and had some vibes. pinion bearings can be hard to pinpoint as well. if have a rack put it in the air in drive and listen for vibes with screwdriver or fancy doctor thingy. or for laughs go take it into a shop for their free inspections? see what parts they want you to throw at it. just jiggle the keys in the door.
  10. wanted to talk smack but your video was good. honestly direct and informative. i have subscribed as i want to use some of your ideas.
  11. never heard of this, should i consider this on our jk?
  12. best time to do it. now be reason to keep track of whats been done. good peace of mind knowing what you gots.
  13. yeah o2 sensor prolly no good and should be replaced helps run better. cable for shift kick down or cable for emergency/parking brake..?
  14. so getting 2,5 at the plug or the cps itself? http://cruiser54.com/?p=50
  15. well the cps controls fuel as well and perhaps part of issue. o2 sensor good yet? air fuel and exhaust to run. seal the system to run effectively.
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