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  1. perhaps bad switch itself. I'm dealing with same on mine currently. i swapped the the whole column out and still no wipers or blinkers.
  2. updating the usa internet network. please be paintence while we invade your privacy.
  3. awesomeness! glad to hear all is well and adventures are being enjoyed. appreciate you bringing us along. next time jump out of the plane, great time.
  4. sometimes you just have to deal with it.
  5. sweetness. glad to hear you made it intact. slacking on the adventure pics. perhaps get a few when you head up to camp eh.
  6. looks like someone thought it was a 4 banger at one time...
  7. glad to hear. living on the edge they call that. i always carry extra fuel myself.
  8. i love my mickey mouse pancakes and gram gram did to.
  9. i bolted my amp to wall with rubber liner in between. i used butterfly/toggle screws. left over from a drywall job. you could just liquid nail a sheet of ply to it really. i like wood as you can always screw to it like pete said.
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