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  1. Sweet deal. I just order a set of white reflective ones. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I tell you thats weird. Mine was dead today as well after messing with the turn signals and brakes. Flasher issues most likely. But i have been running interstate batteries with great performance. I however will be looking to new pair of batteries to install as I have new converter to install as well. I be interested in some suggestions as well. Ive consider lithium batteries...cmon stimulus check
  3. Great work space all the way around. Very nice. 😁
  4. Reserved for updates. Thanks for sharing. A fan for the ls conversion swap. Thanks for sharing. Welcome to the club!
  5. Be sure to take a pic. That be pretty cool.
  6. Check flashers, relys, plug connectors for corrosion. Check for brake fluid leaking on the fuse panel from the slave.
  7. MiNi Beast


    Getting old you know. ...
  8. I have a lwb. You talking straight up trade?
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