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  1. MiNi Beast

    Clutch pedal excessive play

    Yeah a cheap plastic bushing spacer thing. Junkyard, parts store maybe.
  2. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    Too much power!
  3. MiNi Beast

    95 wiring diagram

    should be able to source those diagrams right out of a off the shelf repair manual.
  4. what he said. always best to put new internals in at time of swap since its all apart anyways. also ensure you have the right pilot busing setup before you get to involved.
  5. MiNi Beast

    Sliding rear window question

    you can steal bracket off another junkyard ride, i have sourced some from s10 chevys. can make a bracket or screw/glue a latch as well. i used a paint stick to "lock" the window if thats a concern.
  6. MiNi Beast

    Need some help

    just pick up some rubber heater hose by the foot at auto store..
  7. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    very nice. better reliability. what was the deal with the stiffeners? which kit is that anyways?
  8. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    whats with the steering issue?
  9. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    your old man still have that rig? I love that thing!
  10. gotta love a rig you can still put to work. :thumbsup:
  11. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    So you have been wheeling it wheres the pic of the set up installed?
  12. First off very nice rig. Well done thus far. Second explain name? was my nickname growing up...... Are you a real Maynard?
  13. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    you should be jealous. :thwak:
  14. MiNi Beast

    Project "Eliminator"

    rear tri link set up?