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  1. Hi Roger! 

  2. Just run it and fix it along the way. You will learn what you need along the trip.
  3. Yeah video didn't load fully. May have to start one of them there you tubey channel i reckon. Yeah got to river at like 3am and was all black and looked wicked so thought I'd wait till morning before ventured on ward. Was a great night out under the stars
  4. Well locker works good. Winch still works but put it to the test last week. Had to pull 4 times and it killed my battery with having to power out. So need to rebuild the Ramsey or get a new winch as well as install the second battery sooner then later.
  5. I have the part numbers for the yokes in my build I could dig up. Don't be scared just get home, spend money or take some risk.
  6. Disconnect at rear axle and slide back in trade and reconnect at axle
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