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  1. tool is to hold the clutch disc center the pilot hole while you tighten down the pressure plate. install the trans then the tcase unless you are feeling like superman. ensure engine is at same angle as you install the trans, being easier to slide shaft into hole. if have couple long screw divers you can use them on either side to line up bellhousing and slide it into position. as you may need to turn the output shaft to turn the input shaft to align the splines. then go about tcase install after trans is tightened up.
  2. yeah its plenty tall and no need a lift just rather a step stool to work in the engine bay. i got the oil pan removed last night and thats it. pull caps tonight for inspection and will replace rms and slap it back together. have all the components for clutch so can get ax15 back in after a good power wash. just need to swap pedal assembly and get a clutch line figured out for the slave. thinking just a brake line or just go order the 100 pre filled setup that i would have if had known the rock auto clutch kit didnt include a connection line. with being an auto i do not have existing slave line
  3. correct. furthermore supporting my cps failure theory as the information used from the cps is used to advance or retard ignition timing and control fuel injector pulses.
  4. awe man thanks for checking in on me guys and gals. :driving:almost there...

  5. yeah and got clutch kit today and how am i to get a master and slave and have no line to connect them?? so now need to figure a connection line to go with rockauto clutch kit where everything is there except for the line. got my new trans mount as well and a replacement output shaft seal, which appears to be for 2wd ax15. so ill just go get one at local shop i reckon.
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