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  1. in my head. hard to tune it out.
  2. .... listening to people whining about nothing wishing for everything and ungrateful for what it is they don't even recognize .
  3. sweetness. kinda headed my direction. be sure to play with the wheelbase measurements a bit. i pushed my front end forward 2 inchs. and when do the rear should be close to stock but depending o suspension setup i may opt to move forward some to keep driveshafts same length. but monster axles with monster tires. i like it. keep us posted on the progress.
  4. curious about the clear title.?
  5. well got to get out with a kid that had a dream. to float on his own boat. well this sat was test weekend. had a blast even though i didn't catch not one thing but weeds. just another day in the woods and out on the lake. got some color showing.
  6. perhaps bad switch itself. I'm dealing with same on mine currently. i swapped the the whole column out and still no wipers or blinkers.
  7. updating the usa internet network. please be paintence while we invade your privacy.
  8. awesomeness! glad to hear all is well and adventures are being enjoyed. appreciate you bringing us along. next time jump out of the plane, great time.
  9. sometimes you just have to deal with it.
  10. sweetness. glad to hear you made it intact. slacking on the adventure pics. perhaps get a few when you head up to camp eh.
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