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  1. Ok heads off mine now. Going to install this setup with the fresh head. 👌
  2. What a great weekend. Started with hanging with good friends at Megadeath concert. Then had a great day out on the bike and decided to just pull the jeep in and tear the head off. Fixing to get back in The woods to get those last minute wood orders filled. Need some power first to pull me trailer for sure. Tackle this problem 🙄 then on to the next. And what a beautiful sunset and beginning of a new week. Enjoy. very soon on the road agian.
  3. MiNi Beast


    Stop and take a break now and then.
  4. MiNi Beast


    don't go rushing it now. Take it easy and enjoy the day.
  5. Unplug tps and iac for throttle response. Check vac lines as well.
  6. 4985. Woot. :driving: 15 more! :popcorn:

  7. Sweetness! I like them lights. Gives it a Futuremark. thanks for sharing.
  8. Correctly said if the understanding is letting your money work for you.
  9. Always something. Always rush for you to pay them , but never rushed to save you money.
  10. Me to. Refresh everything, inspect and clean electrics and grounds, replace wiring for bigger ones. Brake lines easy to get to now as well..peace of mind being the main goal.
  11. Put what ever you want on there. 5hp will give you stock specs, motor is a motor. Keep it single phase.
  12. I always thought if you carried a spare you will end up using it. 🤔
  13. Front swap over yes. Rear is what it is remove coil set up and install leaf set up over or under per desired lift height.
  14. Comancheclub/japan chapter
  15. Look at these for consideration. Solves common adjustment issues and more reliable. Xj/mj azzy linkage
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