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  1. nice. i love hauling wood in my rig as well.
  2. did you swap dash wiring? you went from 2.5 to 4.0..did you install computer control box thingy?
  3. from stock.... new drivetrain, recovery tow points / winch, suspension, tires, axle upgrades locker/moly shafts, and then maybe a few cans of paint.
  4. id be up for a show.
  5. i heard tjs have them and best option. i need to do the same as i will be swapping trans soon.
  6. MiNi Beast

    CC cookbook

    ok are these camp recipes or just dinner choices? I'm going to try that cornflake chicken.
  7. does the mj have to be pretty or is there a "most beat on" class?
  8. good enough to not answer you.
  9. so theres cops on this board? I'm out
  10. looking good.. nice set of arbs make agood fence for them neighbors.
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