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  1. I cut too much metal to get one to bolt back up. Thank you though for the offer. Leafs will be a welcome edition to the ax15.
  2. Slight mod. Hard-core tech here, drilled a hole. now to wire it. Yes please.
  3. Now thats getting full scrap value! Nice work.
  4. Awesomeness. Your post made me smile. Thanks for sharing man.
  5. Proper term being 'Cowl vent'
  6. Be a separate shroud for just the mechanical fan as the ac accessory fan has a built in shroud.
  7. Wow, not very often do you find yourself in a position to capture a MJ in its natural environment. Thing of Beauty I tell you.
  8. don't be a jeep snob. You rock that grill how you want. Looks great times being had. ENJOY the time. Appreciate you sharing your experiences.
  9. You could use bumpers to create subframe, what I did front and rear and then welded crossmember as well(don't recommend that, you have good crossmember setup) plating behind cab would help I gather, but keep in mined with the unibody setup we also have a uniframe setup in the back, which in itself flexes out to a certain degree. Which is not a bad thing, but a couple additions to tie the two rails together would help with twisting overall, hence a cage be more ideal. I wanna say there is a cage kit available currently as someone just bought one and I can't think of his name, bought it was had
  10. Umm interesting. I'd see a fuel injector plug as stated so double check you have those setup or spliced proper. Other connection looks to be the map sensor that would need to be updated for new throttle body. Should be a return line for fuel unless not... not sure about the needed mod for head as it should be plug and play. You have cps and iac to connect as well, distributor should be good with renix wiring. I'm lost though, why keep the renix setup? With that do you still have a knock sensor?
  11. Crown Automotive Part #: 83503593 shop around as can range from 30-120$. Junk yard one would work as well. Standred yoke to be had.
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