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  1. When in doubt, get the mfing cut off wheel out! Press it only so far and now just cutting them off and even more so since I'll be cutting the bushing off the old leaf pack anyways, only to use them in the replacement leaf packs. Also going to try and reduce some weight a bit. Not much but I figure an easy 4lbs per leaf plate is a easy fix. So I'll chase after some hardware later once I get the thing torn down completely. Here's to having a dream! RIP MLK!
  2. Well since it was a bit cold last few days, the Jeep battery after 5 years says it's done. So in the shop in goes to await duel battery setup and since I managed to fit it completely in the shop, time to under go the rear leaf replacement as well as a couple new seals to boot. Progress is progress. Looking to make it out for the annual Dog Party this year come next month. Be great to be able to get out and winter wheel with some others.
  3. Check fuel pump before fuel filter to ensure pump working. Check fuel after inline filter to ensure it's not clogged, next place be fuel rail then spark plugs for fuel.
  4. Very insightful. Thanks for sharing and as well, thank you for working on the front line. Very commendable to stand in your convictions. So what I'm gathering is the shot is more of an aide to help combat the effectiveness of covid itself and with the booster shots for the varieties of variants, will aide in the long term effectiveness of battling covid..??
  5. Nice. Clean underbody. Loving that ax15 again myself. good times are to be had you know. Quit playing in the jungle and get on it.
  6. I'm an influenza surviour. Got it after the last flu shot i ever received. Temp to 104 and taken full alcohol baths to save me from ammonia. Bad experience in my life and since have and will not take any shots of any kinds or visit hospital for any reason willing.
  7. Drill them out and install couple bolts. Weld on new bolts. Use a hand throttle.
  8. I completely agree with the poor roll out by the "leaders", understanding the lack of awareness of other "leaders" using the opportunities for person gain and their "contribution supporters". Quite frankly, this "pandemic" has made me more aware of what is going on more so on a global scale, and in more awareness and reading from multiple sources and discussions with others around the country, I can only conclude that the roll out as had a big impact on people's minds. Honestly, I'm more concerned with the effects of the lack of leadership we are under currently. We are a resilient as people and feel this virus will be handled, science wise, in time, however the problem will be the new regulations and the new "normal" as I fear this fight is more then just a virus, but more importantly about our personal rights and current economics issues being overcasted by this "pandemic". GOVERNMENT can shut the whole country down, we have seen that, but to me personally my days have not changed throughout the start or current state of affairs. I HAVE only become more aware of the sheep.
  9. Not sure but wouldn't it come on with the interior lights using the headlight switch.
  10. "Right to dictate safety.." yeah I disagree. Perhaps regulation be best understood as more an over reach into my business. I can undertand the mask requirements on a bus or any federal buildings, hence "federal", being the feds giving covid funds to support businesses and what not.. but I can't help but think how these same businesses that utilized the funds to be able to continue to operate that now have to implement certain regulations now being a condition of acceptance of said funds. Backdoor reach around.....
  11. I use a rear defrost switch for my underbody lights. And its on a timed circuit so cuts off after like 10mins. Switch is a switch aslong as the hot goes to hot and neg to chassis it will work.
  12. I want a rear bed cargo light. nice tid bits.
  13. Thats the thing i don't like.
  14. spanner nut socket came in and now have a new tool for the jeep toolbox. So got balljoints installed, new axle joint, fresh grease all around. Even installed the washer bottle so I can get some deicer on the windshield. Heater only works when I drive 55. got the warn quarter turn lock outs installed. Shall see how they work out. I only have had issues the one time with the full turn warn lockouts but they were a pita to lock in sometimes. The quarter turns are easier but read them to be weaker, so time will tell. Tired today so just happy to get it wrapped up and out of the shop. Taken it easy enough tonight and tomorrow morning Ill have to tinker a bit more on it and start prepping for another adventure.
  15. Nice. That should let some heat out.
  16. Same reason hot dog buns come with 8 buns and hot dogs has 10.
  17. Well, sounds like you may take it in stride and bkess be that, some unfortunately haven't. I hope for a speedy recovery and hope things go smoothly with hr and your financial situation isnt to dire for having to miss work. My buddy was sick as a dog with it but was more worried about missing work, cost him money as he didnt get a full 100% paycheck regardless. That is scariest for some over any virus.
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